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HubMeg: Welcome John Paul!
Question: If you could jam with any musician(s) from any era who would it be and why?
John P Zep: John Bonham and Jimi Hendrix
John P Zep: I don't think I need to say why!

Question: What do you think were the unique qualities that Zeppelin brought to rock?
John P Zep: Musicality
John P Zep: diversity
John P Zep: power
John P Zep: !
John P Zep: let's see... a good stage show
John P Zep: and commitment!

Question: What Zeppelin recording do you feel features your most creative bass work?
John P Zep: Oh, that's a hgard one...
John P Zep: Which one doesn't?
John P Zep: I hate false modesty!
John P Zep: "The Lemon Song" is famous
John P Zep: I quite like the bass lates thate are tight in with Bonzo
John P Zep: bass lines, that is
John P Zep: Any live recording of "Dazed and Confused"

Question: did you help in the release of the new bbc release ?
John P Zep: Yes I did.
John P Zep: Tapes were circulated and...
John P Zep: we all amde a decision on what best versions to use
John P Zep: we tried to get as much good stuff on as possible

Question: How do the "younger" bands react when they find out you are producing their work?
John P Zep: Initially...
John P Zep: they're terrified!
John P Zep: but I think they get frightened that I might want to change them
John P Zep: and that they might not be able to tell me what they want
John P Zep: and what theyd on't want
John P Zep: hopefully, they find that I'm pretty sympathetic
John P Zep: and that if I'm going to produce a band
John P Zep: that i'll let their personality come out

Question: Do you like any new artists?
John P Zep: Some songs from some artists, I think.
John P Zep: Some of Radiohead
John P Zep: there's a single from the Eels that I like
John P Zep: I like some of the English drum & bass/jungle
John P Zep: I like bluegrass as well, at the moment

Question: If Page/Plant tour after their album is released...and they wanted you to join them...would you?
John P Zep: No, I think they've missed their chance now.

Question: Did the XYZ (former Yes and Zeppelin) project ever really exist?
John P Zep: No! It was pretty much a pressthing, I think.
John P Zep: It was one of those things you read about
John P Zep: and wonder, "Are they talking
John P Zep: about us?"

Question: Did you make up the bass solo in the Lemon Song on the spot?
John P Zep: The word is improvise--
John P Zep: And YES!

Question: What's the best thing about this Live at the BBC album?
John P Zep: It's teh sound of a young, enthusiastic band.
John P Zep: It's a very raw sound.
John P Zep: A cocky young band at the height of its powers.
John P Zep: And John Bonham,

Question: Jonesy, on your upcoming solo album, is it going to be entirely musical? No vocals, or do you sing? And are you doing and No Quarter style jazz improv on it?
John P Zep: Entirely musical? Don't you mean instrumental?
John P Zep: The answer is yes--
John P Zep: it is instrumental --
John P Zep: no vocals
John P Zep: no guitar
John P Zep: no jazz
John P Zep: Pure Rock!
John P Zep: (with some funny noises)

Question: you have such a smooth driving bass style who was your influence
John P Zep: A lot of bass players from a lot of different
John P Zep: styles of music
John P Zep: To name a few...
John P Zep: James Jameson
John P Zep: from motown
John P Zep: Duck Dunne (booker t & the mgs)
John P Zep: and some of the great jazz players
John P Zep: such as charles mingus
John P Zep: and Scott LaFaro

Question: Will we be seeing any professional live video i.e. Earls Court '75, Seattle '77 released in the future for public consumption
John P Zep: it's always possible.
John P Zep: every now and again we feel we ought to
John P Zep: look at this stuff
John P Zep: some of it is good, some not so good
John P Zep: it would be nice
John P Zep: to see some of it out there

Question: I know that you have worked with Lenny Kravitz in the past do you consider him to be one of the most talented younger musicians today as i do?oh by the way you do realize you are the best bass player in rock music historyright?
John P Zep: Is that Lenny Kravitz writing in?
John P Zep: if it is, i better say that he's pretty good too.
John P Zep: he actually approached me
John P Zep: by saying that his bass player left
John P Zep: just before the MTV video awards
John P Zep: he was trying to think of who to use
John P Zep: and he said to me
John P Zep: "why not call the guy i took it all from in the first place?"

Question: Tell us abou the new "Whole Lotta Love" video. I beleive some of the footage has never been seen before.
John P Zep: Yes, it certainly surprised me!
John P Zep: There's a funny little bit where
John P Zep: Robert and I seem to be doing some strange
John P Zep: Martian dance together.
John P Zep: Don't knwo where tehy found it.
John P Zep: but it's a good video. i must be biased.

Question: what do you feel is your best performance on the keyboard?
John P Zep: oooh...
John P Zep: There's a piano solo on "No Quarter"
John P Zep: at one of the old Court shows
John P Zep: that was particulary successful
John P Zep: (Earl's Court, that is)
John P Zep: I can't tell you to listen to the bootlegs --
John P Zep: Robert will kill me!

