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Contents of this file:

1 - Common abbreviations found in this file and on For Badgeholders Only.
2 - For Badgeholders Only Information/Administrivia.
3 - What other Led Zeppeilin Internet Discussion Forums are there?
4 - What should/shouldn't I post to a discussion forum?
5 - Who was in Led Zeppelin?
6 - How and when did John Bonham die?
7 - When and where was Led Zeppelin formed?
8 - What recordings have Led Zeppelin released?
9 - What videos have been released by Led Zeppelin?
10 - Should I buy the boxed sets?  Which one(s) should I buy?
11 - Will _The Song Remains The Same_ be remastered?
12 - So what _is_ the fourth album called, anyway?
13 - What's the deal with those four symbols?
14 - What's that thing on the _Presence_ cover?
15 - What's up with the album covers for _In Through The Out Door_?
16 - What's up with (song title) (and who's Roy Harper)?
17 - Are there a lot of references to J.R.R. Tolkien's work in
     Led Zeppelin songs?
18 - Didn't Led Zeppelin copy (song title) from (blues artist)?
19- What's Zeppelin's best song/album?
20- Is there any unreleased material?
21- How does the band feel about bootlegs?
22- Where do I get bootlegs?
23- Which bootlegs should I start with?
24- Are there any books on Led Zeppelin?
25- Are there any books featuring Led Zeppelin?
26- Are there any magizes/fanzines featuring Led Zeppelin?
27- Are there any Led Zeppelin fan clubs?
28- Where do I get Led Zeppelin collectibles (other than bootlegs?)
29- Where can I get online lyrics, tabulature, pictures, etc.?
30- What did the members of Zeppelin do after the band broke up?
31- Is Led Zeppelin getting back together?
32- Upcoming releases from the members of Led Zeppelin
33- Upcoming tour dates and appearances
34- What solo albums have the mebers of Led Zeppelin released (brief overview)
35- What albums have Jimmy Page and Robert Plant released together?
36- What albums has Robert Plant released?
37- What albums has Jimmy Page released?
38- What albums has John Paul Jones released?
39- What albums was John Bonham involved with?
40- Who were the other artists on the Swan Song label?
41- Are there any Led Zeppelin Tribute Bands?
42- Are there any Led Zeppelin Tribute albums?
43- Who is Dread Zeppelin and how do the band feel about them?
44- Did Jimmy Page invent bowing?
45- What is that "theremin" thing that Jimmy Page uses?
46- Is Jimmy Page a Satanist?
47- Are there backwards messages in "Stairway to Heaven?"
48- Are there any upcoming Led Zeppelin conventions being planned?

     1 - Common abbreviations found in this file and on For 
  Badgeholders Only:

BCOH = Baby Come On Home
BTW = by the way
C/P = Coverdale/Page
FAQL = Frequently Asked Questions List
FBO= For Badgeholders Only
FoN = Fate Of Nations
HHWCID = Hey Hey What Can I Do
HOTG = Hammer Of The Gods
HOTH = Houses Of The Holy
HTWWW= How the West Was Won
ICQYB = I Can't Quit You Baby
IMHO = in my humble opinion
IMTOD = In My Time Of Dying
ITTOD = In Through The Out Door
JPJ = John Paul Jones
LZ = Led Zeppelin
OTHAFA = Over The Hills And Far Away
PP, P/P, or P^2 = Page/Plant
RP- Robert Plant
SIBLY = Since I've Been Loving You
STH = Stairway To Heaven
TCSR = The Complete Studio Recordings
TSRTS = The Song Remains The Same
WLL = Whole Lotta Love
     2 - "For Badgeholders Only" Information and Administrivia.

For Badgeholders Only, the Led Zeppelin mailing list, was created 
by several former Digital grafitti members in 1997 who were unsatisfied 
with the way that Digital Grafitti was being run. It formerly resided at 
Stamford University and for several years it has been hosted at zoso.net, 
and currently consists of approxamately 1200 members worldwide.

The first _known_ Led Zeppelin list was started by Mike Powers at
Rutgers University in August 1989.  That list was transferred to
the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities campus) under the care
of Eric Hendrickson in June 1990, where it resided for a time
before becoming defunct.  For Badgeholders Only is unrelated to that

Digital Grafitti was created by Matt Hill at Cornell University on 10 
November 1992, and in 1995 moved to Buffalo University, and went 
defunct in late 1997. For Badgeholders Only is a spinoff of Digital 
Grafitti, however other than that, is completely unrelated to that list.

FBO started it's life being hosted at Stamford University, however due to 
problems distributing digests, it was transferred to zoso.net in 1998. Bob
Rood, the owner of the zoso.net server, hosts the forum with assistance from
Bruce "the Buckeye" Deerhake and Jeremy Mixer.


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If you are a member of FBO, it is important that you view the 
     3 - What other online Led Zeppelin discussion forums are there?

In addition to FBO, countless other Zeppelin-based discussion forums 
exist on the internet. This document will only list the major forums 
(500+ members) that are known:

 -usenet: alt.music.led-zeppelin
An internet newsgroup that like all internet newsgroups, is very easy 
to join, however, is filled with junk posts and spam. 

 -Achilles Last Stand: http://www.led-zeppelin.org
This excellent Led Zeppelin Site includes an excellent web-based Led
Zeppelin discussion forum

 -Zeppinhood: http://www.zeppinhood.com
This is a charitable organization that supports charities endorsed by
the members of Led Zeppelin. Like "Achilles Last Stand" it features a 
similar web-based Led Zeppelin discussion forum

 -Led Zeppelin traders: http://launch.groups.yahoo.com/group/LedZeppelin/
The largest place to trade tapes/CDRs of Led Zeppelin or anything 
Zep-related(P/P reunions, solo or otherwise) on the net. Be sure to read 
ALL of the list rules before posting. 

If there are any listings that are not listed here but should be, please 
contact the author of this FAQL.

     4 - What should/shouldn't I post to a discussion forum?

While each discussion forum has it's own rules and regulations, these
are a few guidelines of general "nettique" that apply to virtually
any discussion forum on the internet. These general rules of nettique
do -NOT- override any rules or guidlines of an individual forum. The
rules of conduct on each forum are not the author of this FAQL, nor 
the owners of FBO, and this document does not assume responsibility
for anything on any other Led Zeppelin discussion forums.

A charter for FBO was established and is located at 
http://www.simplyled.net/fbocharter.html . This charter only contains 
the rules for FBO. FBO is an unmoderated discussion forum and there
are no regulations of what you post other than those outlined by
the charter. The following "rules of nettique" are only provided 
as a general guideline for any Led Zeppelin discussion forum:

New subscribers should wait a few days before posting, so that they
can see the general format other posters are using.

Any news about Zeppelin, its members, its music, or related topics
are welcome on most discussion forums.  Transcriptions of articles 
and interviews are also welcome, assuming you want to take the 
(minimal) risk of transcribing without permission.  Questions about 
Zeppelin and related topics are _also_ encouraged--there is almost 
always someone out there who can answer the question.  Opinion is 
usually welcome on discussion forums, as are reviews and commentary.

A few topics and types of messages usually should _not_ appear on 
discussion forums. It is possible that no one will _prevent_ you 
from discussing these topics, but there may exist strong sentiment 
against the topic from other forum members:

--Administrative requests.  (subscribe/unssubscribe etc) instructions
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  PLEASE do not post to the main discussion forum if you want to join
  or leave, there is usually a seperate address or web site designed
  for doing this. If you have any problems, contact the manager of the
  forum privately.

--Messages to individuals.  Posts to a disscussion forum should be of 
  interest to nearly all readers.

--Trades and sales of merchandise.  Sayingg, "I have a vinyl copy of
  Jimmy Page's first single for sale" is fine, actually concluding
  the deal on the forum is not.  The same holds true for bootlegs--
  limit the use of the forum to just the initial offer of sale or
  trade, and conduct the balance of the deal over private email.
  Remember that while the discussion of bootlegs is _not_ illegal,
  the sale of them _is_ everywhere but Italy...and that some people
  (and some system administrators) frown upon their existence.
  Respect those people's wishes when considering trades of this

--Commercial postings. (taken from the worrds of former DG owner Matt     

   Individuals:  If you have some CDs or other Zeppelin-related
   thing you'd like to sell, feel free to post a list--but only post
   it once.  Please be sure to direct responses to your private email
   address, not the [forum].  If you have a long list of items for sale,
   give a general description of them and tell people to email you
   privately for a complete list.  This classification is meant for
   people who want to sell things they have bought for their own
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--"Flames"--posts unusually full of "fightting words" and personal
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There are also a few topics and types of messages that, while not
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--Whether or not there are backwards messaages in "Stairway To 

--Whether or not Jimmy Page was a Satanistt.

--Discussions about the relative merits off Robert Plant and Jimmy 

--Whether or not Jimmy Page has "lost it.""

--Polls of any kind, especially best/worstt song/album.

--A _long_ series of short messages, one ttopic per message--this 
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--Almost any message that contains the worrd "sucks."

--Any misspelling of the group's name. ;-))

Use your own best judgement in each case--and certainly feel free 
to contribute to any such discussion if one is in progress.  This 
is not a proscription, merely a warning.
     5 - Who was in Led Zeppelin?

James Patrick Page (b. 9 January 1944 in Heston, Middlesex)
     "Pagey" -- All guitars, effects, theramin, backing vocals.
John Baldwin (John Paul Jones) (b. 3 January 1946 in Sidcup,
     Kent) "Jonesy" -- Bass, some guitars, keyboards, backing
John Henry Bonham (b. 31 May 1948 in Redditch, Worcestershire,
     d. 25 September 1980 Windsor) "Bonzo" -- Drums and percussion,
     occasional backing vocals (as on "The Ocean.")
Robert Anthony Plant (b. 20 August 1948 West Bromwich,
     Staffordshire) "Percy" -- Vocals, backing vocals.

Zeppelin's manager was Peter Grant, and their road manager for the
majority of their tours was Richard Cole.
     6 - How and when did John Bonham die?

On 24 September 1980, Bonham left Worcestershire to meet with the
group at Bray studios for rehearsals for the upcoming US tour.
He consumed a steady diet of quadruple screwdrivers along the way.  
After the rehearsals, the band retreated to Page's Windsor house, 
where Bonham continued to drink and then passed out.  At around 
1:45pm on 25 September, sound technician and Plant roadie Benji Le 
Fevre checked on Bonham to find out why he hadn't stirred.  There 
was no pulse.  A doctor arrived and pronounced Bonham dead at the
scene. A subsequent coroner's inquest revealed the cause of death
to be accidental -- Bonham choked on his own vomit after drinking
the equivalent of 40 measures of vodka.  Alcohol poisoning may
have been involved, but was not positively determined.  On
4 December 1980, Led Zeppelin issued the following statement:

"We wish it to be known that the loss of our dear friend and the
deep respect we have for his family, together with the sense of
undivided harmony felt by ourselves and our manager, have led us
to decide that we could not continue as we were."
     7 - When and where was Led Zeppelin formed?

A brief chronology:

Jimmy Page joins The Yardbirds in June of 1966, first playing
bass, then dual lead guitar with Jeff Beck, then replacing Beck
in November of the same year.  In December, John Paul Jones does
string arrangements for The Yardbirds' album _Little Games_.

In 1967, Robert Plant and John Bonham come together in The Band
Of Joy.  In March of the same year, Jeff Beck releases a solo
single entitled "Hi Ho Silver Lining," which is backed with a
Page composition entitled "Beck's Bolero".  This song is recorded
by Page, Beck, Nicky Hopkins, John Paul Jones, and Keith Moon.
At this session Moon and John Entwistle, who are tired of The
Who's infighting, discuss forming a band with Page and Beck. It 
is here that Moon announces that they should call the group Lead 
Zeppelin, because, "...it'll go over like a ***in' lead balloon!"  
(The "a" was later removed from "Lead" so that Americans would 
pronounce it correctly.)  (John Entwistle claimed that it was _he_,
not Moon, who invented the name.  Entwistle:

"Led Zeppelin is a good name, isn't it?  I made it up.  Everybody
 says Keith Moon made it up, but he didn't.  About four years ago
 I was realy getting fed up with the Who....  And I was talking
 with a fellow who is the production manager for the Led Zeppelin
 now.  I was talking to him down in a club in New York.  And I
 said, 'Yeah, I'm thinking of leaving the group and forming my own
 group.  I'm going to call the group Led Zeppelin.  And I'm going
 to have a an LP cover with like the Hindenburg going down in
 flames, and, you know, this whole business.'  And like two months
 later he was working for Jimmy Page and, like, they were looking
 for a name, and so he suggested Led Zeppelin, and Page liked it,
 and they came out with the same LP cover that I'd planned."

This "production manager" would have been Richard Cole, which
suggests that Cole was responsible for naming Led Zeppelin.
However, in the absence of definitive proof either way the Keith
Moon version will stand.)

In April of 1968, Page plays on Donovan's "Hurdy Gurdy Man" (with
Jones arranging).  Jones asks to be part of any new group Page may
be forming.  The Band Of Joy breaks up in May.  On 22 June 1968, it 
is announced that Keith Relf and Jim McCarty are leaving The 
Yardbirds. In August, Page, Yardbirds' bassist Chris Dreja, and 
Peter Grant travel to Birmingham to see Plant in a group called 
Hobbstweedle.  Plant is offered the vocalist's job in Page's new 
band in August, after visiting Page's home.  In the same month,
Dreja leaves the project and is replaced by Jones.  Plant then 
recommends Bonham for drums, and a tireless personal and telegram 
campaign convinces Bonham to turn down more lucrative offers from 
the likes of Tim Rose and Joe Cocker.  In September, the four play 
their first rehearsals at Gerrard Street, London.  Beginning 
September 14 they embark on their first tour, still billed as the 
New Yardbirds.  They record _Led Zeppelin I_ in October, and play 
their first gig as Led Zeppelin at Surrey University October 17.

                                                      RELEASE DATE    CHART PEAK
TITLE                                                US          UK      US UK
-----                                                 --------  --------  -- --
LED ZEPPELIN                                        1/12/69   3/28/69   10  6
LED ZEPPELIN II                                     10/22/69  10/31/69   1  1
LED ZEPPELIN III                                    10/5/70   10/23/70   1  1
Untitled fourth album                               11/8/71   11/12/71   2  1
HOUSES OF THE HOLY                                  3/28/73   3/26/73    1  1
PHYSICAL GRAFFITI (2-LP/2-CD)                       2/24/75   2/24/75    1  1
PRESENCE                                            3/31/76   4/5/76     1  1
SOUNDTRACK FROM THE FILM "THE SONG                  9/28/76   10/22/76   2  1
  REMAINS THE SAME" (live; 2-LP/2-cassette/2-CD)
IN THROUGH THE OUT DOOR                             8/15/79   8/20/79    1  1
CODA                                                11/19/82  11/22/82   6  4
LED ZEPPELIN (4-CD/4-cassette/6-LP boxed set)       10/8/90   10/29/90  18 48
REMASTERS (2-CD/2-cassette/3-LP boxed set)          2/24/92   10/15/90  47 10
BOXED SET 2 (2-CD)                                  9/21/93   9/??/93   87 56
THE COMPLETE STUDIO RECORDINGS (10-CD box set)      9/28/93   9/??/93   -- --
BBC SESSIONS (2-CD/2-cassette/4-LP)                 11/18/97  11/17/97  12 23
EARLY DAYS & LATTER DAYS (2-CDs)                    11/15/2002          14
HOW THE WEST WAS WON (live; 3-CDs)                  5/27/2003            1  5?
"Led Zeppelin" DVD (2-DVDs)                         5/27/2003            1

"LED ZEPPELIN" (Atlantic, January 1969)
1. Good Times Bad Times                5. Your Time Is Gonna Come
2. Babe I'm Gonna Leave You            6. Black Mountain Side
3. You Shook Me                        7. Communication Breakdown
4. Dazed And Confused                  8. I Can't Quit You Baby
                                       9. How Many More Times

  Also known as "LED ZEPPELIN I"; recorded at Olympic Studios, London,
  in late September/early October 1968, utilizing approximately 36 hours
  of studio time.  8-Track copies contain edited versions of "You Shook Me"
  and "Dazed And Confused."

  US: Atlantic SD 8216 (1969); Atlantic SD 19126 (1977)
  UK: Atlantic/Polydor 588 171 (1969); Atlantic K40031 (1972)
  US CD: Atlantic ???? (198?); Atlantic 82632 (1994)
  UK CD: Atlantic 240031 (1987); Atlantic 82632 (1994)
P.J. Proby: "THREE WEEK HERO" (UK: Liberty LBL/LBS 83219, 1969)
  Notable for containing the medley track "Jim's Blues/George Wallace Is
  Rollin' In This Mornin'," which features all four members of Led Zeppelin
 (Plant plays harmonica); reissued on CD/vinyl in 1990(Beat Goes On BGO 87).
"LED ZEPPELIN II" (Atlantic, October 1969)
  1. Whole Lotta Love                5. Heartbreaker
  2. What Is And What Should         6. Livin' Lovin' Maid
     Never Be                           (She's Just A Woman)
  3. The Lemon Song                  7. Ramble On
  4. Thank You                       8. Moby Dick
                                     9. Bring It On Home

  Recorded throughout 1969 at various studios in the UK, US, and Canada.
  Nicknamed "The Brown Bomber" (a reference to the cover art).
  Some UK pressings list "The Lemon Song" as "Killing Floor".
  Cassette copies have a slightly different running order.

  US: Atlantic SD 8236 (1969); Atlantic SD 19127 (1977)
  UK: Atlantic/Polydor 588 198 (1969); Atlantic K40037 (1972)
  US CD: Atlantic ???? (198?); Atlantic 82633 (1994)
  UK CD: Atlantic 240037 (1986); Atlantic 82633 (1994)
"LED ZEPPELIN III" (Atlantic, October 1970)
  1. Immigrant Song                 6. Gallows Pole
  2. Friends                        7. Tangerine
  3. Celebration Day                8. That's The Way
  4. Since I've Been Loving You     9. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp
  5. Out On The Tiles               10. Hats Off To (Roy) Harper

  Recorded between May and July, 1970 at Headley Grange (with The Rolling
  Stones' mobile recording studio), and Olympic & Island Studios, London.
  Most vinyl pressings had various Aleister Crowley quotes inscribed
  in the runoff groove (the area near the center of the record). There are 
  some forged versions of this pressing.

  US: Atlantic SD 7201 (1970); Atlantic SD 19128 (1977)
  UK: Atlantic 2401 002 (1970); Atlantic K50002 (1972)
  US CD: Atlantic ???? (198?); Atlantic 82678 (1994)
  UK CD: Atlantic 250002 (1987); Atlantic 82678 (1994)

On some pressings of this album, an Aleister Crowley quote is
scribed into the runoff matrix of the vinyl (the space between the
last groove and the label).  There are also some forged versions of
this pressing.
Untitled fourth album (Atlantic, November 1971)
  1. Black Dog                        5. Misty Mountain Hop
  2. Rock And Roll                    6. Four Sticks
  3. The Battle Of Evermore           7. Going To California
  4. Stairway To Heaven               8. When The Levee Breaks

  Better known by the unofficial title "LED ZEPPELIN IV"; the original 
  album had no band or title identification anywhere on the cover or 
  inside, with the exception of the "Produced by Jimmy Page" credit on 
  the inside jacket and the printed lyrics to "Stairway to Heaven. It was
  recorded in early 1971 at Headley Grange (with The Rolling Stones'
  mobile recording studio) and Island Studios.

  US: Atlantic SD 7208 (1971); Atlantic SD 19129 (1977)
  UK: Atlantic/Polydor 2401 012 (1971); Atlantic K50008 (1972?)
  US CD: Atlantic ???? (198?); Atlantic 82638 (1994)
  UK CD: Atlantic 250008 (1983); Atlantic 82638 (1994)
"HOUSES OF THE HOLY" (Atlantic, March 1973)
  1. The Song Remains The Same        5. Dancing Days
  2. The Rain Song                    6. D'yer Mak'er
  3. Over The Hills & Far Away        7. No Quarter
  4. The Crunge                       8. The Ocean

  Recorded in 1972 at Stargroves (Mick Jagger's home), using the Rolling
  Stones' mobile recording studio.  Plant once commented (during a 1972
  live concert) that this album was going to be titled "Burn That Candle".
  The odd colors on this album cover are a printing error.
"PHYSICAL GRAFFITI" (2-LPs/2-CDs) (Swan Song, February 1975)
  1. Custard Pie*                9. Down By The Seaside
  2. The Rover                   10. Ten Years Gone*
  3. In My Time Of Dying*        11. Night Flight
  4. Trampled Under Foot*        12. The Wanton Song*
  5. Houses Of The Holy          13. Boogie With Stu
  6. Kashmir*                        14. Black Country Woman
  7. In The Light*                15. Sick Again*
  8. Bron-Yr-Aur

  The songs marked with an asterisk (*) were recorded in 1974 at Headley
  Grange (with Ronnie Lane's mobile studio) and Olympic Studios; the other
  songs are outtakes from the 3rd, 4th, and 5th albums.
  Cassette copies have a slightly different running order.
  The building on the cover is at 97 St. Mark's Place in New York City,
  where there is currently a used clothing store in the basement called
  Physical Graffiti.  (The original owners sold the building in August 2001
  for $1.8 million).  The album cover design is similar to the cover of
  Jose Feliciano's 1972 album "COMPARTMENTS" (including the pull-out card
  and the hidden photos).

  US: Swan Song SS2-200
  UK: Swan Song SSK 89400
  US CD: ???? (198?); Atlantic 92442 (1994)
  UK CD: Swan Song 298400 (1987); Atlantic 92442 (1994)
"PRESENCE" (Swan Song, April 1976)
  1. Achilles Last Stand        4. Nobody's Fault But Mine
  2. For Your Life              5. Candy Store Rock
  3. Royal Orleans              6. Hots On For Nowhere
                                7. Tea For One

  Recorded over a period of 18 days in November/December 1975 at Musicland
  Studios, Munich, West Germany.

