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Engineer (The Sporting Life)

Richard Evans has worked at the famous Real World Studios ever since graduating from the Guildhall School Of Music. He has worked alongside many of the biggest names in music including Real World owner Peter Gabriel, top producers Trevor Horn and Stephen Hague and pioneering artist and producer Brian Eno. Evans has also worked on countless albums and co-wrote and co-produced the Golden Globe- nominated score to Rabbit-Proof Fence. He even manages to find time to play as a multi-instrumentalist in Peter Gabriel's touring band.

His career started as an engineer recording and mixing House music in the summer of 1988.

He was hired to program, play on and engineer Peter Gabriel's soundtrack to Scorcese's 'the Last Temptation Of Christ'.

This led to Richard being employed as house engineer at Real World which in turn led to him joining Peter Gabriel's live band with whom he has toured for many years.

At Real World he has been involved in numerous projects such as Peter Gabriel's CD-ROM's 'Xplora' and 'EVE', as well as film scores for 'Rabbit-Proof Fence', 'Passion' and the Millennium Dome show album 'OVO'. Additionally he has worked on a huge number of successful albums for prestigious artists.

As well as being a composer in his own right he collaborates with David Rhodes as The Footnote. They were responsible for the soundtrack for the incredible 'sea Monsters 3-D', the first ever 'Imax' 3-D movie.

David and Richard have also recently completed work on the Discovery Channel's 'Discovery Atlas Series'.


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