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Close the door, put out the light
You know they won't be home tonight, ohhoohohoh
The snow falls hard an' don't you know
The winds of Thor are blowin' cold cold cold col col col...
They're wearin' steel that's bright an' true oh, oh, oh, oh,
To build a dream for me an' you ah-hahhhh
They choose the path where no-one goes
They hold no quarter, oh hoh
They ask, they ask no quarter, no quarter, ohhhhh

Keyboard Solo

Guitar Solo

Walkin' side by side with death
The devil mocks their every step
The snow drives back the foot that's slow
The dogs of doom are howlin' more more more more more...
They carry news that must get through
To build a dream for me an' you ahhhh yes they do,
A-they choose the path where no-one goes.
They hold no quarter,
They ask, (ask)
They ask, (ask)
They ask, (ask)
They ask, (ask) no quarter (....arter)

Oh what misery without quarter
Oh the pain, the pain without quarter, oh-oh-oh
Ooh yeah Ooh, ooh yeah, ooh yeah, ooh yeah, ooh yeah
Ahh give me quarter, quarter, quarter, quarter
Oh give me... Oh give me...

John Paul Jones, piano!!!


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