Question: What do you think of the current state of rock?
John P Zep: Well, I don't know about America
John P Zep: but in England it seems to be harking back to the 60s a lot.
John P Zep: As I was on most of teh stuff on the 60s that they took it all form
John P Zep: I can't say that I'm happy to hear it all again.

Question: What did it feel like in 1985 when you played Live Aid in Philly and at the end of 'Stairway' all 92,000 fans were singing along.
John P Zep: It felt like we hadn't been gone.
John P Zep: Walking on stage was just like coming back home.
John P Zep: It was very exhilirating.

Question: What were your thoughts on Hammer Of The Gods? We all know that Percy hated it.....
John P Zep: It's a very sad little book.
John P Zep: It made us out to be sad little people.
John P Zep: He ruined a lot of good, funny stories.

Question: will zep be playing at the atlantics 50 th anniversary
John P Zep: There is no Led Zeppelin.
John P Zep: And there's certainly no plans for any reunion of the 3 remaining members...
John P Zep: that i know of.

Question: John Paul what was your favorite band that seemed a precursor to the Zep sound i.e. Cream , Traffic, Jefferson AIrplane, et al?
John P Zep: Possibly Vanilla Fudge.
John P Zep: I know that sounds odd, but they really were
John P Zep: extremely powerful
John P Zep: plus they had a great stage show
John P Zep: They had two great voices.
John P Zep: and we became great friends --we supported
John P Zep: them on teh first tour.

Question: Did "The girl I love" evolve into "Moby Dick"?
John P Zep: It kinda sounds like it, soesn't it?
John P Zep: I think it must've.
John P Zep: It was a Pgae riff.
John P Zep: I must admit, I preferred teh "Moby Dick" verison as a riff.

Question: what advice can you give to the younger generation of musicians out there?
John P Zep: Keep your ears open.
John P Zep: Listen to as much music as you can.
John P Zep: Of all different types.
John P Zep: And listen to the pother people that you're playing on stage with.
John P Zep: Think not just how you should sound... but how the band should sound
John P Zep: and work towards that.

Question: is richard cole's book an accurate account of all the partying on tours you guys did?
John P Zep: It's accurate about his partying!
John P Zep: I don't think he knows who else was there with him!

Question: What is "Kashmire" about? And why the fascination with Tolkien's Lord of the Rings on the 3rd and 4th Zep albums?
John P Zep: That's a question for Robert.
John P Zep: It's about a journey to Morocco
John P Zep: but you'd get pretty lost if you went by "Kashmir".
John P Zep: Robert was into all that fairy stuff.

Question: What kind of basses do you like to play?
John P Zep: I have my basses made for me by
John P Zep: a guy called Hugh Manson
John P Zep: he's just today delivered a 10-string abss
John P Zep: which i will be using on the record and on the following tour.

Question: What do you consider to be Zepplins best album??? And would you change anything
John P Zep: You could always change things.
John P Zep: I like Physical Graffitti a lot.
John P Zep: but I like most of every album.
John P Zep: There's a lot to like.
John P Zep: But when you listen to your own music back
John P Zep: you always think you could've done better
John P Zep: but..
John P Zep: make another album!

Question: why don't you play with PAge and Plant anymore? You would still make great music together
John P Zep: Their plans didn't include me.
John P Zep: Although it did seem to include my music.

Question: Do you think Bonzo is the best drummer of all time?
John P Zep: Of all time, of all places.
John P Zep: That's one of the nice things about listening to the BBC Sessions
John P Zep: I get to hear him live and well recorded.

Question: Plant says "Kashmir" truely defines Zep.....Page says "Stairway"....what is your opinion?
John P Zep: "Stairway to Kashmir"?
John P Zep: Thatwould be a long track!
John P Zep: They have everything that Zeppelin is about. they have similar
John P Zep: dynamice to songs like "Baby, I'm Ginna Leave You"
John P Zep: Things off teh first album...
John P Zep: That whole acoustic,heavy... journey, really
John P Zep: It's hard talking about siongs in the abstarct
John P Zep: I could play it for you!

Question: What is the meaning of Zoso?
John P Zep: Oh lord!
John P Zep: I really don't know! Jimmy came up with it...
John P Zep: He said it was something to do with Saturday...
John P Zep: but we all chose our signs at dfifferent times
John P Zep: Bonzo and I got them from teh smae book
John P Zep: Jimmy got his from who knows where?

Question: Do you have an ill feelings towards Page & Plant over the No Quarter tour/album? Did you WANT to be involved, whether they asked you or not? Did they ask you?
John P Zep: In the reverse order...
John P Zep: BNo, they didn't ask me
John P Zep: I woul;d've certainly thought about it at the time
John P Zep: And it was hurtful, at the time
John P Zep: we were very close
John P Zep: but...
John P Zep: time passes!

