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Contradicting a published report, Jeff Beck's manager tells the guitarist has no plans to tour with Jimmy Page, Chris Dreja and Jim McCarty as the Yardbirds this fall.

Beck's manager says "there is no truth to any rumors" regarding Beck's role in the potential reunion. The artist finishes a European tour tonight (July 20) and will play Eric Clapton's Crossroads festival in Chicago in August, but has no further touring on his schedule for the rest of the year at this time.

Page and Beck played together in the Yardbirds briefly in 1966; the band split up two years later, but Dreja and McCarty have toured under the name for the past two decades. That incarnation of the outfit, which also includes several much younger musicians, has U.S. tour dates booked through late August.

The Yardbirds' original lead singer, Keith Relf, was electrocuted to death in 1976. The core group has only played once since disbanding, at the 1992 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony.


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