  US: Swan Song SS-8416
  UK: Swan Song SSK 59402
  US CD: ???? (198?); Atlantic 92439 (1994)
  UK CD: Swan Song 259402 (1987); Atlantic 92439 (1994)
(2-LPs/2-cassettes/2-CDs) (Swan Song, October 1976)
  1. Rock And Roll                5. Dazed And Confused
  2. Celebration Day              6. No Quarter
  3. The Song Remains The Same    7. Stairway To Heaven
  4. The Rain Song                8. Moby Dick
                                  9. Whole Lotta Love

  The songs are taken from three concerts at New York's Madison
  Square Garden on July 27, 28 & 29, 1973.  The film features
  different mixes/edits of these same recordings.

  US: Swan Song SS2-201
  UK: Swan Song SSK 89402
  US CD: ???? (198?)
  UK CD: Swan Song 289402 (1987)
"IN THROUGH THE OUT DOOR" (Swan Song, August 1979)
  1. In The Evening                5. Carouselambra
  2. South Bound Saurez            6. All My Love
  3. Fool In The Rain              7. I'm Gonna Crawl
  4. Hot Dog

  Recorded in November/December 1978 at Polar Studios, Stockholm, Sweden.
  The original vinyl album was available with 6 different covers, each
  showing the same barroom scene from a different point of view.  Each
  album was fully covered in a plain brown wrapper which prevented the
  buyer from knowing which cover he/she was getting.  (This *may* have
  been inspired by John Lennon's "TWO VIRGINS" album, from 1968, which
  incorporated a similar concept.)  Also, the inner sleeve (NOT the outer
  brown wrapper) changed color when dampened.

  US: Swan Song SS-16002
  UK: Swan Song SSK 59410
  US CD: ???? (198?); Atlantic 92443 (1994)
  UK CD: Swan Song 259410 (1986); ????
"CODA" (Swan Song, November 1982)
  1. We're Gonna Groove                5. Ozone Baby
  2. Poor Tom                        6. Darlene
  3. I Can't Quit You Baby        7. Bonzo's Montreux
  4. Walter's Walk                8. Wearing And Tearing

  A collection of outtakes from 1969-1978; the album's proposed title was
  "Early Days & Latter Days"; "I Can't Quit You Baby" and "We're Gonna
  Groove" are from the concert at London's Royal Albert Hall, 1/9/70, and
  are currently also available on the Led Zeppelin official DVD.

  US: Swan Song 79-00511
  UK: Swan Song A0051
  US CD: ???? (198?); Atlantic 92444 (1994)
  UK CD: Swan Song 7900512 (1987); ????
"LED ZEPPELIN" (4-CD/4-cassette/6-LP boxed set) (Atlantic, October 1990)
  Whole Lotta Love / Heartbreaker / Communication Breakdown / Babe I'm Gonna
  Leave You / What Is And What Should Never Be / Thank You / I Can't Quit
  You Baby [live "CODA" version] / Dazed And Confused / Your Time Is Gonna
  Come / Ramble On / Traveling Riverside Blues / Friends / Celebration Day /
  Hey Hey What Can I Do / White Summer/Black Mountain Side / Black Dog /
  Over The Hills And Far Away / Immigrant Song / The Battle Of Evermore /
  Bron-Y-Aur Stomp / Tangerine / Going To California / Since I've Been
  Loving You / D'yer Mak'er / Gallows Pole / Custard Pie / Misty Mountain
  Hop / Rock And Roll / The Rain Song / Stairway To Heaven / Kashmir /
  Trampled Under Foot / For Your Life / No Quarter / Dancing Days / When The
  Levee Breaks / Achilles Last Stand / The Song Remains The Same / Ten Years
  Gone / In My Time of Dying / In The Evening / Candy Store Rock / 
  The Ocean / Ozone Baby / Houses Of The Holy / Wearing And Tearing / Poor
  Tom / Nobody's Fault But Mine / Fool In The Rain / In The Light / The
  Wanton Song / Moby Dick/Bonzo's Montreux / I'm Gonna Crawl / All My Love

  54 tracks, digitally remastered by Jimmy Page and George Marino in May
  1990.  This marks the first time that any effort had been put into
  remastering Led Zeppelin's back catalog.  The set also includes four
  previously unreleased or rare recordings: "Hey Hey What Can I Do"
  (1970 B-side), "Traveling Riverside Blues" & "White Summer/Black
  Mountain Side" (1969 BBC recordings), and "Moby Dick/Bonzo's Montreux"
  (an edited combination of John Bonham's two released drum solos).
  Videos for "Over The Hills And Far Away" and "Traveling Riverside
  Blues" were released.  The videos are a mixture of conceptual
  footage and carefully edited clips from a variety of live videos
US/UK: Atlantic 82144
"REMASTERS" (2-CD/2-cassette/3-LP boxed set) (Atlantic, October 1990)
  Communication Breakdown; Babe I'm Gonna Leave You; Good Times Bad Times;
  Dazed And Confused; Whole Lotta Love; Heartbreaker; Ramble On; Immigrant
  Song; Celebration Day; Since I've Been Loving You; Black Dog; Rock And
  Roll; The Battle Of Evermore; Misty Mountain Hop*; Stairway To Heaven;
  The Song Remains The Same; The Rain Song*; D'yer Mak'er; No Quarter;
  Houses Of The Holy; Kashmir; Trampled Under Foot; Nobody's Fault But
  Mine; Achilles Last Stand; All My Love; In The Evening; *CD/cassette only

  A scaled-down version of the "LED ZEPPELIN" boxed set, with the addition
  of "Good Times Bad Times" (which was not included on the 4-CD box set) this
  was initially offered only in Europe and Japan.  In 1992 it was released in
  the US, featuring a bonus CD/cassette titled "Profiled" which contained
  interviews with Page, Plant and Jones.

  UK: Atlantic 80415
  US: Atlantic 80415 (sold via TV ad)/ Atlantic 82731 (retail version)
"BOXED SET 2" (2-CD boxed set) (Atlantic, September 1993)
  DISC 1:                        DISC 2:
  1. Good Times Bad Times         1. South Bound Saurez
  2. We're Gonna Groove           2. Walter's Walk
  3. Night Flight                 3. Darlene
  4. That's The Way               4. Black Country Woman
  5. Baby Come On Home            5. How Many More Times
  6. The Lemon Song               6. The Rover
  7. You Shook Me                 7. Four Sticks
  8. Boogie With Stu              8. Hats Off To (Roy) Harper
  9. Bron-yr-aur                  9. I Can't Quit You Baby [studio version]
  10. Down By The Seaside         10. Hots On For Nowhere
  11. Out On The Tiles            11. Living Loving Maid (She's Just A Woman)
  12. Black Mountain Side         12. Royal Orleans
  13. Moby Dick                   13. Bonzo's Montreux
  14. Sick Again                  14. The Crunge
  15. Hot Dog                     15. Bring It On Home
  16. Carouselambra               16. Tea For One

  Remastered versions of all the songs not included on the original
  boxed set.  Also includes "Baby Come On Home," a previously-
  unreleased recording from the "LED ZEPPELIN I" sessions.

  US/UK: Atlantic 82477-2
"THE COMPLETE STUDIO RECORDINGS" (10-CD boxed set) (Atlantic, Sep. 1993)

  Remastered versions of Led Zeppelin's nine studio albums ("PHYSICAL  
  GRAFFITI" takes up 2 discs), in their original running orders.
  The "CODA" disc includes "Hey Hey What Can I Do," "Traveling Riverside
  Blues," "White Summer/Black Mountain Side" and "Baby Come On Home" as
  bonus tracks.  (No other version of "CODA" features these bonus tracks). 
  The cover depicts the inside of a Zeppelin/
"BBC SESSIONS" (2-CDs/2-cassettes) (Atlantic, November 1997)
  DISC 1:                        DISC 2:
  1. You Shook Me*                1. Immigrant Song
  2. I Can't Quit You Baby*       2. Heartbreaker
  3. Communication Breakdown#     3. Since I've Been Loving You
  4. Dazed And Confused*          4. Black Dog
  5. The Girl I Love She Got      5. Dazed And Confused
     Long Black Wavy Hair#        6. Stairway To Heaven
  6. What Is And What Should      7. Going To California
     Never Be@                    8. That's The Way
  7. Communication Breakdown@     9. Whole Lotta Love
  8. Traveling Riverside Blues@    (medley, including "Boogie Chillun',"
  9. Whole Lotta Love@             "Fixin' To Die," "That's Alright Mama"
  10. Somethin' Else#              and "A Mess Of Blues")
  11. Communication Breakdown^    10. Thank You
  12. I Can't Quit You Baby^ 
  13. You Shook Me^ 
  14. How Many More Times^  

  A collection of recordings made at the BBC, culled from studio sessions 
  on 3/3/69 (*), 6/16/69 (#), and 6/24/69 (@), plus live concerts on 
  6/27/69 (^) and 4/1/71 (all of Disc 2).  The "Whole Lotta Love" medley
  has been considerably edited from the 20-minute recorded version.  Also,
  the "It's Your Thing" interlude has been edited out of the 6/27/69
  version of "Communication Breakdown."

  Initial pressings sold through Tower Records came with a bonus CD-ROM disc
  containing the 1997 "Whole Lotta Love" promo video, plus misc. audio/video
  files; initial pressings sold by Best Buy came with a bonus interview CD.

  A limited-edition 4-LP vinyl pressing was released in March 2000
  (Classic Records 0601704306117).

  US: Atlantic 83061
  UK: ????
"BBC SESSIONS" (2-CDs/2-cassettes) (Atlantic, November 1997)
  DISC 1:                        DISC 2:
  1. You Shook Me*                1. Immigrant Song
  2. I Can't Quit You Baby*         2. Heartbreaker
  3. Communication Breakdown#         3. Since I've Been Loving You
  4. Dazed And Confused*         4. Black Dog
  5. The Girl I Love She Got        5. Dazed And Confused
     Long Black Wavy Hair#        6. Stairway To Heaven
  6. What Is And What Should        7. Going To California
     Never Be@                        8. That's The Way
  7. Communication Breakdown@        9. Whole Lotta Love
  8. Traveling Riverside Blues@    (medley, including "Boogie Chillun',"
  9. Whole Lotta Love@                   "Fixin' To Die," "That's Alright Mama"
  10. Somethin' Else#                   and "A Mess Of Blues")
  11. Communication Breakdown^        10. Thank You
  12. I Can't Quit You Baby^ 
  13. You Shook Me^ 
  14. How Many More Times^  

  A collection of recordings made at the BBC, culled from studio sessions 
  on 3/3/69 (*), 6/16/69 (#), and 6/24/69 (@), plus live concerts on 
  6/27/69 (^) and 4/1/71 (all of Disc 2).  The "Whole Lotta Love" medley
  has been considerably edited from the 20-minute recorded version.  Also,
  the "It's Your Thing" interlude has been edited out of the 6/27/69
  version of "Communication Breakdown."

  Initial pressings sold through Tower Records came with a bonus CD-ROM disc
  containing the 1997 "Whole Lotta Love" promo video, plus misc. audio/video
  files; initial pressings sold by Best Buy came with a bonus interview CD.

  A limited-edition 4-LP vinyl pressing was released in March 2000
  (Classic Records 0601704306117).

  US: Atlantic 83061
  UK: ????
  Good Times Bad Times; Babe I'm Gonna Leave You; Dazed And Confused;
  Communication Breakdown; Whole Lotta Love; What Is And What Should Never
  Be; Immigrant Song; Since I've Been Loving You; Black Dog; Rock And
  Roll; The Battle Of Evermore; When The Levee Breaks; Stairway To Heaven

  The first-ever single-disc compilation authorized by the band, featuring
  material from the group's first four albums.  Released on CD, cassette, 
  and vinyl.  The CD includes bonus video footage of Led Zeppelin 
  lip-synching to "Communication Breakdown" on Swedish TV in 1969.

  US: Atlantic 83268
  UK: ????
  The Song Remains The Same; No Quarter; Houses Of The Holy; 
  Trampled Under Foot; Kashmir; Ten Years Gone; Achilles Last Stand;
  Nobody's Fault But Mine; All My Love; In The Evening

  Compilation featuring material from Led Zeppelin's final four studio
  albums; released as an 'enhanced CD' containing video footage of 
  "Kashmir" (Earl's Court 1975 backed by the studio version of the song).

  US: Atlantic 83278
  UK: ????

  The two "best of" CDs were re-issued as a double-CD package in 2002,
  AND TWO" (Atlantic 83619).
"HOW THE WEST WAS WON" (3-CDs) (Atlantic, May 2003)
  DISC 1:                        DISC 2:
  1. L.A. Drone#                1. Dazed And Confused* (including bits
  2. Immigrant Song#               of "Walter's Walk" & "The Crunge")
  3. Heartbreaker*#             2. What Is And What Should Never Be#
  4. Black Dog*                 3. Dancing Days#
  5. Over The Hills And         4. Moby Dick*
     Far Away*#                  DISC 3:
  6. Since I've Been            1. Whole Lotta Love*# (medley, including
     Loving You#                   Boogie Chillun'*, Let's Have A Party#,
  7. Stairway To Heaven#           Hello Mary Lou* and Going Down Slow#)
  8. Going To California#       2. Rock And Roll#
  9. That's The Way*            3. The Ocean*
  10. Bron-Y-Aur Stomp#         4. Bring It On Home*

  The first-ever authorized live Led Zeppelin album; culled from two
  shows in California (Los Angeles, 6/25/72* and Long Beach, 6/27/72#).

  US: Atlantic 83587
"Led Zeppelin" DVD (Atlantic, May 2003)
  DISC 1:
  -Royal Albert Hall, London, 1/9/70 (We're Gonna Groove/I Can't Quit You
    Babe/Dazed And Confused/White Summer-Black Mountain Side/What Is And
    What Should Never Be/How Many More Times/Moby Dick/Whole Lotta Love/
    Communication Breakdown/C'mon Everybody/Something Else/Bring It On Home)
  -Danish TV, 3/17/69 (Communication Breakdown/Dazed And Confused/Babe I'm
    Gonna Leave You/How Many More Times)
  -French TV, June 1969 (Communication Breakdown/Dazed And Confused)
  -Staines, 3/25/69 (Dazed And Confused; from "Supershow")
  -"Communication Breakdown" 1999 promo video (from Swedish TV, 1969)

  DISC 2:
  -"Immigrant Song" 2003 promo video ("Splodge Edit")
  -Madison Square Garden, New York, July 1973 (Black Dog/Misty Mountain Hop/
    Since I've Been Loving You/The Ocean)
  -Earls Court, London, May 1975 (Going To California/That's The Way/
    Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp/In My Time Of Dying/Trampled Under Foot/Stairway To
  -Knebworth, August 1979 (Rock And Roll/Nobody's Fault But Mine/Sick Again/
    Achilles Last Stand/In the Evening/Kashmir/Whole Lotta Love)
  -NYC Press Conference, 1970 (interview with Page & Plant)
  -Down Under, 1972 ("Rock And Roll" plus backstage footage and interviews)
  -"The Old Grey Whistle Test" BBC TV show, 1975 (interview with Plant)
  -"Over The Hills And Far Away" 1990 promo video
  -"Traveling Riverside Blues" 1990 promo video

  Led Zeppelin's first-ever video anthology, fulfilling Jimmy's
  longstanding vision of a progressive live compilation.  Released on
  videotape in September 2003.

  US: Atlantic R2 970198

SINGLES (US-only):

Good Times Bad Times/ Communication Breakdown (Atlantic 45-2613, 3/10/69)
Whole Lotta Love [3:10 edit]/ Living Loving Maid (Atlantic AT-2690, 11/7/69)
Whole Lotta Love [5:33]/ Living Loving Maid (Atlantic 45-2690, 11/69)
  (reissued as Atlantic OS 13116)
Immigrant Song/ Hey Hey What Can I Do (Atlantic 45-2777, 11/5/70)
  (reissued as Atlantic OS 13131; also reissued on cassette
  [Swan Song SR 4 2777] and CD [Atlantic 2777-2])
Black Dog/ Misty Mountain Hop (Atlantic 45-2849, 12/2/71)
  (reissued as Atlantic OS 13129)
Rock And Roll/ Four Sticks (Atlantic 45-2865, 2/21/72)
  (reissued as Atlantic OS 13130)
Over The Hills And Far Away/ Dancing Days (Atlantic 45-2970, 5/24/73)
D'yer Mak'er/ The Crunge (Atlantic 45-2986, 9/17/73)
Trampled Under Foot/ Black Country Woman (Swan Song SS-70102, 4/2/75)
  (reissued on cassette as Swan Song SR 4 70102)
Candy Store Rock/ Royal Orleans (Swan Song SS-70110, 6/18/76)
Fool In The Rain/ Hot Dog (Swan Song SS-71003, 12/7/79)
  (reissued on cassette as Swan Song SR 4 70103)

No singles were released in the UK, although in August 1997 a CD maxi-single
was issued, featuring a new edit of "Whole Lotta Love" (4:50) plus "Baby 
Come On Home" & "Traveling Riverside Blues."  It was available as a regular
silver CD (Atlantic 84014-6/AT0013CD) and as a limited-edition gold CD 
(Atlantic 84014-2/A4014CD).



"FLYING HIGH" (UK: Atlantic 588 184, 1969) - "You Shook Me"
"THE AGE OF ATLANTIC" (UK: Atlantic 2464 013, 1970) - 
  "Whole Lotta Love" & "Communication Breakdown"
"THE AGE OF ATLANTIC" (US: Atlantic K 20011, 1970) - "Whole Lotta Love" 
"THE SUPER HITS VOL. 5" (US: Atlantic SD 8274, 1970) - "Whole Lotta Love" 
"HOMER" Soundtrack (US: Cotillion SD 9037; UK: Atlantic 2400 137, 1971) -
  "How Many More Times"
"THE NEW AGE OF ATLANTIC" (UK: Atlantic K 20024, 1972) -
  "Hey Hey What Can I Do"
"SUPERSTARS OF THE 70'S" (US: Warner Special Products SP-4000, 1973) -
  "Whole Lotta Love"
"ALAN FREEMAN'S BY INVITATION ONLY" (Atlantic K 601127, 1976) -
  "Whole Lotta Love" & "Immigrant Song" 
"SUPERTRACKS" (UK: Vertigo Sport 1, 1977) - "Trampled Under Foot"
"THE SUMMIT" (UK: K-Tel NE 1067, 1980) - "Candy Store Rock"
(US: Atlantic 81908; UK: Atlantic K78 19351; 3-CD boxed set, 1988) - 
  "Dazed And Confused," "Whole Lotta Love" & "Stairway To Heaven"
"ATLANTIC ROCK & ROLL" (US: Atlantic 7 82306; 4-CD boxed set, 1991) -
  "Dazed And Confused," "Whole Lotta Love" & "Stairway To Heaven"
  "Rock And Roll"
"GOLD & PLATINUM" (US: Time-Life ????; 6-CD/cassette boxed set, 1997) -
  "Misty Mountain Hop"
(US: Atlantic 83088, 1998) - "Whole Lotta Love" 
"THE ROLLING STONE COLLECTION - 1969-1970" (US: Time-Life ????, 1998?) -
"THE ROLLING STONE COLLECTION - 1973-1977" (US: Time-Life ????, 1998?) -
  "Trampled Under Foot"
"ALMOST FAMOUS" (Soundtrack) (Dream Works 50279, 2000) - "That's The Way"
  (the movie also features excerpts from "Misty Mountain Hop," "Rain Song,"
  "Bron-yr-aur" and "Tangerine)

     9 - What videos have Led Zeppelin released?

Led Zeppelin: "The Song Remains The Same"
(1976 film; issued on video in 1984 [Warner Video PES 61389])
  Autumn Lake [by Jimmy Page]; Bron-yr-aur [studio version]; Rock And Roll;
  Black Dog; Since I've Been Loving You; The Song Remains The Same; The
  Rain Song; Stairway To Heaven; Dazed And Confused; Moby Dick;
  Heartbreaker; Whole Lotta Love; Stairway To Heaven [studio version]

  Led Zeppelin's self-described "most expensive home movie ever made";
  recorded live over the course of three concerts at New York's Madison
  Square Garden, July 27-29, 1973.  Directed by Joe Massot (who was fired
  from the project in 1974) and Peter Clifton.  In addition to live concert
  footage, the film also has various "fantasy sequences" featuring Page,
  Plant, Jones, Bonham, and Peter Grant.