Question: Is it true what they say about playing Stairway backwards?
John P Zep: I should think it'd be very difficult!

Question: Why do you use Marshall guitar cabinets instead of Bass cabinets in your rig
John P Zep: I didn't know that I did!
John P Zep: With the last tour I did with Diamanda Galas?
John P Zep: My 8 string bass was in stereo
John P Zep: and teh bass head went through SWR bass cabinets
John P Zep: and the high end went through Marshalls.

Question: How do you like the recently released Symphonic Zeppelin?
John P Zep: I haven't herad it...
John P Zep: I've heard mixed reports
John P Zep: And a lot of people have asked me over the last 10 years or so to do something similar
John P Zep: I just couldn't bring myself to. I think we made the definitive version.

Question: What did you think of the Moog Cookbook version of Whole Lotta Love?
John P Zep: They got quite a good groove -- I thought it was hilarious.
John P Zep: I thought it was a bit cowardly using real drums, though.
John P Zep: I laos notcied that they used my solo from "All of My Love" from "25 or 6 to 4" (the chica
John P Zep: so they've obviously been doing their homework!

Question: What age did you start playing the bass?
John P Zep: 14.
John P Zep: I became professional at 16.

Question: What is your favorite Zep album cover? Favorite cover of all time?
John P Zep: The one with the wheel!

Question: Tell us more about your new project:
John P Zep: Blues based and acoustic rock
John P Zep: but using a lot of computer processing and electronics
John P Zep: over a live rhythm section

Question: Did you write the "Black Dog" riff?
John P Zep: Yes. I did.
John P Zep: it came to me on a train coming back from rehersel at Jimmy Page's house.
John P Zep: I'd been listening to a song on a Muddy Water's record
John P Zep: called Electric Mud, which had a long, rambling blues riff
John P Zep: and i thought i'd like to try something with a similar form

Question: What influenced you in writing the keyboard part for Stairway to Heaven?
John P Zep: Really, a reaction to what Jimmy was playing on acoustic guitar
John P Zep: I think he had already started writnibg it with robert when tehy were away in tehir
John P Zep: cottage in Wales and Jimmy had lots of different part sof it
John P Zep: which we put together, the two of us
John P Zep: at Hedley Grange

Question: What do you think of Jason Bonham ?
John P Zep: He's a good drummer, he reminds me
John P Zep: of his dad a lot.
John P Zep: When we played with him at the 40th Anniversary

Question: do you miss touring?
John P Zep: yes, that's why i went out with diamanda galas
John P Zep: and that's why i'm going out as soona s my record is released.

Question: CD or Vinyl?
John P Zep: Cd's arent perfect
John P Zep: but i prefer to hear my msuic without the surface noise and pops that vinyl
John P Zep: used to have
John P Zep: on the other hand, the artwork is more fun
John P Zep: on vinyl

Question: What is your fondest Led-Zeppelin memory?
John P Zep: ummm... playing at the Boston tea Party
John P Zep: for 4 and a quarter hours
John P Zep: with 45 minutes' worth of songs
John P Zep: now that's what i call improvising!

HubMeg: Anything you want to add John?
John P Zep: Enjoy the BBC Sessions!

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April 24, 1969 - 2nd US Tour begins (1st as headliners) at the Fillmore West
April xx, 1970 - Robert comments about the violence in the audience near the end of the fifth tour
April 04, 1970 - Jimmy Page performs White Summer/Black Mountain Side on the Julie Felix BBC show
April 16, 1970 - Whole Lotta Love was certified Gold in the US after selling over a million copies. The single had peaked at No. 4 on the US singles chart. In the UK, Atlantic Records had expected to issue the edited version themselves, and pressed initial copies for release on December 5, 1969. However, band manager Peter Grant was adamant that the band maintain a "no-singles" approach to marketing their recorded music in the UK and he halted the release.
April xx, 1971 - Untitled is rumored to be released this month
April xx, 1972 - Recording sessions for Houses Of The Holy at Stargroves and Olympic studios
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April 19, 1975 - 51,000 tickets sell in two hours for three nights at Earls Court, two added dates see another 34,000 tickets sold
April xx, 1976 - The band decide they will release their film to theaters
April 30, 1977 - Led Zeppelin breaks the record for the largest attendance for a single-act show in the Pontiac Silverdome with 76,229 in attendance
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April 03, 1979 - Page, Bonham and Plant jam with Bad Company again in Birmingham
April 27, 1980 - The band rehearses at Rainbow Theater for an upcoming European tour
April 26, 1988 - James Patrick Page III’s birthday. He is named after his father is the only son of Jimmy and Patricia Ecker. Jimmy spoke of his son saying: "He is wonderful. He has made a big difference to my life."
April 21, 1998 - Page and Plant released Walking Into Clarksdale.
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