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Ohhhhh-ooh-awww-awww-awww, I can't quit you baby
I think I'm gonna put you down for a little while
I said I can't quit you, babe
I think I gotta put you down for awhile, yeah
You know I love you but you messed up my happy home
Made me mistreat my only child
Yes, you did

When you hear me moanin' and groanin'
You know it hurts me deep deep down inside
Oh, mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow mow
Ohhh, it hurts me deep deep down inside
I want you to be my woman, yes
But else I took somebody else to be my bride, ahh, yes I did

(Guitar Solo)

She's nineteen years old
She's got ways just like a baby child
She's nineteen years old, yeah
Got ways, ways, ways, ways
Just like a baby child, oh yeah

There's nothing I can do to please someone
Treat ya, keep that little girl satisfied, yeah

I'm gonna change my mind
I'm gonna give you the time, yeah


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