  Early video copies have extremely poor sound quality, though later
  versions have improved sound; sound quality on the laserdisc rivals that
  of the original album.  There has been talk over the years of reworking
  or remastering the film, but nothing has become of it.  An unremastered
  DVD release appeared in 1999.
Various: "The A.R.M.S. Concert Part 2" (Videoform VFV 17, 1984)
  September 1983 benefit concert for 'Action for Research into Multiple
  Sclerosis' -- a foundation associated with The Small Faces' Ronnie Lane,
  who was afflicted with the disease.  The video features Page performing
  two instrumentals ("Prelude" & "Stairway To Heaven"), two songs with
  Steve Winwood ("Who's To Blame" & "City Sirens"), and three songs with
  an ensemble led by Eric Clapton ("Tulsa Time," "Layla" and "Goodnight
  Irene").  Also released on laserdisc.
Paul McCartney: "Give My Regards To Broad Street" (1984 film)
  Features John Paul Jones during the "Ballroom Dancing" scene
Film: "Blow Up" (1967 film; released on video in 1985 [MGM/UA Home Video])
  Features The Yardbirds (Beck/Page lineup) performing "Stroll On"
The Firm: "Five From The Firm" (Atlantic Video 50108-3-A , 1986)
  Features 5 promo videos by The Firm ("Tear Down The Walls," "Satisfaction
  Guaranteed," "All The King's Horses," "Radioactive" and "Live In Peace")
Various: "Supershow" (1969 film; issued on video, 1986: Virgin Vision VVD167;
re-issued on DVD in 2001)
  Features Led Zeppelin performing "Dazed And Confused" live in front of a
  small audience in Staines, England, on March 25, 1969.  Other artists in
  the film include Stephen Stills, Eric Clapton, and Buddy Miles.
Robert Plant: "Mumbo Jumbo" (Atlantic 50121, 1989)
  Features promo videos for "Tall Cool One," "Big Log," "Little By Little,"
  "In The Mood" & "Heaven Knows"; later versions (Warner Music 8536 50247-3)
  also include "Hurting Kind" & "Nirvana" from the 1990 Knebworth Festival.
Various: "Rock Aid Armenia" (Virgin Vision VVD 636, November 1989)
  With "Dazed And Confused" from "Supershow," and "Satisfaction
  Guaranteed" from "Five From The Firm"
Led Zeppelin: "The First Cuts" (Free Target Video, 1990)
  Features 36 minutes of audio & visual outtakes from "The Song Remains The
  Same"; withdrawn
Various: "Knebworth: The Event (Volume 3)" (Castle Video, 1990)
  Features Robert Plant performing four songs at the 1990 Knebworth
  Festival ("Hurting Kind," "Tall Cool One," "Rock And Roll" & "Wearing And
  Tearing"); the latter two songs also feature Jimmy Page on guitar;
  the complete Knebworth concert was released on DVD in 1997 and 2002.
Various: "Hard 'n' Heavy Vol. 8" (Virgin Vision ????, 1990)
Various: "Hard 'n' Heavy Vol. 9" (Virgin Vision VVD 784, 1990)
  Vol. 8 features interviews with Page; Vol. 9 features interviews w/Plant
Various: "The A.R.M.S. Concert" (Rhino RNVD 1446, 1991)
  Features the same material as the 1984 videos "The A.R.M.S. Concert 
  Part 1" and "The A.R.M.S. Concert Part 2."
Bon Jovi: "Access All Areas" (Polygram Music Video 082 767-3, 1991)
  Reportedly features a clip of Jimmy Page jamming with Bon Jovi at a 1990
  concert at London's Hammersmith Odeon
The Yardbirds: "Yardbirds" (A*Vision 50278-3, 1992)
  In addition to several interview clips featuring Page, the video also has
  clips of The Yardbirds performing "Happenings Ten Years Time Ago"
  (1966 lip-synch with Beck & Page), "I'm A Man" & "Happenings Ten Years
  Time Ago" (live with Page, German TV 1967) and "Dazed And Confused"
  (live with Page, French TV 1968).
Various: "Rock Legends Part II" (M.I.A. V 3340, 1992)
  Same as "The A.R.M.S. Concert Part 2"
Queen/Various: "A Concert For Life (Freddie Mercury Tribute)"
(Buena Vista Home Video, 1993; re-issued on DVD in 2002)
  From an April 1992 concert at London's Wembley Stadium, honoring the late
  Freddie Mercury of Queen; features Plant performing "Thank You" (partial)
  and "Crazy Little Thing Called Love" with the three surviving members of
  Queen (Brian May, Roger Taylor & John Deacon).  Plant can also be seen in
  the ensemble finale of "We Are The Champions."  Plant also performed a
  version of Queen's "Innuendo" (which included a couple lines from
  "Kashmir") which was not released on the video.
"The Secret Adventures Of Tom Thumb" (1993)
  John Paul Jones composed the theme song for this animated film
"Risk" (1994)
  John Paul Jones composed the soundtrack music for this film
Various: "The History Of Rock n Roll Part 5 (The '70s: Have A Nice Decade)"
Various: "The History Of Rock n Roll Part 6 (Guitar Heroes)"
(Warner Home Video, 1994)
  Both tapes feature interview clips of Plant and Page; Part 5 has a brief
  clip of Led Zeppelin performing "How Many More Times" on Danish TV in
  March 1969, and Part 6 has a brief clip of "Dazed And Confused" from
  Danish TV, plus footage from "The Song Remains The Same"
Jimmy Page & Robert Plant: "No Quarter: Jimmy Page & Robert Plant Unledded"
(A*Vision 52000, April 1995; re-issued on DVD in 2001)
  No Quarter^; Thank You*; What Is And What Should Never Be*; Since I've
  Been Loving You*; Battle Of Evermore*; Friends*; The Rain Song*; Nobody's
  Fault But Mine^; When The Levee Breaks^; City Don't Cry#; The Truth
  Explodes# (aka "Yallah"); Wah Wah#; Wonderful One*; That's The Way*;
  Gallows Pole*; Four Sticks*; Kashmir*

  "Yallah" has been edited and re-titled "The Truth Explodes"; "City Don't
  Cry" and "When The Levee Breaks" are also edited; "Wonderful One" is a 
  different take from the album version

  Songs are taken from three sources: *live performances at LWT Studios,
  London (8/25-26/94); ^Snowdonia, Wales (8/16-17/94); #Marrakesh, Morocco
Various: "Encomium: A Tribute To Led Zeppelin" (Atlantic, 1995)
  Features interview clips of Robert Plant
Various: "Rock & Roll (Episode Five: Crossroads)" (PBS Home Video, 1995)
  In addition to interview clips of Page and Plant, this video also features
  clips from Led Zeppelin's 1969 Danish TV appearance ("How Many More Times"
  & "Dazed And Confused") and "The Song Remains The Same"; also includes a
  clip of Jimmy Page on Huw Wheldon's "All Your Own" BBC program c. 1958.
Various: "The Golden Age Of Rock And Roll: Guitar Heroes"
(Image Entertainment, 1996?)
  Similar to the "Rock & Roll" and "History Of Rock n Roll" documentaries;
  this one features the complete performance of "Dazed And Confused" from
  Danish TV, 1969; also available on DVD, and as part of the 10-tape, 5-DVD
  "Golden Age Of Rock And Roll" boxed set.
Various: "The Golden Age Of Rock And Roll: British Invasion"
(Image Entertainment, 1996?)
  Features The Yardbirds (with Page) lip-synching to "Heart Full Of Soul"
  (complete performance); also available on DVD, and as part of the 
  10-tape, 5-DVD "Golden Age Of Rock And Roll" boxed set.
Roy Orbison: "Roy Orbison -- The Anthology" (PBS Home Video, 1999)
  Features interview clips of Robert Plant
Various: "Paris Concert For Amnesty International"(Image Entertainment,6/99)
  Features various performances from the 12/10/98 Amnesty International
  benefit concert, including the following songs by Jimmy Page & Robert
  Plant: "When The World Was Young," "Rock And Roll," "Babe I'm Gonna Leave
  You" (DVD only), and "Gallows Pole" (DVD only); released as a 172-minute
  DVD and 120-minute laserdisc & video tape
Paul McCartney: "Wingspan" (Capitol 77909, November 2001)
  Features outtake footage from the October 1978 "Rockestra" session
  (including several clips of John Bonham and John Paul Jones)
"Led Zeppelin" DVD
  See details in discography.
Jools Holland: "Giants" (Warner Music 2564-60610, October 2003)
  Features Page & Plant performing "Gallows Pole" on Holland's TV show, 1994
Jools Holland: "Hootenanny" (Warner Music 2564-61187, December 2003)
  Features Plant performing "Let The Boogie Woogie Roll" in 2002; he can
  also be seen singing backing vocals on Jeff Beck's "Hi Ho Silver Lining"



"Communication Breakdown" (1969) - black-and-white lip-synch; this is
  different from the 1969 Swedish TV appearance
"Black Dog" (October 1976) - promo for "The Song Remains The Same," 
  with alternate footage; this was aired just once on the BBC
"Hot Dog" (1979) - live at Knebworth, 1979
"Ten Years Gone" (December 1990) - live at Knebworth, 8/4/79
"Kashmir" (December 1990) - live at Knebworth, 8/11/79; this is different
  from the version on the "Led Zeppelin" DVD.
"Over The Hills And Far Away" (October 1990)*
"Traveling Riverside Blues" (October 1990)*
"Whole Lotta Love" (September 1997)*
  *The above three videos feature footage from several sources,
  including Danish TV 1969, Royal Albert Hall 1970, and Knebworth 1979;
  a frame-by-frame analysis of the "Whole Lotta Love" video can be
  found here:
"Communication Breakdown" (November 1999)
  Lip-synch on Swedish television, 1969; included as an 'enhanced track' 
  on the "EARLY DAYS" CD
"Kashmir" (March 2000)
  Features video from Earl's Court 1975 backed by the studio version of
  the song; included as an 'enhanced track' on the "LATTER DAYS" CD
"Immigrant Song" (May 2003)
  The "Splodge Edit", featuring video from Australia 1972 backed by
  a live recording from Long Beach, California, 6/27/72.

Note: there are also a number of 'unofficial' promo videos floating around, 
including: "No Quarter," "Trampled Under Foot," "Houses Of The Holy" and 
"Achilles Last Stand" (produced by the BBC in the '70s); "Whole Lotta Love" 
(produced by the German TV show "Beat Club" in March 1970); and 
"When The Levee Breaks" (unknown origin)


"Little Sister" (January 1980) - with Rockpile, from the 12/29/79 Kampuchea
  benefit concert
"Burning Down One Side" (1982)
"Big Log" (1983)
"In The Mood" (1983)
"Sea Of Love" (1984) - by The Honeydrippers
"Rockin' At Midnight" (1984) - by The Honeydrippers
"Little By Little" (1985)
"Pink And Black" (1985)
"Heaven Knows" (1988)
"Tall Cool One" (1988)
"Ship Of Fools" (1988)
"Hurting Kind (I've Got My Eyes On You)" (1990)
"Tie Dye On The Highway" (1990) - live at Knebworth, 1990
"Nirvana" (1990) - apparently this is also from Knebworth
"Calling To You" (1993) - incl. on some pressings of "SIXTY SIX TO TIMBUKTU"
"29 Palms" (1993)
"I Believe" (1993)
"If I Were A Carpenter" (1993)
"Darkness, Darkness" (2002) - included on the "Song To The Siren" CD single
  and some pressings of "SIXTY SIX TO TIMBUKTU"
"Morning Dew" (2002) - included on the "Morning Dew" CD single
"Song To The Siren" (2003)


"Radioactive" (1985) - by The Firm
"Satisfaction Guaranteed" (1985) - by The Firm
"The Firm Live At Hammersmith 1984" (1985) - by The Firm
  (live footage of two concerts in December 1984)
"These Arms Of Mine" (1985) - by Willie And The Poorboys
"All The King's Horses" (1986) - by The Firm
"Tear Down The Walls" (1986) - by The Firm
"Live In Peace" (1986) - by The Firm
"Wasting My Time" (1988)
"Pride And Joy" (1993) - by Coverdale/Page
"Take Me For A Little While" (1993) - by Coverdale/Page
"Come With Me" (1998) - by Puff Daddy featuring Jimmy Page


"Do You Take This Man?" (1994) - by Diamanda Galás with John Paul Jones


"Gallows Pole" (1994) - different from the version on the 
  "No Quarter/Unledded" video; this version was recorded in Wales
"Most High" (1998) - plus an alternate version which was included
  with Volume 20 of the "Launch" CD-ROM magazine

     10 - Should I buy the boxed sets?  Which one(s) should I buy?

The sound quality of the newly remastered material is incredibly 
improved over the original US CD releases.  For that reason alone 
any of them are worth getting.  And the combination of the two 
principal sets _or_ the "complete" set gives one all the studio
material in remastered form.  As for the "unreleased" material--
"HHWCID" is available on the "Immigrant Song" single, "Traveling 
Riverside Blues" is a staple of AOR radio, and there are many 
versions of "White Summer" superior to the one released on the set,
so that should not be the deciding factor.  The packaging of the 
sets, from cover art to liner notes, is incredible.

However, the release of the newly-remastered "original" CDs has
made this choice a difficult one.  Basically, it comes down to
the presence of the "unreleased" material (which does _not_ appear
on the individually remastered _Coda_), a choice of packaging, 
and the order in which one wants to hear the songs.  The cost of
getting one of the boxed set combinations will almost assuredly
be less than the eventual total cost of the individual CDs.

The purchase of the original, unremastered CDs is not recommended
due to their poor sound quality.
     11 - Will _The Song Remains The Same_ be remastered?

Atlantic said no.  However--Page:  "That will be done in the
     12 - So what _is_ the fourth album called, anyway?

Nothing.  It's officially untitled.  It's commonly referred to as
Four Symbols, ZOSO, and most often simply Led Zeppelin IV.  The
album, as originally released, carried absolutely no band or
title identification anywhere on the jacket.
     13 - What's the deal with those four symbols?

Page's symbol, while _not_ standing for "ZOSO" or any combination
of letters, is a mystery.  It resembles the alchemical symbol for
mercury, but no more is known for sure. There are also possibly
references to symbols standing for some of Page's astrological
signs but none of this is known for sure..  Plant reports being 
once told what it meant, but he has since forgotten.  Jones' symbol 
(the circle with the trisecting ovals) came from a book of runes and 
is said to represent confidence and competence.  It also appears on 
the cover of a book about the Rosicrucians, for reasons unknown.
Bonham's (the three intersecting circles) came from the same book, 
and represents the man-wife-child trilogy.  Some have remarked 
that it is the symbol for Ballantine Beer.  Plant, like Page, 
designed his own symbol, and the feather in the circle is based 
on a sign of the ancient Mu civilization.
     14 - What's that thing on the _Presence_ cover?

It's called either The Obelisk or The Object, and was created by 
Hipgnosis (the design company) to represent Led Zeppelin's "force 
and presence." It was not intended as a reference to the Monolith
of _2001_, though the resemblance has been noted by many; including 
Page himself.
     15 - What's up with the album covers for _In Through The Out

There are 6 different covers, each showing the same scene from a
different point of view.  The album originally came in a plain
brown wrapper.  An added bonus -- the inner sleeve, when dampened, 
changes color.  In case it wasn't obvious, this refers only to the
vinyl versions of the album.
     16 - What's up with (song title) (and who's Roy Harper)?

A few notes about individual songs:

"How Many More Times" -- This is one of three songs in which Page
     employs the bow.  There is a brief tribute/reference/inside
     joke during the long instrumental section where the band plays
     part of the Page-written "Beck's Bolero."

"Dazed And Confused" -- The Yardbirds performed this with different
     lyrics as "I'm Confused".  The guitar solo following the bow
     section is Page's solo from the Yardbirds' "Think About It."
     The second of the three songs on which Page employs the bow.

"Black Mountain Side" -- Viram Jasani plays tabla.

"Whole Lotta Love" -- The "middle section" was created with the
     theremin, some recorded drums, vocal gymnastics from Plant
     (heavily filtered through various effects), and a lot of
     random knob-twisting by Page and Eddie Kramer in the studio.
"Out On The Tiles" -- The title is British slang for "a night on
     the town."  It is Page that can be heard saying "stop!" in
     this song, reminding himself to stop playing.

"Hats Off To (Roy) Harper" -- Roy Harper is an English folk
     musician who toured (though didn't perform) with Zeppelin 
     and with whom Page and other Zeppelin members have worked,
     recorded, and toured.  He is probably best known for his
     lead vocal on Pink Floyd's "Have A Cigar." 

"Bron-Y-Aur Stomp" -- "Bron-Y-Aur" is a misspelling of Bron-Yr-Aur.

"Friends" -- The synth drone at the end covers a production
     mistake (the original intro to "Celebration Day" was erased.)
     The strings in the song are real.

"Since I've Been Loving You" -- Bonham's bass drum pedal squeaks
     during much of this song (it's especially annoying during the

"Tangerine" -- This was a Page composition left over from the
     Yardbirds days.

"Black Dog" -- The title came from a black dog that wandered in
     and out of the studio during the _IV_ sessions. 

"The Battle Of Evermore" -- Sandy Denny (of Fairport Convention)
     on vocals.  Her parts were handled live by John Paul Jones.

"Misty Mountain Hop" -- Yes, there is a mistake in this song, 
     (in the line that begins "There you sit..."), though the band 
     apparently felt the rest of the take was too good to replace.

"Four Sticks" -- Bonham used 4 sticks while recording this song
     (two in each hand) hence the title.

"When The Levee Breaks" -- The drum sound was produced by placing
     Bonham's kit in a stone stairwell, and hanging a microphone
     from the stairs a few flights up.

"D'yer Mak'er" -- pronounced like Jamaica, NOT "DYER MAKER"

"The Rain Song" -- The "strings" on this song are actually a 

"The Ocean" -- There is a phone ringing at about 1:37 in.  Don't
     ask why.  The countoff at the beginning is Bonham:  "We've
     done four already, but now we're steady, and then they went:
     one, two, three, four."

"Kashmir" -- There are keyboards on this song, but there are also
     real strings and horns.

"Black Country Woman" -- The sound from an overhead plane was not
     removed from the intro, thanks to Plant's audible "No, leave
     it in."

"Bron-Yr-Aur" -- A cabin where Zeppelin often retreated for
     composition and relaxation.  It means "The Golden Breast".
     The unusually "thick" guitar sound is a combination of an
     open tuning and clever use of backward echo.

"Boogie With Stu" -- Stu is Ian Stewart, the Stones resident

"In The Evening" -- The third song in which Page employs the bow.
     The unusual noises in the guitar solo are caused by the
     springs of a fully-depressed whammy bar.  The intro is based
     on Page's work for the _Lucifer Rising_ soundtrack.

"All My Love" -- The strings and horn sounds are all synths.

"I Can't Quit You Baby" -- The live version on Coda is from the
     Royal Albert Hall performance (widely available on bootleg
     video)--_not_ the rehearsal as is sometimes claimed.

"Darlene" -- Jones (not Ian Stewart) plays the piano.
     17 - Are there a lot of references to J.R.R. Tolkien's works
       in Led Zeppelin songs?

Not really.  "Ramble On" and "The Battle Of Evermore" feature
direct references, as does the title "Misty Mountain Hop," but
that's it.  There is no apparent link between Tolkien's work and
"Stairway To Heaven."
     18 - Didn't Led Zeppelin copy (song title) from (blues 

Yes, no, and maybe.  Here's a partial list of covers, credited
and otherwise, and sources.  Thanks to _Wearing & Tearing_, Glen
Cunliffe, Christopher Williams, _Proximity_, Hugh Jones, Bill
Bratton, and Colin Harper for much of the info in this section.

"Train Kept A Rollin'" -- Written by Tiny Bradshaw, L. Mann, and
     H. Kay, first recorded by Bradshaw's Big Band in 1951.
     Rewritten as a rockabilly tune in 1956 and recorded by the
     Johnny Burnette Trio (whose guitarist, Paul Burlison, was an
     influence on Jeff Beck and inspired him to cover the tune with
     the Yardbirds).  The Yardbirds recorded both the "original"
     tune and a rewritten version called "Stroll On" (the lyrics
     were modified to avoid copyright hassles) in Michaelangelo
     Antonioni's film _Blow Up_, which features the Beck/Page-era
     Yardbirds imitating the Who.  The original version was often
     played live by Zeppelin, and is often mistakenly attributed
     to the Yardbirds, which is why it is included here.

"White Summer" -- Davey Graham's "She Moved Through The Fair."

"Babe I'm Gonna Leave You" -- Anne Bredon (a/k/a Annie Briggs)
     (the Joan Baez version was the one this was based on).

"You Shook Me" -- Willie Dixon, first recorded by Muddy Waters.

"I Can't Quit You Baby" -- Willie Dixon.

"Communication Breakdown" -- Eddie Cochran's "Nervous Breakdown."

"How Many More Times" -- Howlin Wolf's "How Many More Years,"
     Albert King's "The Hunter," Zeppelin's version is lyrically
     related to a cover called "How Many More Times" by Gary
     Farr and the T-Bones (liner notes by Giorgio Gomelsky,
     one-time producer of The Yardbirds).  Zeppelin's particular
     arrangement grew from the live jams on "Smokestack Lightning"
     that the Page-led Yardbirds used to do.

"Dazed And Confused" -- Jake Holmes, written and recorded as
     "Dazed & Confused."  The Yardbirds covered it under the
     title "I'm Confused," with Holmes' original lyrics.  Page again 
     changed the lyrics (which were originally about an acid 
     trip) for the Zeppelin version.  The version on the _Session 
     Man_ album (on Archive) credited to the New Yardbirds is 
     actually the Holmes original.  Page:  "I don't know about
     all that.  I'd rather not get into it because I don't know
     all the circumstances.  What's he got, the riff or whatever?
     Because Robert wrote some of the lyrics on that album.  But
     he was only listening to...we extended it from the one that
     we were playing with the Yardbirds.  I haven't heard Jake
     Holmes so I don't know what it's all about anyway.  Usually
     my riffs are pretty damn original [laughs].  What can I say?"

"Black Mountain Side" -- traditional, Annie Briggs, Bert Jansch
     The main riff is almost identical to the riff Jansch uses
     in his song "BlackWater Side," though he cites Annie Briggs 
     as an earlier source.  Page:  "I wasn't totally original on 
     that riff. It had been done in folk clubs a lot.  Annie
     Briggs was the first one that I heard do that riff.  I was
     playing it as well, and then there was Bert Jansch's version."
     The DADGAD tuning used here and on "White Summer," "Kashmir,"
     "Swan Song" (see the unreleased section), and "Midnight
     Moonlight" was supposedly invented by Davey Graham, though
     whether or not Page knew this is unclear.
"The Lemon Song" -- Chester Burnett (a/k/a Howlin Wolf) "Killing
     Floor," Robert Johnson ("squeeze my lemon" lyric).  In some
     early concerts and on some pressings of _II_, the song was
     actually called "Killing Floor."  ARC Music filed a suit
     against Zeppelin in the early 70's, which was settled out
     of court.  Ironically, the "squeeze my lemon" lyric was
     lifted by Johnson as well--from Art McKay ("She Squeezed
     My Lemon"--1937).

"Moby Dick" -- Bobby Parker (music), Ginger Baker's "Toad" (drum
     solo).  The song was originally entitled "The Girl I Love," 
     which was written in 1929 by Sleepy John Estes and called
     "The Girl I Love, She Got Long Curly Hair."  There are also
     some drum lines lifted intact from George Suranovich's drum
     solo with Arthur Lee's Love's song "Doggone." Led Zeppelin's
     earler version of "The Girl I Love" is included on the _BBC Sessions_
     and bears several similarities to "Moby Dick."

"Whole Lotta Love" -- Willie Dixon's "You Need Love" (lyrics).
     Plant:  "Page's riff was Page's riff.  It was there before
     anything else.  I just thought, 'well, what am I going to
     sing?'  That was it, a nick.  Now happily paid for.  At the
     time, there was a lot of conversation about what to do.  It
     was decided that it was so far away in time (it was in fact
     7 years) and influence that...well, you only get caught when
     you're successful.  That's the game."  Willie Dixon sued
     Zeppelin (actually friends of his at the time) in 1985 when
     his daughter noticed the resemblance--though by this time,

     Zeppelin has sold the rights to their international catalog
     and knew _in advance_ of the suit, which was filed only
     _after_ the sale had been completed.

