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Led Zeppelin Road Cases
I use Rotosound Swing Bass strings for everything. For the multi-string basses, I use the Rotosound Piano Bass strings, with the exposed center core, because they'd be too far apart if I were to use regular bass strings. I prefer Rotosound bass strings, but I was never that particular about string gauges. The gauge doesn't really matter to me. - Vintage Guitar, August 2002.

In the November 1994 edition of Bass Player Magazine, it was reported that Jones used Rotosound Superwound strings.

In the last decade, Jones has paritally changed loyalties to Elixir strings. He currently uses the Electric Bass Nickel Plated Steel Strings with NANOWEB® Coating and Custom Mandolin strings. The multi-stringed instruments still use Rotosound strings.

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John Paul Jones has used picks in the studio and live on stage throughout his entire career, most notably for songs with intricate bass lines, such as Celebration Day and Black Dog, as well as when he played 8-, 10- & 12-string basses, to completely hit all of the strings.

I use a very heavy pick, if I’m using a pick for the multi-string basses. I use Jim Dunlop picks, the ones that are like 2 mm. I use them for everything because they have a softer tone than the real hard plastic ones. - Vintage Guitar, August 2002

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