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Joe "Jammer" Wright, 1969
Joe "Jammer" Wright, 1969
Joe "Jammer" Wright, 1975
Joe "Jammer" Wright & Constance, 2006

Guitar Technician (1969)

"...Joe Jammer was a young American guitarist who had jammed with Led Zep on US gigs... was brought over to England by Peter Grant and told to get a band together. Mickey Most was brought in as record producer. I was auditioned and got the drum gig, we started recording both an album and getting a live set together, and were still in this process when the Bath gig came up... we shouldn't have really been on that stage yet. After Bath in spite of the powerful management the band never got a great deal further and I left to join prog rock band Jonesy. Jo Jammer spluttered on with a changed line up for a while before he returned to America. He is still gigging around Chicago to this day I think." - Richard Thomas

"The Gibson stayed with me until it was stolen in the States. I never took it on the road much but things were going so well I decided to start using it. It had a big tremolo are and Joe Jammer custom wired it. I started to use it more then. It disappeared off the truck at an airport as we were on our way to Canada. We advertised for its return but no luck even though it was very recognizable with all the custom work on it." -- Jimmy Page

Joe Jammer had originally met Led Zeppelin in Chicago, Illinois at Kinetic Playground on February 7, 1969 and had struck up a friendship with Jimmy Page. They met again at the Newport Jazz Festival five months later and got asked to go with Zeppelin on tour as a roadie. he stayed on with the band until the Texas International Pop Festival on August 31, 1969.

Joe Jammer toured with Maggie Bell in the United States in the 1974-75 as supporting act for Bad Company and is still playing the guitar today.


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