"Thank You" -- There is a striking chordal similarity to Traffic's
     "Dear Mr. Fantasy."  There is an intriguing rumor that Page
     is actually the guitarist on the Traffic song, though no
     one involved has confirmed this.

"Bring It On Home" -- Written by Willie Dixon, though the Sonny
     Boy Williamson II version is the one which this bears a
     similarity to.  The "Lemon Song" lawsuit also included
     language about this song.

"Traveling Riverside Blues" -- Johnny Winter's "Leavin' Blues"
     (music only), plus lyrical references to Robert Johnson,
     St. Louis Jimmy Oden, and Sleepy John Estes.

"Since I've Been Loving You" -- brief lyrical nod to Moby Grape's

"Bron-Y-Aur Stomp" -- intro lifted from "The Waggoner's Lad" by
     Bert Jansch.

"Gallows Pole" -- traditional, associated with Leadbelly.  Page
     says that his version was based on a cover of the song by
     Fred Gerlach.

"Hats Off To (Roy) Harper" -- traditional, Bukka White (song
     entitled "Shake 'Em On Down"), also covered by Joe Lee
     Williams and Blind Lemon Jefferson.

"Black Dog" -- the vocal arrangement is very similar to Fleetwood 
     Mac's "Oh Well."

"Rock And Roll" -- drawn from Little Richard's "Good Golly Miss
     Molly/Keep A Knockin'" (mostly the drum line).

"Stairway To Heaven" -- Possible (though unlikely) lift from
     "And She's Lonely" by The Chocolate Watch Band, which
     became the intro chords.  There's really no way of knowing
     for sure.  The solo chords are also similar to the chords
     of Dylan's (and Hendrix's) "All Along The Watchtower,"
     though the chord progression is hardly uncommon and any
     direct influence is also unlikely.  A more believable lift
     might be from Spirit's "Taurus," an instrumental from their
     _Time Circle_ album--the intro from "Stairway" is remarkably
     similar, and Page and Plant were certainly aware of the band.

"When The Levee Breaks" -- Memphis Minnie and Kansas Joe McCoy.

_Physical Graffiti_ -- The album cover is identical in concept
     and very similar in design to the cover of the Jose
     Feliciano album _Compartments_, including the pull-out
     card and the "hidden" photos.

"Custard Pie" -- Sleepy John Estes did a song entitled "Drop
     Down Daddy" in 1935, which seems to be the earliest source
     for this material.  Blind Boy Fuller recorded a song
     entitled "I Want Some Of Your Pie" in 1939.  Sonny Terry
     covered it with the title "Custard Pie Blues."  Big Joe
     Williams also covered it under the title "Drop Down Mama,"
     and his lyrics are pretty much identical to Plant's.  There
     is also some Bukka White material in the song.

"In My Time Of Dying" -- Traditional.  First recorded by Blind
     Willie Johnson as "Jesus Make Up My Dying Bed," which is
     more like the Zeppelin version than the well-known Bob
     Dylan cover.  Plant has cited Josh White's 1933 "Jesus
     Make Up My Dying Bed" as the source for Zeppelin's version.
     A much closer version appears on the self-titled album
     by the Canadian band Fear Itself, whose "In My Time OF
     Dying" is credited to Ellen McIlwaine, the band's lead
     singer and slide guitarist.  Besides many musical and
     length similarities, the Fear Itself version ends with
     the line, "My dying...cough."

"Boogie With Stu" -- Ritchie Valens.  Page:  "The jam [with Ian
     Stewart] turned into 'Boogie With Stu,' which was obviously
     a variation on 'Ooh My Head' by the late Ritchie Valens,
     which itself was actually a variation of Little Richard's
     'Ooh My Soul.'  What we tried to do was give Ritchie's mother
     credit, because we heard she never received any royalties
     from any of her son's hits, and Robert did lean on that lyric
     a bit.  So what happens?  They tried to sue us for all of the
     song!  We had to say 'bugger off.'"  The Valens song bears
     a strong similarity to Memphis Minnie's "I Called You This

"Nobody's Fault But Mine" -- Blind Willie Johnson (lyrics).
     Plant:  "First of all, it's public domain because he's been
     dead so long, and secondly it wasn't his song in the first
     place--nobody knows where it comes from."

"In The Evening" -- James Carr has a song called "In the Evening,
     When The Sun Goes Down."  The music is not similar.

"We're Gonna Groove" -- Ben E. King, James Bethea.

"Darlene" -- One line from Don McLean's "American Pie."

So is this theivery?  Yes, no and maybe. ;-)  They _did_ steal a
few things outright--like "Dazed And Confused" (stolen by the
Yardbirds, actually)--but anyone who understands the blues
tradition knows that this sort of "borrowing" goes on all the time.
Willie Dixon may have been more savvy about copyrights than his
counterparts, but he was no stranger to plagiarism himself.  Many
of the "songs" Dixon copyrighted could be considered public domain.
And in the end, most of Zeppelin's "lifts" were eventually paid for.

Besides, as was the case with "Traveling Riverside Blues," the 
Zeppelin version often bore little (if any) resemblance to the
original.  Page:  "...Robert was supposed to change the [lyrics],
and he didn't always do that--which is what brought on most of our
grief." [...] "So, anyway, if there is any plagiarism, just blame
Robert! (laughs)"
     19 - What's Zeppelin's best song/album?

This is a purely subjective opinion -- there's no right answer.

Albums -- _IV_ has sold the most copies, though it never hit #1
(it was behind Carole King's _Tapestry_).  Critics and fans
usually pick either _IV_ or _Physical Graffiti_ as the best,
though the album most often cited by musicians as being 
influential in their early development is _II_.  Plant's favorite 
is _Physical Graffiti_.

Songs -- "Stairway To Heaven" is one of the most-requested and
most-played rock songs of all time.  It was never released as a
single, so comparisons to "I Will Always Love You" (by Whitney
Houston--the biggest-selling single of all time) are not
applicable.  The band seems to feel that "Kashmir" captures their
essence better than any other song, though Page and Jones profess
abiding love for "Stairway To Heaven," and Page is particularly
proud of "Achilles Last Stand," which also tends to be a favorite
of Led Zeppelin fans.  Plant loathes "Stairway."
     20 - Is there any more unreleased material?

There are very few (if any) unreleased _studio_ Zeppelin songs, as 
most of the extras appeared on _Physical Graffiti_, _Coda_, and the
boxed sets.  There are quite a few jams and alternate takes floating 
around, however.  _Nirvana_ reported the existence of a few more
unreleased tracks, which had found their way to the band through a

In recent years Jimmy Page has hinted towards releasing a version of 
the fourth untitled album containing different versions of the songs.
It is not known if this will actually happen, in the meantime we can 
keep our fingers crossed.

As far as professionally-recorded live audio and video, most of 
this still resides in Page's vaults, though many of the soundboard 
bootlegs of the past few years were mastered from tapes stolen from
Page's house.  The 1977 tour in particular is known to be pretty
thoroughly recorded.  Page:  "We also have live tapes going back to
1970, that go all the way through Knebworth in 1979."

Some, if not all, of this material was released in May of 2003 on _How 
The West Was Won_ and _Led Zeppelin DVD._

As far as the possibility of any more live material being released, 
George Marino of Sterling Sound is quoted about Page's 
attitude toward releasing live material -- "Even if they were 
guaranteed to sell a million of a live thing, I don't think
he'd put it out if he didn't feel that the playing was good

Throught the years, Page has expressed some interest in releasing 
live material (audio and video), but Plant has killed the idea. Page:
"...but Robert has never been keen on doing it.  You can't very
well do it if someone is vetoing the bloody thing.  It's a lot of
work to go through all these tapes, and I'm not going to do it if
he's going to stop it."

However, the fate of one particular outtake _is_ known.  In his
essay for the boxed set, Cameron Crowe mentioned the "unreleased
'Swan Song,'" a solo guitar work in the same tuning as "Kashmir"
and "White Summer".  This surfaced in bootleg circles in the late 
1990's. According to Crowe in a recent Prodigy article,
this tune was incorporated into Page's live "White Summer"/"Black
Mountain Side"/"Kashmir" medley (bits of it can be heard as early
as 1970) and eventually resurfaced as part of a "work-in-progress" 
with Paul Rodgers on the American leg of the ARMS tour.  Later, it 
was fleshed out to become the core of the song "Midnight Moonlight" 
on the Firm's first album.
     21 - How does the band feel about bootlegs?

First of all, a few definitions--"bootlegs" are, in this case,
defined as live concert recordings, studio outtakes, radio
broadcasts, and similar material neither released nor sanctioned
by the band or its management.  They are not to be confused with
counterfeit copies of legitimate releases, which are uniformly
denounced and actively prosecuted by the law.

In the past, Peter Grant used to make surprise stops in record
stores to destroy any Zeppelin bootlegs he found.  He also
confiscated or destroyed any microphones and recording equipment
he found at concerts.  Since then, however, the band has mellowed
considerably on the subject.

Jimmy Page:  "_Coda_ was released, basically, because there was
so much bootleg stuff out.  We thought, 'Well, if there's that
much interest, then we may as well put the rest of our studio
stuff out.'"  One reason that Page cited for not releasing very much 
live material in the past was because "there are so many bootlegs 
around that people who are interested have probably made up their 
own compilation."  He also has said, in the past, on the possibility 
of more studio outtakes being released:  "Ah, no.  There's some great 
live stuff.  But there's also some great live bootlegs, ha ha.  Thank 
God they're there and thanks to the people who send me these things. 
I listen to them and go, 'My God, that was good.  I wish it had 
been recorded on the line.'"

However, around the time of the release of the DVD in May 2003, Page 
mentioned the possibility of releasing some alternate versions of songs
from the fourth untitled album.

Robert Plant has often been known to autograph bootlegs, and all
three members have from time to time requested copies of some of
the better known productions.  And a Page fan reports meeting
Page and giving him a copy of a 10-album Zeppelin bootleg set.
Page said, "Thanks," and continued walking on, as rock stars
usually do when fans hand them something.  But when he saw that
the gift was a bootleg, Page stopped, went back to the fan, and
said, "Thanks!  This is great!"

Page's opinion of boots has soured somewhat since the release of
_Outrider_, however, as his house was broken into during the
early recording stages. Among the items stolen were the demo
tapes for what was to be a 2-album release (rather than the 1
that came out as _Outrider_), numerous studio outtakes and live
soundboard recordings which have since flooded the market, and
the pro-shot Knebworth video from 8-11-79.  Page also confiscated
an armful of bootlegs in a Japanese store while on tour with
Coverdale/Page, however was also seen in late 2003 proudly 
checking out the various Zeppelin bootlegs, so what his current 
feelings are remain unknown.

Plant's opinion of live material in general seems to have soured
a bit as well, though whether or not he makes a distinction in the
case of bootlegs is not known.  Interestingly, he was spotted in a 
bootleg store in New York in the mid 1990's, searching for a copy 
of the Page/Plant/Bombay Symphony recordings.
     22 - Where do I get bootlegs?

This is a touchy subject, as the sale, distribution, and receipt
of bootlegs is illegal.  To protect the list from the (extremely
unlikely) possiblility of litigation, care must be taken to
seperate the illegal aspects of bootlegging from the (perfectly
legal) academic discussion of them.  Lists of traders will not
appear in this FAQL, nor should the specifics of trading appear
in the list.  Bootleg lists, actual trades, bids, and the like
should _not_ be posted.  Caution should be exercised for the
protection of both the list and the traders themselves.  Having
supplied the necessary disclaimers:

Small (non-chain) record stores that advertise "New-Old-Used"
records almost always carry bootleg albums and CDs, as well as
some out-of-print stuff.  _Goldmine_ and _Record Collector_
magazine can be scanned for sources, though _Goldmine_ no longer
allows small collectors to specifically advertise bootlegs.  CDR 
trading, the most popular form of collecting, is usually restricted 
to individuals rather than organizations or companies.  Though
beginning collectors often have no choice, many CDR traders frown
upon the "sale" of bootlegs--preferring "even" trades (sometimes 
with postage compensation) to buying and selling.

Most often, simply posting to the list and stating your desire to
find unreleased Zeppelin material will start the ball rolling.  If
you have bootlegs that you want to trade, then a post to that effect
is acceptable (while a detailed list may not be).

Note that the discussion of bootlegs is in no way illegal, and is
an important facet of the list's discussions.
     23 - Which bootlegs should I start with?

This is a very short list of the most popular collections/shows
culled from _A Celebration_ and ZOSO Magazine.  A more up-to-date
version is in preparation.  Apologies if your favorites were left 

The ZOSO Top Ten CDs:

Tour Over Europe '80 (Zurich), Moonlight/Dinosaur, Dallas '75,
Classics Off The Air I, II, & III, Blueberry Hill, Live In San
Francisco, Destroyer (Archive version), Stokes '73, Rotterdam
'80, Silver Coated Rails/Rock & Roll

Recommendations culled from a special ZOSO feature and _A

     LP's -- Bonzo's Birthday Party, Cologne 1980, Copenhagen
Warm-Ups--The 2nd Night, Feel All Right, Fillmore West 1969, V
1/2 (Highway or TMQ), For Badgeholders Only, Going To California,
How Many More Times, Knebworth (Stork), Live At The Budokan, Pb
(a/k/a Mudslide), No Quarter, Tangible Vandalism, Three Days
After, 214, 207.19, LA Forum--A Night At The Heartbreak Hotel,
Persistence, Live at the Chicago Stadium, Bonzo's Last Ever Gig
In Berlin, The Can, In The Light '69-'85, Something Else,
Hiawatha Express, The Making Of Friends, Studio Rehearsals May
1970, Inedits, Out Through The Back Door, The Last Rehearsal,
Listen To This Eddie, Strange Tales From The road, Alpha Omega,
White Summer, Live at the London Lyceum, Bath Festival 1970, My
Brain Hurts, Quantient, Bonzo's Birthday Party

     CDs -- (in addition to above list)--Something Else, Studio
Daze, Last Stand/ Final Touch, Jennings Farm Blues Tapes--2-1-69
Fillmore East, 4-7-70 Raleigh NC, 9-29-71 Festival Hall Osaka,
6-9-71 Charlotte NC, 6-19-72 Seattle, 6-25-72 The Forum LA, 10-4
& 10-9-72 Osaka, 5-5-73 Tampa, 5-13-73 Mobile AL, 5-14-73 New
Orleans, 5-19-73 Fort Worth, 7-6-73 Chicago, 7-21-73 Providence,
7-26-73 Buffalo, 2-12-75 MSG NY, 2-28-75 Louisiana State
University Baton Rouge, 3-5-75 Dallas, 3-10-75 San Diego, 3-24 &
3-25 & 3-27-75 LA Forum, 5-(17,18,23,24,25)-75 Earls Court,
6-7-77 MSG NY, 6-19-77 San Diego, 6-(21,25,27)-77 LA Forum,
7-23-77 Oakland, 8-11-79 Knebworth, 7-2 & 7-3-80 Mannheim

     Videos -- Danish TV 1969, 1-9-70 Royal Albert Hall, 1-21-75
Chicago, 2-8-75 Philadelphia, 3-75 Seattle, 3-24-75 LA Forum,
5-18-77 Birmingham, 7-23-77 Oakland, 7-11-79 Knebworth, 7-5-80

Note that there's duplication and overlap in the above lists.  A
few notes about formats--the quality of CD releases is only
occasionally better than other formats, but the permanence and
playback advantages of CDs have convinced many collectors to
concentrate on them.  The CDs are not always tracked well, though--
track markers are sometimes misplaced or missing altogether.  LPs
suffer from quality problems with repeated playback and
scratching, but have the advantage of better packaging. Tapes are
the cheapest option, and suffer the most from each playback/
copy--thus low generation tapes are prized by tape traders. Since
in recent years CD burners have become cheaper, Tape trading has
pretty much dwindled down to nothing, and CDR trading has 
become the standard
     24 - Are there any books on Led Zeppelin?

Many.  Few good ones, though.  The key resources are:

_Led Zeppelin_ -- Howard Mylett

_Led Zeppelin In The Light_ -- Howard Mylett and Richard Bunton

_Led Zeppelin From The Archives_ -- Howard Mylett

Photos, 56 pages.  Contact Howard Mylett, 151 Thornhill Rise,
Mile Oak, Portslade, Sussex, BN41 2YJ, England.  10 pounds

_Led Zeppelin:  The Definitive Biography_ -- Richie Yorke

_Led Zeppelin In Their Own Words_ -- Paul Kendall

_Led Zeppelin:  A Visual Documentary_ -- Paul Kendall

_Led Zeppelin Portraits_ -- Neal Preston -- This book is a
     must-have, as Preston was an "official" photographer and
     knew better than anyone how to capture Zeppelin's mystique.

_Led Zeppelin:  The Final Acclaim_ -- Dave Lewis

_Led Zeppelin:  The Book_ -- Chris Welch

_Stairway To Heaven_ -- Richard Cole -- Basically a rewrite of
     _Hammer Of The Gods_, with a few more personal stories and
     photos thrown in.  Less ridiculous speculation than Davis'
     book, though.  Page:  "There's a book written by our former
     road manager, Richard Cole that has made me completely ill.
     I'm so mad about it that I can't even bring myself to read
     the whole thing.  The two bits that I have read are so
     ridiculously false, that I'm sure if I read the rest I'd
     be able to sue Cole and the publishers.  But it would be
     so painful to read that it wouldn't be worth it.

_The Illustrated Collectors Guide To Led Zeppelin, 3rd edition
     -- Robert Godwin -- Another must-have, covers the legal and
     bootleg discographies on vinyl and CD, though the pace of
     new CD releases makes the latter section obsolete.  According
     to Hugh Jones of Proximity, however, Godwin is working on a
     4th edition that will cover all new CD releases (up to the
     printing date, that is), color photos, and the most
     comprehensive tour date listing yet.

_Led Zeppelin Live (An Illustrated Exploration Of Underground
     Tapes) (2nd edition)_ -- Luis Rey -- Features concert
     reviews, photos, and bootleg descriptions, along with the
     matching of concerts to specific bootlegs.  Susan
     Pickel-Hedrick and Base Hedrick (editors of the Page fanzine
     _Oh Jimmy_) also edited this book.  It is available from Hot
     Wacks Press, P.O. Box 544, Owen Sound, Ontario, Canada, N4K
     5R1, for $21.00 (US) postage paid.

_The Led Zeppelin Worldwide Collector's Guide Of Singles And
 Extended Plays_ -- Samuel Ketenjian -- picture sleeves, pictures
     of described memorabilia, singles, EPs, and complete country-
     by-country listings.  $5 per book (or $10 for a limited
     edition signed and numbered copy) + $3.50 postage ($5.00
     overseas) to Samuel Ketenjian, 16335 Calahan St., North Hills,
     CA  91343.  (818) 893-2079, fax (818) 893-1547.

_Led Zeppelin A Celebration_ -- Dave Lewis -- The principal
     resource for this FAQL.  Incredible.

_Led Zeppelin Heaven And Hell_ -- Charles Cross and Erik Flannigan,
     with Neal Preston -- another key resource for this FAQL.

_Jimmy Page:  Tangents Within A Framework_ -- Howard Mylett

_Live Dreams_ -- Laurance Ratner -- Possibly the best-produced Led
     Zeppelin work yet, a 200+ page coffee-table book with only
     4000 copies printed.  Wonderful color photos (some of the best
     out there), a specially-commissioned artwork on the cover,
     superior materials used for the paper and binding, and a
     forward by Dave Lewis.  Expensive, but worth it for the
     serious collector.  Larry is online, so you can contact him if
     you have questions.
                        Contact:  LRC Limited
                                              P.O. Box 10648
                                              Chicago, IL 60610-6048 
        This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

_The Complete Guide To The Music Of Led Zeppelin_ -- Dave Lewis
     Simply an excerpting of the song analysis in _A Celebration_,
     with some info on new songs, pictures, and downsized to fit
     in a standard CD rack.

..and, of course:

_Hammer Of The Gods_ -- Stephen Davis -- The band denounces it.
     It's mostly the whisperings of tour manager/perpetual addict 
     Richard Cole, whose own book is much more valuable for this
     type of insight.  Readers should know that Stephen Davis
     once claimed (quite seriously), in an interview for a Zeppelin
     fanzine, that Jimmy Page had put some sort of curse on him.
     Read at your own risk.
     25 - Are there any music books featuring Led Zeppelin?

There are _many_ third-party collection (mostly simplified tab
collections) of material from the first five albums, and for
the most part these are not listed here.

"Stairway To Heaven" -- Warner Brothers (piano, notation + tab,
tab, easy piano)
     This exists in all 4 formats--the notation + tab format is
     licensed by Warner Brothers to _Guitar For The Practicing
     Musician_, and the easy piano edition exists as a Warner
     Brothers production (though we've seen Dan Coates' version
     in the past).

_Led Zeppelin Complete_ --  Superhype/Warner Brothers (piano or 
piano + tab)
     Music from the first 5 albums.  This also exists in an
     Intermediate Guitar format.

_Led Zeppelin Complete Vol. 2_ --  Superhype/Flames Of Albion/
Warner Brothers (piano or piano + tab)

     Music from the last 4 studio albums.  This is not yet widely
     available, it seems.

_Led Zeppelin Guitar Superstar Series_ -- Warner Brothers (tab)
     Intermediate guitar transcriptions, from the first six albums.

_Led Zeppelin_ -- Warner Brothers (notation + tab)
     A 2-book companion to the 4CD set, features notation and 
     tablature for all instruments used on the boxed set tracks.  
     The transcription is excellent, though the lyrical 
     interpretations leave something to be desired.  Whether or
     not this process will be repeated for _Boxed Set 2_ is
     26 - Are there any magazines/fanzines about Led Zeppelin?

Note:  this section is provided for information only.  No
endorsement or guarantee of the services provided is intended.

Proximity -- The Led Zeppelin Collector's Journal
P.O. Box 45541
Seattle, WA  98145-0541

No longer published, but several back issues are available at

Tight But Loose 
14 Totnes Close 
Bedford, MK40 3AX


For subscription info, visit their web site at 
Founded by Dave Lewis, this was the premiere fanzine during Led 
Zeppelin's active years.  This publication has resurfaced, including:

     27 - Are there any Led Zeppelin fan clubs?

