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Engineer (Coverdale-Page)

Q: Please comment on producer Michael McIntyre. What was his role, and in which way did he help the album?

Coverdale: Michael has been with me since 1987. He was originally a member of the Whitesnake crew. Then when I moved to Lake Tahoe, I found out he lived close by in Reno, so, I asked him to come and work with me as a personal assistant. He has proved so indescribably valuable to me that he has been actively involved in Whitesnake's management for many years. He oversees all aspects of my personal and business life. Not only that, but, he's a fantastic recording engineer and has been involved in the recording of all of my albums since "Slip Of The Tongue". We are great friends... More like brothers. I trust him with my life, so, when he's recording my voice I have total confidence in his judgement.


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