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Whoa, the girl I love
She got long black wavy hair
I do declare
The girl I love, yeah
She got long black wavy hair, ah yeah
Her mother and her father, lordy
Sure don't, sure don't like me there

Well, ah, I'm going back to my baby, lord I
I said I wouldn't lie, yeah
I never saw that sweet woman yeah-a
Five long years gone by, yeah
Well I'm going ho-whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa whoa I
I'm going home
Well she's a sweet little darling, I
I said I been away ah far too long
I've been away too long
Take it Jimmy

(Guitar Solo)

Well she's my baby, ba-
She shakes just like a willow tree
Yes she does
My baby when she walks, you know
She shakes like a willow tree, yeah
Ah, that mean mistreater, baby, she knows ya
Haaa humps all over me, ooh
Ohh ah


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