"Planet Zeppelin" is located at http://www.planet-zeppelin.com
and their web site has many features, including it's own chat forum.

This is the only such "fan club" that the author of this FAQL is aware of.
     28 - Where do I get Led Zeppelin collectibles (other than 

You can often find various collectibles for sale or auction on ebay 
(http://www.ebay.com) however this FAQL cannot guarentee the
legitimacy of any items found here.

Rick Barrett's "Merit Adventures" was once the ultimate place for 
all Led Zeppelin merchandice, however Rick closed down his 
business several years ago to focus on other interests. However, 
Rick still offers some merchandice for sale at:

And, of course, almost any music magazine has advertisements for
Zeppelin shirts, posters, keychains, etc.  _Goldmine_ magazine
is a source for hard-to-find collectibles.
     29 - Where can I get online lyrics, tabulature, GIFs, etc.?

***(Note:  Info is not guaranteed, and sources remain incomplete
           and unverified)***

Bootlegs/ Tour dates -- Duncan Watson compiled an excellent 
database of bootlegs, tour dates and other pertinant information 
that can be found at http://www.inthelight.co.nz/lzboot.htm

Trivia -- The "Infrequently Murmured Trivia List" by Stephen 
Wheeler, and maintained currently by Bruce "the Buckeye" 
Deerhake, can be found at 

Lyrics --  all "official" lyrical publications range from bad to
awful.  This includes the boxed set folio, which has incorrect and/or
missing lyrics throughout.  The _best_ sources of lyrics thus far are 
located in various places on the internet, the best places being sites 
such as "Achilles Last Stand" (http://www.led-zeppelin.org/) or 
"Electric Magic" (http://www.led-zeppelin.com/)

Tabs -- the boxed set folio has excellent tablature (and standard
notation) for vocals, all guitars, bass, drums and percussion,
keyboards, and all other instruments.  There are also online sources
(see below).  Also see the above section on music books.

GIFs/JPGs -- Can be found on numerous Zeppelin sites, some of
which are listed below

Fonts -- The _HOTH_ font, with the "four symbols," is available
as a TrueType Font for Windows and Macintosh computers at:


The most comprehensive list of Zeppelin related links is Buckeye's 
Led Zeppelin page, located at:


There you can find links to just about anything you would ever want
relating to Led Zeppelin

     30 - What did the members of Led Zeppelin do after the band
       broke up?

(For more complete information, consult the discography sections.)

Jones recorded the soundtrack for _Scream For Help_, with the
assistance of Page and Yes' Jon Anderson.  He produced albums
by Mission UK, John Renbourn, Stefan Grossman, and his daughter
(Jacinda Jones), as well as a group he referred to as "industrial
flamenco":  La Sura Dels Baus.  He did string arrangements for 
Cinderella's _Heartbreak Station_, Raging Slab's _Dynamite Monster 
Boogie Concert_, and REM's _Automatic For The People_, guested on 
a Brian Eno album, and appeared on Peter Gabriel's _Us_ playing 
surdu, bass, and keyboards.  He appeared in Paul McCartney's movie 
and soundtrack for _Give My Regards To Broadstreet_.  He appeared 
on stage with Plant once (in December 1983), during the _Principle 
Of Moments_ tour.  He composed for and performed with the early 
music ensemble Red Byrd.  He appeared on and assisted with Ben E. 
King's reunion tour and album.  He professes his interests to be 
in keyboards and dance music, rather than rock.  Also, 
he produced and played some bass on the Butthole Surfers 
album, _Independent Worm Saloon_.   He also made a
surprise appearance as Lenny Kravitz's bassist at the 1993 MTV
Video Music Awards.  Other projects include production and
performance for a live Heart album, production for a new Michael
Penn album, and performance and production for his album with
Diamanda Galas entitled _The Sporting Life_.  He has also released
two solo albums, "Zooma" and "The Thundertheif," both of which 
were followed with a tour. He is married and has three children.

Plant released 7 solo albums -- _Pictures At Eleven_, _The
Principle Of Moments_, _Shaken 'N' Stirred_, _Now & Zen_, _Manic
Nirvana_,  _Fate of Nations_, and most recently _Dreamland_.  He 
was the vocalist for the Honeydrippers' only album, which also 
featured Jimmy Page on "Sea Of Love" and "I Get A Thrill."  He 
appeared on the _Porky's_, _White Nights_, and _Wayne's World 
II_ soundtracks, and also on an album of Elvis covers.  He contributed 
vocals for the song "The Only One" on Page's _Outrider_.  He did a 
Coke commercial structured around the song "Tall Cool One."  He had 
a relationship with Canadian singer Alannah Myles.  He appeared on 
_Adios Amigo_, a tribute album for R&B songwriter Arthur Alexander.  
He released  two albums with Jimmy Page, the first _No Quarter_ came 
from a live special aired on MTV, and the second, _Walking Into 
Clarksdale_ was a studio album of all new material. Most recently, he 
released a compilation of his solo material, including music from both 
before and after Led Zeppelin, entitled _66 to Timbuktu_.  He is currently 
divorced, and has 2 children (Carmen and Logan) from a previous
marriage, as well as (according to VOX magazine) a child from
another relationship.  His first son, Karac, is deceased, and his
daughter Carmen is married to his current bassist, Charlie Jones.

Page composed and recorded the soundtrack to the film _Death Wish
2_.  He jammed extensively, with (among others) Jeff Beck, Yes,
Foreigner, Bon Jovi, Aerosmith, Poison, Eric Clapton, Ian Stewart, 
Roy Harper, Alexis Korner, Robert Plant, The Beach Boys, Jaco 
Pastorius, Solid Ground, Mason Ruffner, and even Harry Connick, Jr.
He appeared on albums by Willie and The Poor Boys, Stephen Stills, 
and Box Of Frogs (an ex-Yardbirds reunion).  He teamed up with Paul 
Rodgers of Bad Company, Tony Franklin from Roy Harper's band (last 
seen with Blue Murder) and Chris Slade of Manfred Mann (formerly with
AC/DC) to create The Firm, which released 2 albums--_The Firm_ and 
_Mean Business_.  He participated in the British and American 
versions of the ARMS tour (to benefit MS) with Eric Clapton, Jeff 
Beck, Steve Winwood, Bill Wyman, Charlie Watts, Kenny Jones, Simon
Phillips, and other British rock stars.  He guested on two tracks
from Plant's _Now & Zen_ album, "Heaven Knows" and "Tall Cool One."
He released a solo album entitled _Outrider_ with Jason Bonham on
drums and featuring Plant's vocals on one track--"The Only One."
He released an album with David Coverdale (of Deep Purple and
Whitesnake) entitled _Coverdale/Page_.  He also did a tour with the 
Black Crowes, which was cancelled after he had back problems.  He 
is married to a Brazilian woman named Jimena, and together they 
run a charity for Brazilian Children, the ABC Trust. He has two 
children--James and Scarlet, both from previous relationships.

Bonham, surprisingly enough, made it past the grave as the
sampling source for the drum track of Frankie Goes To Hollywood's
hit "Relax," and has been extensively sampled for rap beat
compilations.  He can be heard (in sampled form) on Power Station
and early Beastie Boys albums, among others.

Peter Grant passed away on November 21, 1995. Before his death, he
was last reported to be working on the much-lamented 
Malcom McLaren biopic about Robert Plant (starring Jason Donovan),
and also working on a film about his own life (according to an
interview reprinted in _ZOSO_ magazine).  The two projects may be
related, and will likely not be finished.
     31 - Is Led Zeppelin getting back together?

No.  But Jimmy Page and Robert Plant have worked together.  See
part three of the FAQL for more information--this section will
merely provide a history of the event. Currently Robert Plant is
touring with his band "Strange Sensation." 

The late 90's started with a report in the Boston _Globe_
(echoed in other markets) that Page and Plant were doing an
episode of MTV's _Unplugged_.  These rumors were supported when
Page and Plant were sighted together in Boston, and again in New
York, in late November (before Page left for Japan to fulfill his
Coverdale/Page touring obligations).

The next wave of reports was initiated when Page and Plant held
rehearsals and writing sessions in a studio at King's Crossing,
and again in Morocco.  Some of this was used for the MTV 
_Unledded_ special and on the companion album, _No Quarter_ 
along with the _Unledded_ video.

The first tangible evidence appeared when Page, Plant, Charlie
Jones, and Michael Lee performed 17 April 1994 at the Alexis Korner
Blues Show in Buxton, England.  The set list:

Baby Please Don't Go, I Can't Quit You Baby, I've Been Down So Long,
That's Why I Love You, Train Kept A Rollin'

All were in fine form, and CD bootlegs of the show exist.

Following an extensive tour in 1995, the due released "Walking 
into Clarksdale" in 1998 and toured extensively again before 
parting ways once again.

This is, of course, not the first "reunion."

A brief history:

XYZ -- a project combining elements of Yes and Zeppelin.  Chris
Squire reports that he has tapes of songs that he, Alan White,
Page, and possibly Jones (though no one has mentioned him) were
involved in.  The project crashed for lack of a vocalist --
namely, Plant -- and because of thinly veiled threats from
various management interests.  The name, in case someone hasn't
figured it out, stands for "eX-Yes-and-Zeppelin".

Live Aid -- On 13 July 1985, the 3 living members of Zeppelin,
along with Paul Martinez (from Plant's band) on bass, Tony
Thompson (of Chic) on drums, and Phil Collins (who had to fly
over after his performance at Wembley) on drums, appeared at the
Live Aid festival at JFK Stadium in Philadelphia. They performed
"Rock And Roll," "Whole Lotta Love," and "Stairway To Heaven."
Plant was hoarse from 4 consecutive nights of singing and a
morning rehearsal, Page's guitar was out of tune, Collins and
Thompson were lost much of the time, and Bill Graham, who was
promoting, was pointing at his watch all through "STH" because
Zeppelin was taking more than their allotted time.  Ten days
later, Page joined Plant on his solo tour for a few encores.

Reunion #1 -- In January of 1986, Zeppelin and Tony Thompson met
in secret in a village hall near Peter Gabriel's Bath studios.
Plant handled bass chores while Jones played keyboards.  They
worked through "..two or three things that were quite promising,
a sort of cross between David Byrne and Husker Du." (Plant)  But 
it was not to be--Plant was not used to having to deal with Page's
eccentricities (Page reportedly changed the batteries in his 
wah-wah pedal after every other song), and Tony Thompson was
injured in a car accident.  Plant walked out and the reunion

Hammersmith Odeon -- 17 April 1988, Page joins Plant's tour for a
blistering encore featuring "Trampled Underfoot," "Gambler's
Blues/I Can't Quit You Baby/Since I've Been Loving You," "Misty
Mountain Hop," and "Rock And Roll."

Atlantic 40th -- 14 May 1988 -- A 12-hour tribute concert for
Atlantic Records, which came to a climax with Zeppelin's
performance (Jason Bonham on drums).  Jason played well, but the 
night is generally considered a disaster.  The rehearsal was 
(reportedly) brilliant.  The evening arrived with the band better-
rehearsed than they had been at Live Aid; but the concert ran late, 
upsetting Page's always fragile nerves--which caused him to drink 
a bit more than he should have.  Not to be outdone, Plant had 
suddenly decided that he didn't want to sing "Stairway."  He refused
to change his mind until the band was literally standing onstage.
The sound feed for the TV broadcast completely lost the keyboards,
which made "Kashmir" sound rather thin.  Plant was bumped by a fan 
during the same song, forgot the lyrics to one verse and later on
forgot the words to "Stairway."  Page's solos were somewhat of a 
disaster, though he did redeem himself a bit at the end of his
"Stairway" solo.  The set list was:  "Kashmir," "Heartbreaker/Whole 
Lotta Love" (the Knebworth '79 arrangement), "Misty Mountain Hop," 
and "Stairway To Heaven."

Carmen Plant's Birthday -- The band played at Carmen Plant's 21st
birthday Party, once again with Jason on drums.  Set list was
"Trampled Underfoot," "Misty Mountain Hop," and "Rock And Roll."
November 1989.

Jason's Wedding -- The band also reformed for Jason Bonham's
wedding, playing "Bring It On Home, "Rock And Roll," "Sick
Again," "Custard Pie," and Jerry Lee Lewis' "It'll Be Me."  Both
this and the previous performance were said to be outstanding.
28 April 1990.

Knebworth '90 -- Page joined Plant's band (despite rumours and
even the official promotion announcing Led Zeppelin's presence,
Jones was nowhere to be found) for "Misty Mountain Hop," the
first-ever Page-led performance of "Wearing And Tearing," and
"Rock And Roll."  Page had stood on the sidelines earlier as
Plant's band covered "Immigrant Song" and "Going To California."

Reunion #2 -- The following January, the members of Zeppelin met
with Peter Grant to discuss a reunion tour.  Lighting and sound
companies were contacted, and stadiums were quietly reserved.  
After badgering Plant in public and private about the reunion, 
Page thought he had finally convinced him to go along with it.
Both Page and Jones had expressed varying degrees of enthusiasm 
for the idea.  But Plant, after agreeing to the tour and breaking
for lunch, came back one hour later and said no.  This angered
Page immensely, and given Plant's rather critical attitude towards
Zeppelin in the press, he allowed his displeasure to be known:

"...Robert certainly wasn't doing anything...and there was a
great feeling in the camp that we would probably be getting back
together again in some shape or form -- some capacity -- whether
it be a tour or what.  But, I mean, as you can tell at this point
it just didn't happen...[softly] it just didn't happen, so....  I
think it's pretty safe to assume that if it didn't happen then...
then...you know, it's...well, it's pretty dim any...any chance of
it happening in the future.  Everyone...I mean, as far as Jonesy
and I were concerned, we were really keen to see it begin...get
something going.  But, you know, Robert just wasn't...[softly]
wasn't interested.  Well, at the time...I mean, I'll leave this
for everybody's speculation:  that he thought it would harm his
solo career.  That's...that's what he said, which is rather
peculiar, but...but that's his reason."

Relations between the two were sometimes amicable, sometimes dicey:

Plant:  "...I do find Jimmy's constant sort of complaining about
the lack of Led Zeppelin in the major sort of festival auditoriums
in the country a bit boring."

Page:  "Someone should just tell Robert to keep his mouth shut."

Page, Plant, and Jones made numerous appearances together in 2003
to promote _How the West Was Won_ and the Led Zeppelin _DVD_ 
however they never performed during this period.

     32 - Upcoming releases from the members of Led Zeppelin.

Led Zeppelin
Currently as of this writing (February 2004) nothing is planned.

     33 - Upcoming tour dates and appearances.

As of this writing (February 1994) nothing is planned yet. This will 
be updated if this changes.

     34- What solo recordings have the members of Led Zeppelin released?
                                                          RELEASE     CHART PEAK
ARTIST                TITLE                                DATE          US UK
------                -----                                -------        -- --
Jimmy Page        "DEATH WISH 2" (Original Soundtrack)     2/15/82      50 40
Robert Plant       PICTURES AT ELEVEN                      6/28/82       5  2
Robert Plant       THE PRINCIPLE OF MOMENTS                6/11/83       8  7
Honeydrippers      THE HONEYDRIPPERS VOLUME ONE              10/84       4 56
The Firm           THE FIRM                                2/11/85      17 15
Roy Harper &       WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JUGULA...           3/4/85      ?? 44
  Jimmy Page
John Paul Jones    MUSIC FROM THE FILM "SCREAM FOR HELP"   3/22/85      -- --
Robert Plant       SHAKEN AND STIRRED                      5/20/85      20 19
The Firm           MEAN BUSINESS                           3/24/86      22 46
Jimmy Page        "KENNETH ANGER'S LUCIFER RISING"          1/9/87    Withdrawn
Robert Plant       NOW AND ZEN                             2/29/88       6 10
Jimmy Page         OUTRIDER                                6/20/88      26 27
Robert Plant       MANIC NIRVANA                           3/19/90      13 15
Coverdale/Page     COVERDALE/PAGE                          3/16/93       5 ??
Robert Plant       FATE OF NATIONS                         5/17/93      34  6
Diamanda Galás     THE SPORTING LIFE                        9/6/94      -- --
  & John Paul Jones
Page & Plant       NO QUARTER: JIMMY PAGE &                11/8/94       4  7
                    ROBERT PLANT UNLEDDED
Page & Plant       WALKING INTO CLARKSDALE                 4/21/98       8  3
John Paul Jones    ZOOMA                                   9/13/99      -- --
Jimmy Page &       LIVE AT THE GREEK                     2/29/2000      ?? ??
  The Black Crowes
John Paul Jones    THE THUNDERTHIEF                       2/5/2002      -- --
Robert Plant       DREAMLAND                             7/16/2002      40 20
Robert Plant       SIXTY SIX TO TIMBUKTU [2-CDs]           11/2003

     35- What albums have Jimmy Page and Robert Plant released together?

  Nobody's Fault But Mine^; Thank You*; No Quarter^; Friends*; Yallah#;
  City Don't Cry#; Since I've Been Loving You*; Battle Of Evermore*;
  Wonderful One*; Wah Wah# [non-US pressings only]; That's The Way*;
  Gallows Pole*; Four Sticks*; Kashmir*

  (Jimmy Page- acoustic and electric guitars, TransPerformance guitar,
  mandolin, echoplex; Robert Plant- vocals; Charlie Jones- bass, percussion;
  Michael Lee- drums, percussion; Ed Shearmur- organ, orchestral 
  arrangements; Porl Thompson- banjo, guitar; Nigel Eaton- hurdy gurdy; 
  Jim Sutherland- mandolin, bodbran; Najma Akhtar- co-lead vocals on 
  "Battle Of Evermore"; produced by Jimmy Page and Robert Plant)

  The album also features (on various tracks) an "Egyptian Ensemble"
  (directed by Hossam Ramzy) and the London Metropolitan Orchestra.

  Songs are taken from three sources: *live performances at LWT Studios,
  London (8/25-26/94); ^Snowdonia, Wales (8/16-17/94); #Marrakesh, Morocco
  (8/8-10/94).  Released on CD, cassette, and vinyl.

  US: Atlantic 82706; UK: Fontana 526 362
"WALKING INTO CLARKSDALE" (Atlantic/Mercury, April 1998)
  Shining In The Light*; When The World Was Young; Upon A Golden Horse;
  Blue Train; Please Read The Letter; Most High#; Heart In Your Hand; 
  Walking Into Clarksdale; Burning Up; When I Was A Child; House Of Love;
  Sons Of Freedom

  (Jimmy Page- guitars, Mellotron*; Robert Plant- vocals; Charlie Jones-
  bass; Michael Lee- drums; Tim Whelan#- 'Oriental Keyboard'; produced by
  Jimmy Page and Robert Plant; recorded and mixed by Steve Albini)

  Japanese pressings include the bonus track "Whiskey From The Glass".
  The album was recorded at London's Abbey Road studios over a period of
  35 days between September and December, 1997.  Although the album was
  recorded with noted producer Steve Albini, he is officially credited
  only for "recording" and "mixing".  Released on CD, cassette, and vinyl.

  US: Atlantic 83092; UK: Mercury 558 301; Japan: Mercury PHCR-1591


"When The Levee Breaks" - recorded c. 8/16-17/94 in Snowdonia, Wales; 
  available on the "No Quarter" home video/laserdisc and also released on
  the "Wonderful One" CD single
"The Rain Song" - from the 8/94 London concerts; available on the "No
  Quarter" home video/laserdisc and also released on the "Gallows Pole"
  CD single (Part 1)
"What Is And What Should Never Be" - from the 8/94 London concerts;
  available on the "No Quarter" home video/laserdisc and also released on
  the "Gallows Pole" CD single (Part 2) and the "Wonderful One" CD single
"Wonderful One" - a different version of the song was released on the
  "No Quarter" home video/laserdisc; from the 8/94 London concerts
"Lullaby" - Cover of a Cure song, performed live in 1995; it was co-written
  by Porl Thompson (former Cure guitarist who toured with Page/Plant in '95)
"Rude World" - recorded in 1996/97 for the Rainer Ptácek tribute album
"The Window" - 1997 outtake; released on the "Most High" CD single
"Whiskey From The Glass" - bonus track on Japan "WALKING INTO CLARKSDALE" CD
"How Many More Times" (live), "No Quarter"(live) & "Walking Into Clarksdale"
  (live) - live tracks from the 3/25/98 concert at London's Shepherds Bush
  Empire, which were released on the "Shining In The Light" CD singles
"Gonna Shoot You Right Down (Boom Boom)" - from the Jimmy Rogers tribute CD
"My Bucket's Got A Hole In It" - recorded in the summer of 2000 for a Sun
  Records tribute CD (Sonny Burgess had recorded the song for Sun in 1957)



"THE INNER FLAME" (US: Atlantic 83008, July 1997) - "Rude World"
  This is a tribute/benefit CD for Arizona guitarist Rainer Ptácek, who had
  recorded with Plant in 1993.  Ptácek was diagnosed with a brain tumor in
  1996; he died four months after the album was released.  The album also
  contains "21 Years", one of the Plant/Ptácek collaborations from 1993.
"BLUES BLUES BLUES" (US: Atlantic 83148, January 1999)
  "Gonna Shoot You Right Down (Boom Boom)"
  A tribute to Jimmy Rogers, the last surviving member of Muddy Waters'
  band; Rogers died while this CD was still in production.  This song --
  a variation of John Lee Hooker's "Boom Boom" -- had been recorded by
  Rogers and Eric Clapton (and other musicians) in 1997; Page and Plant
  overdubbed their parts at a session in June 1998.
  "My Bucket's Got A Hole In It"
"BANDITS" (Soundtrack) (US: Sony 86180, October 2001) - "Gallows Pole"

     36- What albums has Robert Plant released?


"You'd Better Run"/ "Everybody's Gonna Say" (credited to "Listen")
  (UK: CBS 202456; US: Columbia 4-43967, October 1966)
"Our Song"/ "Laughin' Cryin' Laughin'" (UK: CBS 202656, March 1967)
"Long Time Coming"/ "I've Got A Secret" (UK: CBS 2858, July 1967)

  Plant's debut single was a Rascals cover, credited to "Listen" (one of
  the many groups Plant sang with during this period); the final single
  features John Bonham on drums.

"Hey Joe"
"For What It's Worth"
"Adriatic Sea View" (aka "Gotta Find My Baby")
  The above 3 tracks were demoed by The Band Of Joy (featuring Plant and
  Bonham) at London's Regent Sound Studios in early 1968.  "Adriatic Sea
  View" was officially released in 1989 on a fundraising cassette titled
  "IN THE FOREST" (proceeds went to Kidderminster College; one of its
  lecturers is Kevyn Gammond, the Band Of Joy's guitarist).  The other two
  tracks were officially released in 2003 on "SIXTY SIX TO TIMBUKTU".

"Steal Away"
  Recorded with Alexis Korner in June (or September) 1968; "Operator" was
  released on Korner's 1971 album "BOOTLEG HIM!", while "Steal Away" (an
  obvious influence on "How Many More Times") surfaced on Korner's 1996 CD
  "ON THE MOVE"; both songs are available on the 2-CD Alexis Korner
  compilation "MUSICALLY RICH...AND FAMOUS".



"PICTURES AT ELEVEN" (Swan Song, June 1982)
  Burning Down One Side; Moonlight In Samosa; Pledge Pin; Slow Dancer*;
  Worse Than Detroit; Fat Lip; Like I've Never Been Gone*; Mystery Title

  (Robert Plant- vocals; Robbie Blunt- guitars; Jezz Woodroffe- keyboards;
  Paul Martinez- bass; Phil Collins- drums [except *]; Cozy Powell- drums*;
  produced by Robert Plant)

  US: Swan Song SS 8512; UK: Swan Song SSK 59418
"THE PRINCIPLE OF MOMENTS" (Es Paranza, June 1983)
  Other Arms; In The Mood; Messin' With The Mekon; Wreckless Love*; Thru
  With The Two Step; Horizontal Departure; Stranger Here.....than over
  there*; Big Log

  (Robert Plant- vocals; Robbie Blunt- guitars; Jezz Woodroffe- keyboards;
  Paul Martinez- bass; Phil Collins- drums [except *]; Barriemore Barlow-
  drums*; produced by Robert Plant, Benji LeFeure and Pat Moran)

  US: Es Paranza 79-1011; UK: Es Paranza 79 0101 1
The Honeydrippers: "THE HONEYDRIPPERS VOL. ONE" (mini-LP)(Es Paranza,10/84)
  I Get A Thrill#; Sea Of Love#; I Got A Woman*; Young Boy Blues*;
  Rockin' At Midnight*

  (Robert Plant- vocals; Paul Shaffer- keyboards; Nile Rodgers- guitar?,
  bass?; Dave Weckl- drums; Jeff Beck- guitar*; Jimmy Page- guitar 
  solos#; produced by Nugetre and the Fabulous Brill Brothers)

  The project was recorded in a single afternoon at New York's Atlantic
  Studios (March 1984); Page overdubbed his parts during a later session;
  "Nugetre" is Atlantic founder Ahmet Ertegun's name spelled backwards

  US: Es Paranza 90220; UK: Es Paranza 79 0220 1
"SHAKEN AND STIRRED" (Es Paranza, May 1985)
  Hip To Hoo; Kallalou Kallalou; Too Loud; Trouble Your Money; Pink And
  Black; Little By Little; Doo Doo A Do Do; Easily Lead; Sixes And Sevens

  (Robert Plant- vocals; Robbie Blunt- guitars; Jezz Woodroffe- keyboards;
  Paul Martinez- bass, guitar; Ritchie Hayward- drums; Toni Halliday-
  backing vocals; produced by Robert Plant, Benji Lefeure, and Tim Palmer)

  US: Es Paranza 90265; UK: Es Paranza 790 265 1
"NOW AND ZEN" (Es Paranza, February 1988)
  Heaven Knows*; Dance On My Own; Tall Cool One*; The Way I Feel; Helen Of
  Troy; Billy's Revenge; Ship Of Fools; Why; White Clean And Neat; Walking
  Towards Paradise

  (Robert Plant- vocals; Doug Boyle- guitar; Phil Johnstone- keyboards;
  Phil Scragg- bass; Chris Blackwell- drums; Jimmy Page- guitar solos*;
  Marie Pierre, Kirsty MacColl & Toni Halliday- backing vocals; produced by
  Tim Palmer, Robert Plant and Phil Johnstone)

  "Tall Cool One" features samples of various Led Zeppelin songs.  
  Page overdubbed his guitar solos during a later session.

  US: Es Paranza 90863; UK: Es Paranza WX 149
"MANIC NIRVANA" (Es Paranza, March 1990)
  Hurting Kind (I've Got My Eyes On You); Big Love; SSS & Q; I Cried; She
  Said; Nirvana; Tie Dye On The Highway; Your Ma Said You Cried In Your
  Sleep Last Night; Anniversary; Liar's Dance; Watching You

  (Robert Plant- vocals; Doug Boyle- guitars; Phil Johnstone- keyboards,
  some guitars; Charlie Jones- bass; Chris Blackwell- drums, some guitars;
  Laila Cohen & Caroline Harding- backing vocals; produced by Robert Plant
  and Phil Johnstone)

  US: Es Paranza 7 91336; UK: Es Paranza WX 339
  Also released as a limited edition CD or vinyl boxed set (Es Paranza
  91361), which came with a red satin banner and exclusive photos
"FATE OF NATIONS" (Es Paranza/Mercury, May 1993)
  1. Calling To You                7. If I Were A Carpenter
  2. Down To The Sea                8. Colours Of A Shade [non-US editions only] 
  3. Come Into My Life                9. Promised Land
  4. I Believe                        10. The Greatest Gift
  5. 29 Palms                        11. Great Spirit
  6. Memory Song (Hello Hello)        12. Network News

  (Robert Plant- vocals, guitar [9]; Kevin Scott MacMichael- guitars; 
  Charlie Jones- bass; Phil Johnstone- keyboards [3,4,9-12]; Chris Hughes-
  drums [2,5,7,9,10,12], Aeolian [8]; Pete Thompson- drums [1,3,10,11];
  Michael Lee- drums [6,12]; Francis Dunnery- guitar [1,3,9]; Oliver J.
  Woods- guitar [2,6]; produced by Chris Hughes and Robert Plant)

  Also: Nigel Kennedy- violin [1]; Richard Thompson- guitar [3]; Maire
  Brennan- backing vocals [3]; Nigel Eaton- hurdy gurdy [3,4]; Julian Talor
  & Steve French- backing vocals [4]; Phillip Andrews- keyboards [6]; Lynton
  Naiff- string arrangements [7,10] Maartin Allcock- mandolin [7], guitars/
  bass/mandolin/Aeolian pipes [8]; John Flynn- backing vocals [10]; Navazish
  Ali Khan, Gurdev Singh & Sursit Singh- violin, dilruba/sarod & sarangi[12]

  US: Es Paranza 92264; UK: Mercury 514 867
"DREAMLAND" (Universal/Mercury, July 2002)
  Funny In My Mind (I Believe I'm Fixin' To Die); Morning Dew; 
  One More Cup Of Coffee; Last Time I Saw Her; Song To The Siren*; 
  Win My Train Fare Home; Darkness, Darkness; Red Dress; Hey Joe; 
  Skip's Song; Dirt In A Hole [non-US editions only]

  (Robert Plant- vocals; Porl Thompson- guitar; Justin Adams- guitar;
  Charlie Jones- bass; John Baggott- keyboards; Clive Deamer- drums; 
  Raj Das, Ginny Clee & May Clee Cadman- backing vocals;
  B.J. Cole- pedal steel guitar*; produced by Robert Plant & Phil Brown)

  A mix of originals and '60s covers.  Reportedly, the album's working
  title was "Head First".  Initial copies sold by the Virgin Megastores
  chain came with a Robert Plant interview CD

  US: Universal 586962; UK: Mercury 586963; Europe: Mercury 634652 
  (limited edition 2-CD set with bonus "Song To The Siren" E.P.)

"SIXTY SIX TO TIMBUKTU" (2-CDs) (Atlantic/Mercury, November 2003)
  DISC 1: Tie Die On The Highway; Upside Down*; Promised Land; Tall Cool
  One; Dirt In A Hole; Calling To You; 29 Palms; If I Were A Carpenter; Sea
  Of Love; Darkness, Darkness [long radio edit]; Big Log; Ship Of Fools; 
  I Believe* [alternate version]; Little By Little; Heaven Knows; Song To
  The Siren [edit]

  DISC 2: You'd Better Run; Our Song; Hey Joe; For What It's Worth;
  Operator; Road To The Sun*; Philadelphia Baby; Red For Danger*; Let's Have
  A Party; Hey Jayne; Louie Louie; Naked If I Want To; 21 Years; If It's
  Really Got To Be This Way; Rude World; Little Hands; Life Begin Again; Let
  The Boogie Woogie Roll; Win My Train Fare Home (If I Ever Get Lucky)[live]

  Career retrospective, spanning his debut single in 1966 through his 2003
  live appearance in Timbuktu, with 4 previously-unreleased tracks*;
  limited-edition versions include promo videos for "Calling To You" and
  "Darkness, Darkness"

  US: Atlantic 7567-83626-2; UK: Mercury 981321



"Little Sister" - this is an Elvis cover, recorded live with Rockpile at
  the December 1979 benefit concert which resulted in the album "CONCERTS
"Far Post" - outtake from "PICTURES AT ELEVEN"; released on the "Burning
  Down One Side" 12-inch single (UK), and as the B-side of "Big Log" (US);
  also released on the "WHITE NIGHTS" Soundtrack (1985)
"Road To The Sun" - outtake from 1983, included on "SIXTY SIX TO TIMBUKTU"
"Philadelphia Baby" - a Charlie Rich cover, from the "PORKY'S REVENGE"
  Soundtrack (March 1985); although credited to 'The Crawling Kingsnakes'
  (the name of one of Plant's pre-Zeppelin groups), the song was actually
  recorded in July 1983 by an ad-hoc outfit featuring Plant, Dave Edmunds
  (guitar), Phil Collins (drums) and Paul Martinez (bass)
"Upside Down" - outtake from "NOW AND ZEN", included on "SIXTY SIX TO
"Red For Danger" - recorded c. 1988, featuring Robin George on guitar;
  included on "SIXTY SIX TO TIMBUKTU"
"Dimples" - a John Lee Hooker cover, recorded live in 1988 and released on
  the "Ship Of Fools" CD single (UK)
"One Love" - outtake from "MANIC NIRVANA"; released on the "Hurting Kind"
  and "Your Ma Said You Cried" 12-inch & CD singles (UK)
"Oompah (Watery Bint)" - outtake from "MANIC NIRVANA"; released on the
  "Hurting Kind" 12-inch and CD singles
"Don't Look Back" - outtake from "MANIC NIRVANA"; released on the
  "Hurting Kind" CD single (UK); the song was written by Billy Vera and
  had been recorded by the US garage band Barry & The Remains in 1966
"Let's Have A Party" - an Elvis cover (often performed live by Led
  Zeppelin), released on "THE LAST TEMPTATION OF ELVIS" tribute CD (1990)
"Girl From The North Country" - a traditional tune associated with Bob
  Dylan; recorded live with Fairport Convention at the 1992 Cropredey
  Festival, and released on "FAIRPORT CONVENTION 25TH ANNIVERSARY" (1993)
"Hey Jayne" - outtake from "FATE OF NATIONS"; released on the "I Believe"
  CD single (UK)
"8.05" and "Naked If I Want To" - two brief Moby Grape covers recorded
  in 1993 and released on the "Calling To You" CD singles (UK)
"21 Years," "Dark Moon," "Great Spirit (Acoustic Version)" and 
  "Whole Lotta Love (Acoustic Version)" -
  These 4 tracks were recorded with Rainer Ptácek in 1993 and released on
  various singles/EPs; the songs feature Plant on vocals and Ptácek on
  acoustic dobro guitar
"Louie, Louie" - released on the "WAYNE'S WORLD 2" Soundtrack (1993)
"If It's Really Got To Be This Way" - recorded for the Arthur Alexander
  tribute album, "ADIOS AMIGO" (1994)
"Down By The Seaside" - a semi-duet with Tori Amos, featuring Plant on
  vocals and guitar; recorded for the ill-conceived Led Zeppelin tribute
  album, "ENCOMIUM" (1995)
"Little Hands" - recorded for a Skip Spence tribute album titled "MORE OAR"
  (1999); Spence, a former member of Moby Grape and a longtime schizophrenia
  sufferer, died of complications relating to lung cancer in April 1999.
"A House Is Not A Motel" (2002) - live track, on the "Morning Dew" CD single
"Curse The Evil Woman" (2002) - by the Priory Of Brion; included on the
  first MAS Records sampler CD (a fundraising project for Kidderminster-area
"Flames" (2003) - recorded in August 2000 with the Priory Of Brion, this
  cover of the 1967 Elmer Gantry tune was finally released on the second
  MAS Records compilation



P.J. Proby: "THREE WEEK HERO" (UK: Liberty LBL/LBS 83219, 1969)
  (see John Paul Jones section for details)
(US: Atlantic SD-2 7005; UK Atlantic K60153, 1981)
  From a December 1979 benefit concert; features Plant guesting with
  Rockpile on "Little Sister"; Plant also sat in on the all-star finale
  (credited to 'Rockestra') of "Lucille," "Let It Be" and "Rockestra Theme"
"'PORKY'S REVENGE' SOUNDTRACK" (US: Columbia JS 39983; UK: CBS 70265, 1985)
  "Philadelphia Baby"
"'WHITE NIGHTS' SOUNDTRACK" (US/UK: Atlantic 81273, 1985) - "Far Post"
Jimmy Page: "OUTRIDER" (US: Geffen GHS 24188; UK: Geffen WX 155, 1988)
  Plant guested on lead vocals for the song "The Only One", although his
  parts were recorded at a separate session; the song also features Jason
  Bonham on drums
"KNEBWORTH: THE ALBUM" (US: Polydor 847 042; UK: Polydor 843 912-1/2, 1990)
  With 4 songs performed by Plant at the 1990 Knebworth Festival: "Liar's
  Dance," "Hurting Kind," "Tall Cool One" & "Wearing And Tearing"; the 
  latter track also features Jimmy Page on guitar (Page also guested on
  versions of "Misty Mountain Hop" & "Rock And Roll" which weren't released)
  "Let's Have A Party"
  "Girl From The North Country" (live at the 1992 Cropredy Festival)
"'WAYNE'S WORLD 2' SOUNDTRACK" (US: Warner Bros 45485,1993) - "Louie Louie"
Francis Dunnery: "FEARLESS" (US: Atlantic 82582, 1994)
  "King Of The Blues" (Plant on harmonica)
"ADIOS AMIGO (Tribute to Arthur Alexander)" (US: Razor & Tie RT 2814, 1994)
  "If It's Really Got To Be This Way"
"ENCOMIUM: A TRIBUTE TO LED ZEPPELIN" (US: Atlantic 82731; UK: ????, 1995)
  "Down By The Seaside" (with Tori Amos)
"THE INNER FLAME" (US: Atlantic 83008, 1997)
  "21 Years" (remix; features additional guitar overdubs by Rainer Ptácek)
"MORE OAR" (US: Birdman 70023, 1999) - "Little Hands"
Afro Celt Sound System: "VOLUME 3 - FURTHER IN TIME" (Real World, 2001)
  "Life Begin Again"
Primal Scream: "EVIL HEAT" (Columbia, 2002)
  "The Lord Is My Shotgun" (Plant on harmonica)
"M.A.S. RECORDS" sampler (UK: M.A.S. Records, 2002)
  "Curse The Evil Woman" (by the Priory Of Brion)
Jools Holland: "MORE FRIENDS" (UK: WEA 49419, 2002; US: Rhino 73884, 2003)
  "Let The Boogie Woogie Roll"
"FESTIVAL IN THE DESERT" (World Village 468020, 2003)
  "Win My Train Fare Home" (live version with Justin Adams)
"THE SECOND COMING" (UK: M.A.S. Records, 2003)
  "Flames" (credited to 'Johnny Volcano', but it's actually Priory Of Brion)

     37- What albums has Jimmy Page released?


"She Just Satisfies"/ "Keep Movin'" (UK: Fontana TF 533, February 1965)

  Page's one and only solo release (pre-Zep), featuring Page singing lead
  vocals for the first and only time.  The song's riff is identical to the
  Kinks track "Revenge," which had appeared on their debut album (and *may*
  have featured Page).  The B-side is a mostly-instrumental track, 
  featuring Jackie DeShannon on backing vocals.  The single was reissued 
  on CD and vinyl in 1991 (Fontana TFCD 533/TF 533).

From 1963-1966 Page was one of the top session guitarists in England, 
playing on literally thousands of recordings.  It would be impossible -- 
not to mention impractical -- to list every session Page ever did; however,
there are a few sessions/artists worth mentioning in this document:

The All-Stars ("Down In The Boots," "L.A. Breakdown," "Steelin', "Piano
  "Shuffle," "Chuckles")
  In July 1965 Page produced these recordings with former members of Cyril
  Davies' All-Stars (Nicky Hopkins- piano; Cliff Barton- bass; Carlo
  Little- drums), along with Jeff Beck on guitar; the recordings have since
  been released on dozens of compilations (i.e. "WHITE BOY BLUES," etc.).
Burt Bacharach
  Page played on Bacharach's 1965 album "HIT MAKER/PLAYS HIS HITS".
Long John Baldry
  Baldry confirms that Page played on his 1966 album "LOOKING AT LONG JOHN".
Marc Bolan
  Page (and John Paul Jones) recorded an unreleased demo with Bolan in 1964.
David Bowie
  Page played lead guitar on Bowie's 2nd single, "I Pity The Fool" (1965)
  (released under the name "The Manish Boys").
Eric Clapton ("Miles Road," "Tribute To Elmore," "Freight Loader," "Snake
  Drive," "Draggin' My Trail," "Choker," "West Coast Idea")
  In the summer of 1965 Page and Clapton jammed together at Page's home;
  Page recorded the jam but had no intention of ever releasing it; however,
  Immediate Records (Page's employer at the time) found out about the tapes
  and demanded that Page turn them over; Page reluctantly agreed, but only
  after adding overdubs of bass (by Bill Wyman), harmonica (by Mick
  Jagger), piano (by Ian Stewart), and drums (by Chris Winters-- possibly a
  pseudonym for Charlie Watts?); nonetheless, Clapton was extremely upset
  and it strained their relationship.  These songs have also surfaced on
  dozens of compilations ("BRITISH BLUES HEROES," "WHITE BOY BLUES," etc.).
Petula Clark
  Page reportedly sessioned with her, but specific song titles aren't known.
Joe Cocker
  Page played on Cocker's debut single (1964's "I'll Cry Instead"/"Those
  Precious Words") and also contributed to several songs on Cocker's 1968
  album "WITH A LITTLE HELP FROM MY FRIENDS" (including the title track).
Jackie DeShannon
  Page did a session with her in October 1964; DeShannon subsequently
  contributed backing vocals to Page's solo single, and the two would have
  a brief romantic relationship in 1964/65.  They also co-wrote several
  songs together in 1964/65.  Page reportedly wrote "Tangerine" about her.
  Page once claimed that he never played with Donovan, although he is
  widely credited for playing on "Sunshine Superman" (1966).  Page is also
  often linked to the song "Hurdy Gurdy Man" (1968) but both Page and John
  Paul Jones (who played bass on the song) have said that the song's
  guitarist was actually Alan Parker.
The Everly Brothers
  Page contributed to various tracks on their "TWO YANKS IN ENGLAND" album
  (1966), which also features members of The Hollies.
Marianne Faithfull
  Faithfull has credited Page with playing on her big hit "As Tears Go By"
  (1964) as well as other recordings from the era.
Wayne Fontana & The Mindbenders
  An oft-told story is that Eric Stewart borrowed Page's Gibson Les Paul for
  the guitar solo on the band's #1 hit "The Game Of Love"
Justin Hayward
   Page reportedly recorded with Hayward sometime in the mid-1960s (before
   Hayward joined The Moody Blues); details aren't known
Herman's Hermits
  Page has claimed that he never sessioned with them, but Peter Noone
  ('Herman') says Page played on "Silhouettes" & "Wonderful World" (1965),
  plus many other tracks from the era.
Tom Jones
  Page is known to have contributed to several Tom Jones sessions in the
  mid-1960s.  It has been widely reported that Page played rhythm guitar on
  1965's "It's Not Unusual" (with Jim Sullivan on lead), although Sullivan
  says that Joe Moretti played lead while he (Sullivan) played rhythm.
The Kinks
  It is confirmed that Page contributed some rhythm and 12-string guitar
  to various tracks on The Kinks' debut album (1964), but he NEVER played
  lead guitar on any Kinks recordings.  (And Page has certainly NEVER
  CLAIMED to have played any solos on Kinks records, despite what Ray and
  Dave Davies might think).  Page has also been linked to "You Really Got
  Me," "All Day & All Of The Night," "Tired Of Waiting" and "I Need You,"
  but these rumors have never been substantiated.
Brenda Lee
  Page played on 2 songs recorded in 1964: "Is It True" & "What'd I Say"
John Mayall and The Bluesbreakers
  Page produced 4 tracks with Mayall in 1965 ("I'm Your Witchdoctor,"
  "Telephone Blues," "On Top Of The World," and a version of "Double
  Crossing Time"); the songs feature Eric Clapton on guitar.
Cliff Richard
  Page reportedly played harmonica on "Time Drags By" (1966) and may have
  contributed to other recordings from 1964-66.
The Rolling Stones
  In 1964 Andrew Loog Oldham produced a series of demos with Mick Jagger,
  Keith Richards, and various session musicians (including Jimmy Page and
  John Paul Jones); many of these demos were subsequently given to other
  artists to record, and a couple of the songs ("Heart Of Stone," "Blue
  Turns To Grey") were later recorded by The Stones themselves; some of the
  original demos were later released on the Stones album "METAMORPHOSIS"
  Also, Page played on Brian Jones' soundtrack to the 1967 film 
  "A Degree Of Murder," and in 1974 he recorded the unreleased track
  "Scarlet" (named after Jimmy's daughter) with Keith Richards.
Crispian St. Peters
  Page reportedly played on St. Peters' two big hits, "You Were On My
  Mind" and "The Pied Piper" (1965/66).
Al Stewart
  Page played on Stewart's 1966 debut single "Turn Into Earth" and later
  contributed to his 1969 album "LOVE CHRONICLES".
Them (featuring Van Morrison)
  It is confirmed that Page played on "Baby Please Don't Go" (1964)
  and "Here Comes The Night" (1965), and he probably contributed to
  other recordings from the era; there has been a great deal of debate
  as to whether Page played lead or rhythm guitar, however.
The Who
  Page played rhythm guitar on the session for 1965's "I Can't Explain" --
  though he may not be on the final take, he did play some fuzzbox guitar
  on the single's B-side, "Bald Headed Woman".
Sonny Boy Williamson
  In early 1965 Page participated in a hastily-assembled session featuring
  this legendary bluesman; Page played mostly rhythm guitar, although he did
  get in some solos on a few tracks; the recordings were eventually released
  on such albums as "DON'T SEND ME NO FLOWERS" (1968), "JAM SESSION" (1975),
Steve Winwood
  Page and Winwood are known to have recorded together in mid-1968, though
  the recordings remain unreleased.  One known song title from these
  sessions is “The Bells”, and it has also been rumored that the duo
  recorded a version of “Babe I’m Gonna Leave You”.

Recommended sources of Page session material include the 1992 release
"JIMMY'S BACK PAGES...THE EARLY YEARS" (Sony), and the UK 2-disc sets 
(Castle, June 2003).



"Happenings Ten Years Time Ago"/"Psycho Daisies" (UK Columbia DB 8024,10/66)
  The lone single released by the Beck-Page lineup of The Yardbirds; both
  songs feature Jeff Beck on lead guitar; the A-side features Page on
  rhythm (and possibly some lead) guitar, plus John Paul Jones on bass.
  The B-side features Page on bass (and possibly some guitar).

"Stroll On"
  Recorded by the Beck-Page lineup for the 1967 film "Blow Up"; the song
  is basically a re-write of "The Train Kept A-Rollin'" (Keith Relf
  changed the lyrics to avoid a copyright dispute).
The Yardbirds: "LITTLE GAMES" (Epic, US only, July 1967)
  Little Games; Smile On Me; White Summer; Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor*;
  Glimpses*; Drinking Muddy Water; No Excess Baggage; Stealing Stealing;
  Only The Black Rose; Little Soldier Boy

  (Keith Relf- lead vocals, harmonica, backing vocals; Jimmy Page- guitar,
  bow*, backing vocals; Chris Dreja- bass, rhythm guitar, backing vocals;
  Jim McCarty- drums, backing vocals; John Paul Jones-
  arrangements/keyboards/bass on various tracks; Nicky Hopkins, Ian Stewart
  & Duster Bennett- piano on various tracks; produced by Mickie Most)
  US: Epic BN 26313 (stereo)/ LN 24313 (mono)
  UK: EMI Fame FA 413124 (LP, 1985); EMI EMIS 1389 (LP, 1991);
      EMI 96064 (CD, 1991); EMI E2-54102 (CD, 1996); EMI 540813 (CD, 2003)

Various re-issues include some/all of the following bonus tracks:

  Little Games [mono mix]#+; Drinking Muddy Water [mono mix]+; Puzzles;
  Ha Ha Said The Clown; Ten Little Indians; Think About It; Goodnight
  Sweet Josephine [version 1]; Goodnight Sweet Josephine [version 2];
  I Remember The Night; You Stole My Love+; L.S.D.+; De Lane Lea Lee+;
  Never Mind+; Glimpses [version 2]+; White Summer [acoustic version]#+;
  Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor [instrumental]#+; Ten Little Indians
  [instrumental]+; "Great Shakes" US commercial spot+

  All of the above songs are available on the 2-disc set "LITTLE GAMES
  SESSIONS & MORE" (EMI America E2-98213, 1992); all but # are on the
  1996 CD (EMI E2-54102); all but + are on the 2003 CD (EMI 540813)
The Yardbirds: "LIVE YARDBIRDS! FEATURING JIMMY PAGE" (Epic, US only, 8/71)
  The Train Kept A-Rollin'; Mr. You're A Better Man Than I [including part
  of "Heart Full Of Soul"]; I'm Confused (Dazed And Confused); My Baby;
  Over Under Sideways Down; Drinking Muddy Water; Shapes Of Things; White
  Summer; I'm A Man

  The infamous live album, from a concert at New York's Anderson Theater in
  March 1968.  Epic released the album without the band's permission,
  inexplicably adding fake applause and audience noise.  Page had the album
  withdrawn, although it has since surfaced in various bootleg and 
  semi-legit forms.

  US: Epic E 30615 (1971); Columbia Special Products P-13311 (1975 reissue)
The Yardbirds: "BBC SESSIONS" (US: Warner Archives 46694, 1997)

  A collection of BBC recordings, only 6 of which feature Page (the others
  feature Jeff Beck only); originally released in 1991 as "ON AIR" (Band Of
  Joy BOJLP/BOJCD 200); also released as "...WHERE THE ACTION IS!"
  (UK/US: NMC PILOT10, 1997; with a second disc containing a 1967 Swedish
  radio appearance) 
The Yardbirds: "CUMULAR LIMIT" (2-CDs) (Burning Airlines, August 2000)
  Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor#; Shapes Of Things+; Happenings 10 Years Time
  Ago+; Over Under Sideways Down+; I'm A Man+; White Summer#; Ten Little
  Indians#; Glimpses#; You Stole My Love#; Avron Knows*; Spanish Blood*;
  My Baby*; Taking A Hold On Me*; Dazed & Confused^; De Lane Lea Lee#

  Contains the group's never-before-released final studio sessions, from
  April 1968*, plus alternate studio takes# and live TV performances in
  Germany+ and France^.  The second disc is a CD-ROM, featuring video of the
  1967 German TV appearance (4 songs).  A song titled "Knowing That I'm
  Losing You" (from the 4/68 sessions) was pulled from the CD at the last
  minute, due to its close resemblance to "Tangerine."

  US/Europe: Burning Airlines/NMC PILOT24



Jimmy Page: "DEATH WISH II (The Original Soundtrack)" (Swan Song, 2/82)
  Who's To Blame*; The Chase (Parts I-III); City Sirens#; Jam Sandwich;
  Carole's Theme (Introduction & Main Theme); The Release;
  Hotel Rats & Photostats; A Shadow In The City^; Jill's Theme;
  Prelude; Big Band/Sax & Violence; Hypnotising Ways (Oh Mamma)*

  (Jimmy Page- acoustic & electric guitars, guitar synthesiser,
  synthesiser, bass, guitar bow^, theremin^; Chris Farlowe- vocals*;
  Dave Paton- bass; Dave Mattacks- drums; Gordon Edwards- piano, vocals#;
  Dave Lawson- keyboards)

  US: Swan Song SS 8511; UK: Swan Song SSK 59415
  Japan CD: East West/Swan Song AMCY-2745 (May 1998)
The Firm: "THE FIRM" (Atlantic, February 1985)
  Closer; Make Or Break; Someone To Love; Together; Radioactive; You've
  Lost That Loving Feeling; Money Can't Buy; Satisfaction Guaranteed*;
  Midnight Moonlight

  (Paul Rodgers- vocals, guitar; Jimmy Page- acoustic & electric guitars,
  guitar bow*; Tony Franklin- bass, synthesizer; Chris Slade- drums;
  produced by Jimmy Page and Paul Rodgers)

  The band's seeds were planted in 1983 when former Bad Company vocalist
  Paul Rodgers joined Page for the brief "A.R.M.S." tour of the US.  While
  on the tour the two began performing a song known as "Bird On A Wing,"
  which later became "Midnight Moonlight" -- the song is actually a
  reworking of the long-lost, mythical Zeppelin tune "Swan Song".

  US: Atlantic 81239; UK: Atlantic 781 39 1
Roy Harper & Jimmy Page: "WHATEVER HAPPENED TO JUGULA..."
(PVC/Beggars Banquet, March 1985)
  Nineteen Forty-Eightish; Bad Speech; Hope; Hangman; Elizabeth; Frozen
  Moment; Twentieth Century Man; Advertisement (Another Intentional
  Irrelevant Suicide)

  (Roy Harper- vocals, guitar; Jimmy Page- electric & acoustic guitars;
  Tony Franklin- bass; Nik Green- keyboards; Ronnie Brambles, Steve
  Broughton & Preston Heyman- drums; Nick Harper- guitar on "Hope," others)

  Basically a Roy Harper solo album with Page playing guitar on most of the

  US: PVC PVC 8937; UK: Beggars Banquet BEGA 60 (1985)/Lowdown BBL 60(1988)
  UK CD: Beggars Banquet BBL 60 CD (1988)
The Firm: "MEAN BUSINESS" (Atlantic, March 1986)
  Fortune Hunter; Cadillac; All The Kings Horses; Live In Peace; Tear Down
  The Walls; Dreaming; Free To Live; Spirit Of Love

  (Paul Rodgers- vocals; Jimmy Page- guitars; Tony Franklin- bass; Chris
  Slade- drums; produced by Jimmy Page, Paul Rodgers and Julian Mendelsohn)

  "Fortune Hunter" is a re-working of a track from the infamous XYZ
  sessions; "Live In Peace" had previously been recorded by Paul Rodgers
  for his 1983 solo album "CUT LOOSE".

  US: Atlantic 81628; UK: Atlantic WX 43
Jimmy Page: "KENNETH ANGER'S LUCIFER RISING" (Boleskine House, Jan. 1987)

  This record features 23 minutes of instrumental synthesizer music that
  Page had created for the Kenneth Anger film "Lucifer Rising"; the record
  was released without Page's permission and subsequently withdrawn.  
  It was reportedly limited to 2000 copies -- 1000 on blue vinyl, and 1000
  on other colored vinyl.  Note: the bootleg CD "Jimmy Page - Lucifer
  Rising" (on the Dynamite Studio label) does NOT contain Page's music;
  it actually contains the soundtrack music composed by Bobby Beausoleil,
  whom Anger had hired to replace Page in 1976.

  US: Boleskine House Records BHR 666
Jimmy Page: "OUTRIDER" (Geffen, June 1988)
  Wasting My Time*; Wanna Make Love*; Writes Of Winter; The Only One#;
  Liquid Mercury+; Hummingbird^; Emerald Eyes+; Prison Blues^;
  Blues Anthem (If I Cannot Have Your Love...)^

  (Jimmy Page- electric, acoustic & synthesizer guitars; John Miles-
  vocals*; Robert Plant- vocals#; Chris Farlowe- vocals^; Jason Bonham-
  drums [except +]; Barrymore Barlow- drums+; Tony Franklin, Durban Laverde
  and Felix Krish- bass; produced by Jimmy Page)

  US: Geffen GHS 24188; UK: Geffen WX 155
Coverdale/Page: "COVERDALE/PAGE" (Geffen/EMI, March 1993)
  Shake My Tree; Waiting On You; Take Me For A Little While^; Pride And
  Joy*#; Over Now; Feeling Hot; Easy Does It*; Take A Look At Yourself;
  Don't Leave Me This Way; Absolution Blues+; Whisper A Prayer For The Dying

  (David Coverdale- vocals, acoustic guitar*; Jimmy Page- electric &
  acoustic 6-string and 12-string guitars, TransPerformance guitar+,
  6-string bass^, dulcimer#, electric harmonica#; Jorge Casas- bass; Denny
  Carmassi- drums; Lester Mendez- keyboards; John Harris- harmonica;
  produced by David Coverdale, Jimmy Page and Mike Fraser)

  US: Geffen GEFD-24487; UK: EMI CDEMD-1041

  The duo's planned tour of the US was aborted (reportedly due to slow
  ticket sales), although they did end up playing seven concerts in Japan 
  in December 1993.
Jimmy Page & The Black Crowes: "LIVE AT THE GREEK" (February 2000)
  Heartbreaker; In My Time Of Dying; What Is And What Should Never Be;
  Custard Pie; Celebration Day; Out On The Tiles; Whole Lotta Love; Nobody's
  Fault But Mine; You Shook Me; Lemon Song; Your Time Is Gonna Come; Ten
  Years Gone; Sick Again; Hey Hey What Can I Do; Shake Your Money Maker*;
  Woke Up This Morning; Shapes Of Things To Come; Sloppy Drunk; Oh Well*

  (Jimmy Page- guitar; Chris Robinson- vocals; Rich Robinson- guitar;
  Audley Freed- guitar; Sven Pipien- bass; Eddie Harsch- keyboards; 
  Steve Gorman- drums)

  A collection of songs recorded at Los Angeles' Greek Theater on 10/18/99*
  and 10/19/99.  Initially, this was only made available via the internet
  (at http://www.musicmaker.com), where buyers had the option of downloading
  individual songs, ordering a custom CD, or ordering a pre-selected
  19-track, 2-disc set.  The album was eventually given a retail release
  by TVT Records (TVT 2140, July 2000); the TVT version has a slightly
  different tracklist (including the bonus track "Mellow Down Easy"*) plus
  some bonus live video footage.  The album was later released in Japan,
  with the same bonus material as the TVT version, plus 2 additional tracks:
  "In The Light" & "Misty Mountain Hop" (from Jones Beach, NY, 7/10/2000).

  Page & the Crowes toured together in the summer of 2000, although the
  tour was cut short on August 15, after Page sustained a back injury.



"Come With Me" (with Puff Daddy)- in addition to the version released
  on the "Godzilla" Soundtrack, at least 8 other remixed/edited versions
  were released on various CD singles, etc.
"Domino" - Page performed this instrumental piece at the October 1999 
  "Net Aid" concert
"Saccharine" & "Southern Comfort" - outtakes from the Coverdale/Page
  sessions, released on Coverdale's own website in 2001/2002



P.J. Proby: "THREE WEEK HERO" (UK: Liberty LBL/LBS 83219, 1969)
  (see John Paul Jones section for details)
The Family Dogg: "A WAY OF LIFE" (UK/US: Bell 122, 1969)
  Page on guitar (unspecified tracks); the LP also features Jones & Bonham
Cartoone: "CARTOONE" (US: Atlantic SD 8219; UK: Atlantic 588 174, 1969)
  Page on guitar on several tracks
(US: Cotillion SD-9015; UK: Atlantic 2400 008, 1970)
  Features Bonham and Page on 6 tracks, recorded in May 1969; reissued on
  vinyl/CD as "SMOKE AND FIRE" (Thunderbolt THBL-2.022/ CD.TB-2.022)
Roy Harper: "STORMCOCK"(UK: Harvest SHVL 789; US: Chrysalis CHR 1161, 1971)
  "Same Old Rock"
Roy Harper: "LIFEMASK" (UK: Harvest SHVL 808; US: Chrysalis CHR 1162, 1973)
  "The Lord's Prayer" & "Bank Of The Dead"
Roy Harper: "VALENTINE" (UK: Harvest SHDW 4027; US: Chrysalis CHR 1163,1974)
  "Male Chauvinist Pig Blues"
(UK: Harvest SHVL 405; US: Chrysalis CH2 1164, 1974)
  Features Page on three live tracks ("Male Chauvinist Pig Blues," "Home" &
  "Too Many Movies"); the CD version omits the latter two songs, although
  those songs were included on the CD version of "VALENTINE"
Maggie Bell: "SUICIDE SAL" (US: SwanSong SS 8412; UK: Polydor 2383 313,1975)
  "Comin' On Strong" & "If You Don't Know"
Stephen Stills: "RIGHT BY YOU" (US/UK: Atlantic 780177, 1984)
  "50/50," "Right By You" and "Flaming Heart"
The Honeydrippers: "THE HONEYDRIPPERS VOLUME ONE" (Es Paranza 90220, 1984)
  Overdubbed guitar solos on 2 tracks: "I Get A Thrill" & "Sea Of Love"
John Paul Jones: "'SCREAM FOR HELP' SOUNDTRACK" (Atlantic 780190, 1985)
  Features Page on guitar for 2 tracks: "Spaghetti Junction" & "Crackback"
Willie And The Poor Boys: "WILLIE AND THE POOR BOYS"
(US: Passport PB 6047; UK: Decca BILL 1, 1985)
  All-Star project headed by Bill Wyman; features Page on "These Arms Of
  Mine" and "Slippin' And Slidin'" (both songs also feature Paul Rodgers)
Roy Harper: "IN BETWEEN EVERY LINE" (UK: Harvest EN 5004, 1986)
  Features Page on 3 tracks, recorded live sometime in 1984
  ("Short And Sweet," "Referendum" & "Highway Blues")
Box Of Frogs: "STRANGE LAND"(US: Epic BFE 39923; UK: Epic EPS 40/26375,1986)
  Features Page on "Asylum"; the group comprised ex-Yardbirds Jim McCarty,
  Chris Dreja & Paul Samwell-Smith; Jeff Beck had guested on their first LP 
The Rolling Stones: "DIRTY WORK"
(US: Rolling Stones Records OC 40250; UK: RSR/CBS 86321, 1986)
  "One Hit" and possibly "Back To Zero"
Robert Plant: "NOW AND ZEN"(US: Es Paranza 90863; UK: Es Paranza WX149,1988)
  Overdubbed guitar solos on "Heaven Knows" and "Tall Cool One"
"JAMES PATRICK PAGE: SESSION MAN VOL. 1" (AIP 10041 [LP]/1041 [CD], 1989)
  "She Just Satisfies" & "Keep Movin'," plus other tracks from the '60s
"KNEBWORTH: THE ALBUM" (US: Polydor 847 042; UK: Polydor 843 912-1/2, 1990)
  From the 1990 Knebworth Festival, where Page joined Plant for a version of
  the never-performed Zep tune "Wearing And Tearing"; Page also guested on
  versions of "Misty Mountain Hop" & "Rock And Roll" which weren't released.
"GODZILLA - THE ALBUM" (US: Epic Soundtrax 69338, 1998)
  Contains "Come With Me" by 'Puff Daddy featuring Jimmy Page'; the song
  is a dreadful re-working of "Kashmir," featuring rap 'lyrics' replacing
  Plant's original lyrics.  Recorded for the equally dreadful film
  "Godzilla".  Several remix/edit versions of the song were released on
  various CD singles, etc.
Roy Harper: "HATS OFF" (UK: Right Stuff/EMI, 2001)
  Contains several songs featuring Page or Jones

     38- What albums has John Paul Jones released?


"Baja"/ "A Foggy Day In Vietnam"
  (UK: Pye 7N.15637; US: Parkway P-915, April 1964)

  Jones' lone solo release (pre-Zep).  Both songs are instrumentals, and
  Jones has revealed that the B-side was actually a previously-recorded
  Andrew Oldham Orchestra demo that was used to save time and money.

From 1963 to 1968 Jones was one of the top session men in England.
He started out as a bass player, but was soon playing all manner of
instruments and also working as an arranger, musical director, and producer.
Some of the artists Jones worked with include: Paul Anka, Burt Bacharach,
Pearl Bailey, Jeff Beck, Dave Berry, Marc Bolan, David Bowie, Donovan, 
The Downliners Sect, The Everly Brothers, Marianne Faithfull, Freddie & The 
Dreamers, Graham Gouldman, Johnny Hallyday, Francoise Hardy, Jet Harris & 
Tony Meehan, Herman's Hermits, The Hollies, Engelbert Humperdinck, 
Etta James, Jay & The Americans, Tom Jones, Lulu, George Martin, 
John McLaughlin, The Mindbenders, Nico, Peter & Gordon, Terry Reid, 
Cliff Richard, The Rolling Stones, Paul & Barry Ryan, Crispian St. Peters, 
Del Shannon, Dusty Springfield, Cat Stevens, Rod Stewart, The Strawbs, 
The Supremes, The Walker Brothers, and The Yardbirds.

Some notable recordings featuring Jones include Donovan's "Mellow Yellow"
and "Hurdy Gurdy Man" (arranger & bass), the Rolling Stones' 
"She's A Rainbow" (string arrangement), Herman's Hermits' "No Milk Today" 
and "A Kind Of Hush" (arranger & bass), Lulu's "To Sir With Love" 
(arranger & bass), and Tom Jones' "Delilah" & "Green Green Grass Of Home".



"MUSIC FROM THE FILM 'SCREAM FOR HELP'" (Atlantic, March 1985)
  Spaghetti Junction*; Bad Child#; Silver Train+; Crackback*; Chilli Sauce;
  Take It Or Leave It~; Christie+; When You Fall In Love#; Here I Am~

  (John Paul Jones- bass, keyboards, guitars, drums, lead vocals#; Jimmy
  Page- guitar*; Jon Anderson- vocals+; Madeline Bell- vocals~; Graham
  Ward- drums; Colin Green- guitar; John Renbourne- guitar on "When You
  Fall In Love"; produced by John Paul Jones)

  Features Jones' recording debut as lead vocalist; UK pressings feature a
  slightly different running order and different mixes/edits of some songs.

  US: Atlantic 780190; UK: Atlantic 78-0190
  Japan CD: East West/Atlantic AMCY-2746 (May 1998)
Diamanda Galás with John Paul Jones: "THE SPORTING LIFE" (Mute, Sep. 1994)
  Skótoseme; Do You Take This Man?; Dark End Of The Street; You're Mine;
  Tony; Devil's Rodeo; The Sporting Life; Baby's Insane; Last Man Down; Hex

  (Diamanda Galás- vocals, piano, Hammond organ; John Paul Jones-
  4, 5 & 8-string bass guitar, lap steel guitar; Pete Thomas- drums;
  produced by John Paul Jones)

  The duo toured the US in late 1994, performing songs from the album plus
  an interesting arrangement of "Communication Breakdown".
  US: Mute 61672; UK: ????
"ZOOMA" (Discipline Global Mobile, September 1999)
  Zooma; Snake Eyes; B. Fingers; The Smile Of Your Shadow*; Grind; Goose;
  Bass'n'Drums*; Nosumi Blues; Tidal

  (John Paul Jones- 4, 10 & 12-string bass guitar, bass lap steel guitar,
  Kyma, mandola, organ, and guitar; Pete Thomas- drums [except *]; Denny
  Fongheiser- drums on "Bass'n'Drums" and djembe on "The Smile Of Your
  Shadow"; Trey Gunn- guitar solos on "Grind" and "B. Fingers"; Paul Leary-
  guitar solo on "Zooma"; produced by John Paul Jones)

  Japanese pressings include the bonus track "Fanfare For The Millenium"

  UK/US: DGM 9909
"THE THUNDERTHIEF" (Discipline Global Mobile, February 2002)
  The Thunderthief*; Leafy Meadows#^; Hoediddle; Ice Fishing At Night*;
  Daphne; Angry Angry*+; Down To The River To Pray; Shibiya Bop^; 
  Freedom Song*
  (John Paul Jones- bass [4/6/10/12-string], bass steel guitar, guitars,
  mandolins, bass mandolin, electric mandola, piano, organ, synthesizer,
  Kyma, koto, autoharp, ukelele, lead vocals*; Terl Bryant- drums; Nick
  Beggs- Chapman stick^; Robert Fripp- guitar solo#; Adam Bomb- guitar solo+)

  Jones sings for the first time since 1985!  A song titled "I Ain't Got
  The Blues" was left off the album because Jones didn't care for the way
  it turned out.

  UK/US: DGM 0104



"Four Minute Warning" - recorded in 1985 at Jones' home studio and released
  on the 1988 compilation album "MUSIC FOR FILMS III" (US: Opal/Warner
  Bros. 25769; UK: Opal/Land LAND 04)
"Tom Thumb Theme" - recorded for the 1993 animated film "The Secret
  Adventures Of Tom Thumb" and only available on the home video and DVD
"Fanfare For The Millenium" - bonus track on Japanese pressings of "ZOOMA"
"Steel Away" -
"Triple Neck" -
"Jump Blues" - these 3 songs were performed live by Jones on his 1999-2000
  tour; "Steel Away" is a bluesy number reminiscent of "You Shook Me"; the
  "Triple Neck" song features Jones playing his famed three-necked guitar
  (6-string/12-string/mandolin) in unison with samples of itself
"Easy" - recorded in May 2000 for the Sun Records tribute project, although
  the song was left off the CD; features Jones on bass plus Scotty Moore
  (guitar) and D.J. Fontana (drums) from Elvis Presley's backing band; the
  original version of the song had been recorded for Sun by Jimmy & Walter
  in 1953
"I Ain't Got The Blues" - unreleased song from the "THUNDERTHIEF" sessions



P.J. Proby: "THREE WEEK HERO" (UK: Liberty LBL/LBS 83219, 1969)
  Features Jones on bass, piano & organ; he also arranged 10 of the 12
  tracks; the album also features Page and Bonham on various songs, and all
  four members of Zep appear on the track "Jim's Blues/George Wallace Is 
  Rollin' In This Mornin'" (Plant plays harmonica); reissued on CD/vinyl 
  in 1990 (Beat Goes On BGO 87); Jones, Page, and Bonham also played on a 
  non-album track called "Mery Hoppkins Never Had Days Like These," which 
  is available on Proby's compilations "AT HIS VERY BEST VOL. 2" 
  (See For Miles SEE 82) and "ROUGH VELVET" (EMI CDS 7805442).
The Family Dogg: "A WAY OF LIFE" (UK/US: Bell 122, 1969)
  Jones played bass and also arranged three songs; the album also features
  Page and Bonham (unspecified tracks).
Madeline Bell: "COMIN' ATCHA" (UK: RCA SF 8393, 1973)
  This is essentially a John Paul Jones solo album, with someone else
  (Bell) singing the vocal parts; most of the album was recorded at Jones'
  home studio, with Jones producing and playing all the instruments  
Roy Harper: "H.Q." (UK: Harvest SHSP 4046, 1975) 
  Features Jones on "The Game"; the album was released in the US as 
Paul McCartney & Wings: "BACK TO THE EGG"
(US: Columbia AL 36057; UK: EMI/MPL PCTC 257, 1979)
  Jones & John Bonham contribute to McCartney's vision of a "rock orchestra"
  ('Rockestra'), playing on "Rockestra Theme" and "So Glad To See You Here"
  "Rockestra Theme" was also released on McCartney's "WINGSPAN" album (2001)
(US: Atlantic SD-2 7005; UK: Atlantic K60153, 1981)
  From a December 1979 benefit concert; Jones, Plant and Bonham all sit in
  on the all-star finale (credited to 'Rockestra') of "Lucille," "Let It
  Be" and "Rockestra Theme"
(US: Columbia SC 39613; UK: EMI/MPL PCTC 2, 1984)
  Jones contributes to "Ballroom Dancing"; he can also be seen in the movie
  of the same name
John Renbourn & Stefan Grossman: "THE THREE KINGDOMS" (Shanachie 95006,1987) 
  Produced by Jones
(US: EMI America 46904; UK: EMI Manhattan MTL 1013, 1988)
  Jones contributed to three tracks: "Because Of Last Night," "Whatever
  This Is (It Ain't True Love)" and "Two Lovers"
The Mission UK: "CHILDREN" (US: Mercury 834 263; UK: Mercury MISH 2, 1988)
  Jones produced and also played keyboards 
Various: "MUSIC FOR FILMS III"(US: Opal/Warner 25769; UK: Opal/Land LAND 04)
  "Four Minute Warning"
Cinderella: "HEARTBREAK STATION" (Mercury 848018, 1990)
  String arrangements for "Heartbreak Station" & "Winds Of Change"
Various: "WATCH YOUR STEP/BEAT ERA VOL 1" (UK: Sequel NEX107, 1990) - "Baja"
Red Byrd: "SONGS OF LOVE AND DEATH" (UK: Factory FACT 336, 1991)
  Jones composed & produced a three-movement piece titled "Amores Passados"
Brian Eno: "NERVE NET" (Opal 2-45033, 1992) - piano on "Distributed Being"
Peter Gabriel: "US" (US: Geffen 24473; UK: Virgin/Real World PG 7, 1992)
  Jones plays 'zurdu, bass & keyboards' on "Fourteen Black Paintings"
R.E.M.: "AUTOMATIC FOR THE PEOPLE" US: Warner 45055; UK: Warner WX-488,1992)
  String arrangements for "Drive," "Everybody Hurts," "The Sidewinder
  Sleeps Tonite" and "Nightswimming"
The Butthole Surfers: "INDEPENDENT WORM SALOON" 
(US: Capitol 98798; UK: EMI CDP7987982, 1992)
  Jones as producer, plus bass on at least one song ("Ballad Of Naked Man")
Raging Slab: "DYNAMITE MONSTER BOOGIE CONCERT" (US: Def American 45244,1993)
  String arrangements for "Lynne"
Heart: "THE ROAD HOME" (US: Capitol 30489, 1995)
  Live album recorded in August 1994; Jones produced and arranged and also
  played piano, bass & mandolin
Elephant Ride: "FORGET" (US: Work ok 67234, 1996)
  Jones produced and also played keyboards
Various: "BEACH BASH (Ripples Vol. 5)" (UK: Sequel NEMCD 388, 2000) - "Baja"
Various: "MINIATURES 2" (UK: Cherry Red CDBRED 165, 2000)
  "It's Coming (A Fanfare for the Millennium)"
Lemon Jelly: "LEMONJELLY.KY" (XL IFXLCD139, 2000) - guitar/mandola on "Come"
Various: "STRUNG OUT" (UK: Castle CMDDD095,2001) - "Baja" & "A Foggy Day..."
Various: "THE ROOTS OF ROCK: 28 FOOTSTEPS TO FAME" (Castle, 2001) - "Baja"
Roy Harper: "HATS OFF" (UK: Right Stuff/EMI, 2001) - "The Game" (edit vers.)
Julie Felix: STARRY EYED AND LAUGHING (Remarkable RR799, 2002)
  mandolin on "Mr. Tambourine Man", "Subterranean Homesick Blues" and
  "A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall"
     39- What albums has John Bonham been involved with? 


"Long Time Coming"/"I've Got A Secret" (by Robert Plant)(UK: CBS 2858, 7/67)

  For Plant's final solo single, he managed to get his friend Bonham a job
  as drummer for the session; the single was recorded around the time Bonham
  joined Plant in The Band Of Joy.

"Hey Joe"
"For What It's Worth"
"Adriatic Sea View" (aka "Gotta Find My Baby")
  (by the Band Of Joy; see ROBERT PLANT section for details)

Bonham also played drums in many other groups before he joined Led Zeppelin
(The Crawling Kingsnakes, A Way Of Life, Terry Webb & The Spiders, 
Steve Brett & The Mavericks, the Nicky James Movement, Tim Rose, etc.), 
but it isn't known if he recorded with any of them.



P.J. Proby: "THREE WEEK HERO" (UK: Liberty LBL/LBS 83219, 1969)
  (see John Paul Jones section for details)
The Family Dogg: "A WAY OF LIFE" (US/UK: Bell 122, 1969)
  Drums on unspecified tracks; the album also features Page and Jones.
  (see Jimmy Page section for details)
Roy Wood: "ON THE ROAD AGAIN"(US: Warner BSK 3247; UK: Warner K-56591, 1979)
  "Keep Your Hands On The Wheel"
  (the song was also released on Wood's "OUTSTANDING PERFORMER" CD, 2003)
Paul McCartney & Wings: "BACK TO THE EGG"
  (see John Paul Jones section for details)
  (see John Paul Jones section for details)

     40 - Who were the other artists on the Swan Song label?

Swan Song artists included Bad Company, Pretty Things, Maggie
Bell, Detective, Dave Edmunds, Midnight Flyer, Wildlife, Robert
Plant, and Jimmy Page.  Signed but unreleased artists included
Mirabai and Metropolis. Bobby Parker was never signed, though
considered.  Richie Sambora claims he was signed to Swan Song for
a time, as do members of the Kentucky Headhunters.
     41 - Are there any Led Zeppelin tribute bands?

There are several that are touring the United States and the world. A 
comprehensive list can be found at 
http://www.buckeye-web.com/lz_tribute_bands.html. Some popular ones include
The White (Toronto), Led Zepagain (southern California) and many others.
A more comprehensive list with more accurate locations will be placed 
here as more information is acquired.
     42 - Are there any Zeppelin tribute albums?

The only official tribute album, _Enconium_ was released in 1995.  
Among the artists contributing are Tori Amos with Robert Plant 
("Down By The Seaside"), 4 Non Blondes ("Misty Mountain Hop"), Helmet 
("Custard Pie"), Rollins Band ("Four Sticks"), Stone Temple Pilots 
("Dancing Days"), Cracker ("Good Times Bad Times"), and Duran Duran 
("Thank You"). Unfortunately, unlike many of the "unofficial" tribute 
albums, most of these covers are note for note remakes. As a matter 
of fact, the only song with a completely unique sound is Robert 
Plant's duet with Tori Amos.  Tori Amos:

"It's very different.  We do it kind of like `Riders in the Storm.'
 It was a jam, so it's eight minutes.  He played guitar, I played
 piano, and two of the guys that are now in the band that he's in
 with Jimmy Page, this is the project they're doing together, the
 bass player and the drummer, who have been with Robert, I think,
 for a little while.  Anyway, it was just kind of neato.  I showed
 up, and we kind of rehearsed, and I threw in a section and he threw
 in a section that hadn't been in before.  I kind of went, `God, I
 really want to do this part.'  I thought the melody was different
 from what it was.  In the shower, I always sang this different
 melody.  But I was so married to it that I just made it my part.
 They rolled tape, and we were finished, and we all went and
 listened and said, `Where's the Indian takeout?  This is
 finished.'  It was kind of like -- it was so neat, because I waited
 all my life for that.  So I stored up 20 years of estrogen."

Artists that have apparently turned down the invitation for this album
include Pearl Jam, Smashing Pumpkins, and Soundgarden.

There are also several other tribute albums out there, including 
symphonic versions of Led Zeppelin songs, bluegrass tributes, blues 
tributes, and various others. A More comprehensive list will be posted 
here in the future.
     43 - Who is Dread Zeppelin and how does the band feel about

Dread Zeppelin are a group of musicians playing rock/reggae, often
covering Zeppelin and/or Elvis songs.  They were, at the outset, 
extremely satirical in nature.  Page hates them.  Plant loves them.  
Jones' opinion has not been noted but is almost assuredly the 
same as Plant's. They still exist, although are not as focused on 
Led Zeppelin songs as they were during their early years, however 
consistantly include various Zeppelin riffs within their songs.
     44 - Did Jimmy Page invent bowing?

No.  It was suggested to him by a session violinist (whose father
was the actor David McCallum), but it had been done before.  His
bow work can be found on the Yardbirds track "Glimpses," and the
Zeppelin songs "How Many More Times," "Dazed & Confused," and "In
The Evening."
     45 - What's this "theremin" thing that Jimmy Page uses?

This is the first device to use alternative means of interaction
to produce...er...music (sort of). It was invented by Leo
Theremin, a Russian living in England, in the 1930's, and was
made popular in the 1960's by Sun Ra. The instrument produces
sine-wave sounds by the beat frequencies between a reference RF
oscillator and an oscillator tuned by the change in capacitance
between a antenna and the performer's hands, arms or body caused
by movement. The closer one comes to the antenna, the higher the
capacitance and higher the pitch. Later versions of the
instrument have volume control from a second antenna.  Page uses
the theremin live during "Whole Lotta Love" and "No Quarter," and
occasionally elsewhere.  It was also prominent in the studio
version of "WLL".

The theremin is used at the beginning of Beach Boys' song "Good
Vibrations".  It is considered by many to be the first synthesizer.
     46 - Is Jimmy Page a Satanist?

Jimmy Page is a collector of occult books and paraphenalia.  He
is interested in religion and spirituality to the extent that he
considered "...getting a degree in theology."  He was a devotee of
Aleister Crowley, a famous English occultist (and, perhaps,
Satanist) to the point of buying Crowley's old residence.  He often
quoted Crowley, most notably on the runoff matrix of _III_.  So is
he a Satanist?  He says no, the band says no.  There is no profit
in further speculation.

Rumours persist that the band "sold their souls" to Satan in
exchange for power, fame, wealth, etc., and that Jones was the only
one to refuse.  The various disasters which have befallen the band
are often used to support this theory.  However, there is absolutely
no evidence for this, the band denies it, and in the words of
Zeppelin biographer Charles Cross:

"Rereading these comments, while lying in a room that Jimmy Page,
the person -- the human being -- once occupied, I can't believe
the heartlessness, the meanness, the utter inhumanity of those
remarks.  From mud sharks to pacts with Satan, the public seems
to suspend normal human empathy when talking about Led Zeppelin,
accepting preposterous malice of the sort that would never be
accepted if it were directed toward anyone outside of rock 'n'
roll.  Have you heard anyone describe a successful business
executive as having sold his soul to Satan?  Wouldn't we laugh
this comment off instantly if applied to anyone else, anyone
working in any other art form? Can one _really_ believe that a
pact with Satan is possible, and if so isn't _that_ the big story
     47 - Are there backwards messages in "Stairway To Heaven"?

You're far from the first to ask.  This rumor has persisted ever 
since a California committee of parents and religious leaders set 
out to prove that rock music was leading our children down the 
path to the devil.  For reasons still unknown to rational minds, 
they decided to play some albums backwards, and professed to hear 
all sorts of messages in songs like Queen's "Another One Bites The 
Dust," anything and everything by Styx and ELO, Rush's "Anthem," 
the Stones' "19th Nervous Breakdown," Skynyrd's "Freebird," The 
Eagles' "Hotel California," and most notably the (at that point) 
most-requested rock song of all time, Led Zeppelin's "Stairway To 

A definition is useful here -- "backmasking" is the process of
either:  1) recording a backwards message on a track meant to be
played forwards, or 2) the "hiding" of messages within forward
phrases so that, when played backwards, another phrase is revealed.

So does backmasking exist?  Andy Johns, the producer of _IV_,
says that not only is "backmasking" a myth, but that there was no
such nonsense while he was present.  Certainly, since the advent
of the "backmasking" scandal, groups such as ELO and Pink Floyd
have used the technique to poke fun at people who would actually
play records backwards.  Most of the bands named in such
accusations tend to ignore the outcry, for as Jones commented in
_Rolling Stone_, there's absolutely no arguing someone out of
something they really want to believe.  But the idea of
backmasking is uniformly considered ludicrous by musicians and
producers alike, and they're the ones that would be responsible
for the process.

Despite the denials of the people involved, let's assume that
these messages do exist.  Are they effective?  If they were
subliminal messages played _forward_, then scientists agree that
the brain could and would process the information.  But
scientists are also convinced that the brain cannot decipher
backwards information unless it is specifically engaged for that
purpose.  Therefore, even if backmasking _did_ exist, it would be
useless.  So much for Satanic intent.

And specifically, as regards "Stairway To Heaven" -- there are
many messages that various groups have claimed to hear while
playing the song backwards, but the most uniformly cited is the
phrase "Here's to my sweet Satan." Not all listeners that hear
backward phrases are in agreement here, however, and not even
close to all who hear the song backwards hear any message at all.
Many of those who do hear "something" dismiss it as a mere
phonetic coincidence.  And few of those who _do_ hear the actual
message were unaware of the accusations against Zeppelin and 
"Stairway To Heaven" before they listened to the song.  Therefore,
overwhelming evidence supports the conclusion that such messages
do not exist, and if they did they would be useless, and even if
they weren't they are almost assuredly accidents aided by the
power of suggestion.  But still, this rumor will not die.

Often, a listener will comment, "I heard the message, and it's
really there, but I think it's just an accident."  This is faulty
reasoning.  If the message is a phonetic accident, then the message
is not really "there"--instead, a series of sounds that are _similar_
to the phrase "here's to my sweet Satan" are all that are embedded in
the lyrics.  If the message _is_ really there, then it cannot be an 
accident, for a phonetic reversal of the lyrics ("There's still time
to change the road you're on") does not produce the correct vowel and
consonant sounds (even _given_ Plant's pronunciation) for the phrase
in question.  So unless one believes that the message is there on
purpose (despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary), one
_must_ conclude that the message is not "there"--purposefully or

Perhaps it is relevant to note that the same committee that found
"STH" to be Satanic in nature also claimed that the theme song
from the "Mr. Ed" TV show is full of Satanic messages when played

When first presented with the charge, Swan Song issued this
statement:  "Our turntables play in only one direction."  Shortly
thereafter, Plant noted "...negativity of any kind is best ignored.
Even asking that question encourages this kind of negative
speculation.  How could anyone sing backwards?  It's complete
bunkum--it can't be done.  Only Americans would come up with
something that ridiculous. [...] Why don't people take up swimming
or squash if they're bored?"

Several years later, in a _Rolling Stone_ interview, the three
surviving members of Zeppelin (assembled for interviews about the
first boxed set) had this to say:

Page:  "Well, I don't pass any comments on them..."

Plant:  "I mean, who on earth would have ever thought of doing that
      in the first place?  You've got to have a lot of time on
      your hands to even consider that people would do that.
      Especially with 'Stairway To Heaven.'  I mean, we were so
      proud of that thing, and its intentions are so positive...
      I found it foul, the whole idea...but it's very American.
      Nowhere else in the world has anybody ever considered it,
      or been concerned or bothered at all about that.  I figure
      if backward masking really worked, every album in the store
      would have 'Buy this album!' hidden on it."

Page:  "You've got it, you've hit the nail on the head.  And that's
     all there is to say about it."

Jones:  "Of course it's fatal, you know, because you tend to wind
      these people up after a while.  If you go around saying,
      'Oh yes, if you play track eight at thirty-six rpm, you'll
      definitely hear a message,' they'll go right home and try
      it.  English bands tend to be more ironic and sarcastic,
      and once they discovered the average lack of American irony
      and humour, it's just sitting ducks, really.  You just sort
      of have to go for it."

You are more than welcome to judge this for yourself by listening to 
the various clips posted at 

(Sincere thanks to the MIT Psych. Dept., the MIT Brain & Cog. Sci.
Dept., and the Boston Globe for assistance.)
     48- Are there any upcoming Led Zeppelin conventions being planned?

Since the late 1980's, several different Led Zeppelin conventions have 
been held in Europe as well as North America. The European ones have often
been organized by "Tight But Loose" editor (and contributor to this FAQL) 
Dave Lewis. Several North American conventions have been organized by former
fanzine editor Grant Burgess. The Led Zeppelin fan club, Planet Zeppelin, is 
currently planning a California Led Zeppelin convention for later in the year,
however have not yet released any details about the event.

Details and information about this, and other upcoming conventions, will be
posted here as the author becomes aware of them


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April 24, 1969 - 2nd US Tour begins (1st as headliners) at the Fillmore West
April xx, 1970 - Robert comments about the violence in the audience near the end of the fifth tour
April 04, 1970 - Jimmy Page performs White Summer/Black Mountain Side on the Julie Felix BBC show
April 16, 1970 - Whole Lotta Love was certified Gold in the US after selling over a million copies. The single had peaked at No. 4 on the US singles chart. In the UK, Atlantic Records had expected to issue the edited version themselves, and pressed initial copies for release on December 5, 1969. However, band manager Peter Grant was adamant that the band maintain a "no-singles" approach to marketing their recorded music in the UK and he halted the release.
April xx, 1971 - Untitled is rumored to be released this month
April xx, 1972 - Recording sessions for Houses Of The Holy at Stargroves and Olympic studios
April xx, 1973 - Led Zeppelin rehearse their new stage show in preparation for their huge 1973 US Tour
April xx, 1974 - Swan Song concentrates its efforts on signing new acts
April xx, 1975 - Jimmy does some mixing at Electric Lady studios for TSRTS soundtrack
April 19, 1975 - 51,000 tickets sell in two hours for three nights at Earls Court, two added dates see another 34,000 tickets sold
April xx, 1976 - The band decide they will release their film to theaters
April 30, 1977 - Led Zeppelin breaks the record for the largest attendance for a single-act show in the Pontiac Silverdome with 76,229 in attendance
April xx, 1978 - The band hold a meeting, this time with Robert, to discuss Zeppelin’s future
April 03, 1979 - Page, Bonham and Plant jam with Bad Company again in Birmingham
April 27, 1980 - The band rehearses at Rainbow Theater for an upcoming European tour
April 26, 1988 - James Patrick Page III’s birthday. He is named after his father is the only son of Jimmy and Patricia Ecker. Jimmy spoke of his son saying: "He is wonderful. He has made a big difference to my life."
April 21, 1998 - Page and Plant released Walking Into Clarksdale.
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