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No Quarter: Jimmy Page and Robert Plant Unledded NO QUARTER: JIMMY PAGE AND ROBERT PLANT UNLEDDED
Atlantic 82706-2 (U.S.) / Decca 2748331 (U.K.)
Jimmy Page: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Mandolin
Charlie Jones: Bass, Percussion
Ibrahim Abdel Khaliq: Bendir (Egyptian Ensemble), Percussion (Merwas - Egyptian Ensemble), Finger Cymbals (Egyptian Ensemble)
Ben Chappell, Caroline Dale, Cathy Giles, Jonathan Tunnel, Stephen Milne: Cello (London Metropolitan Orchestra)
Cally: Design
Hossam Ramzy: Directed By (Musical Director - Egyptian Ensemble), Percussion (Dobolla - Egyptian Ensemble)
Michael Lee: Drums, Percussion
Porl Thompson: Guitar, Banjo
Nigel Eaton: Hurdy Gurdy
Bill Curbishley: Management
Jim Sutherland: Mandolin, Bodhrán
Abdelhak Eddahmane, Brahim El Balkani, El Mahjoub El Mathoun, Hassan El Arfaoui: Musician (Marrakech)
Bashir Abdel Al: Ney (Nay - Egyptian Ensemble)
Ed Shearmur: Organ (Hammond), Arranged By (Arrangements For English & Egyptian Ensemble)
Abdel Salam Kheir: Oud (Egyptian Ensemble)
Ali Abdel Salam, Farouk El Safi: Percussion (Duf - Egyptian Ensemble), Bendir (Egyptian Ensemble)
Farid Khashab: Percussion (Reque - Egyptian Ensemble), Bendir (Egyptian Ensemble)
Andy Earl: Photography
Jimmy Page, Robert Plant: Producer
Martin Meissonnier: Percussion Pre-production on tracks 5, 9
Mike Gregovich: Recorded By, Mixed By
Wael Abu Bakr: Soloist, Strings (Egyptian Ensemble)
Amin Abdel Azim, Bahig Mikhaeel, Hanafi Soliman: Strings (Egyptian Ensemble)
Andrew Brown, Andrew Parker, Bill Hawkes, Jane Atkins, John Jezard, Nichalas Pendlebury, Rusen Gunes: Viola (London Metropolitan Orchestra)
Anne Morlee, Cathy Thompson, Clare Thompson, David Juritz, David Ogden, Ed Coxon, Harriet Davies, Ian Humphries, Jeremy Williams, Jessica O'Leary, Elizabeth Layton, Mark Berrow, Pauline Lowbury, Perry Montague-Mason, Peter Hanson, Rita Manning, Rosemary Furniss:
Violin (London Metropolitan Orchestra)
Najma Akhtar, Robert Plant: Vocals

1. Nobody's Fault But Mine 4:06
2. Thank You 5:47
3. No Quarter 3:45 (John Paul Jones/Page/Plant)
4. Friends 4:37
5. Yallah 4:59
6. City Don't Cry 6:08
7. Since I've Been Loving You 7:29 (Jones/Page/Plant)
8. The Battle of Evermore 6:41
9. Wonderful One 4:57
10. That's the Way 5:35
11. Gallows Pole 4:09 (Traditional arr. Page/Plant)
12. Four Sticks 4:52
13. Kashmir 12:27 (Bonham/Page/Plant)

1. Nobody's Fault But Mine 3:57
2. No Quarter 3:47 (Jones/Page/Plant)
3. Friends 4:35
4. The Truth Explodes 4:42 (formerly known as Yallah)
5. The Rain Song 7:29
6. City Don't Cry 3:15
7. Since I've Been Loving You 7:28 (Jones/Page/Plant)
8. The Battle of Evermore 6:48
9. Wonderful One 3:23
10. Wah Wah 5:24
11. That's the Way 5:37
12. Gallows Pole 4:17 (Traditional arr. Page/Plant)
13. Four Sticks 4:57
14. Kashmir 12:36 (Bonham/Page/Plant)

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This Month in
Led Zeppelin History

October xx, 1968 - Led Zeppelin is recorded
October 19, 1968 - Final performance as the New Yardbirds
October 31, 1969 - Led Zeppelin II is released in the US
October 17, 1969 - Bonham is thrilled to play Carnegie Hall where Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa have performed
October 23, 1970 - Led Zeppelin III is released in the US
October xx, 1970 - The press lash out at the band over the Led Zeppelin III acoustic content
October xx, 1971 - Page and Plant venture around Thailand and India after the Japan tour
October 18, 1972 - Zeppelin rehearse at the Rainbow Theater for a UK tour
October xx, 1973 - Each member performs an individual film sequence for their concept film
October 31, 1974 - Swan Song hosts a party for the launch of its UK division
October xx, 1975 - Led Zeppelin decide not to tour and concentrate on recording new material
October 20, 1976 - The Song Remains The Same premieres at New York’s Cinema One
October xx, 1977 - Jimmy starts assembling a Led Zeppelin live album from recordings as far back as 1969
October xx, 1978 - Jones and Bonham record with Paul McCartney at Abbey Road Studios
October xx, 1978 - Rehearsals for In Through The Out Door in London
October xx, 1979 - All nine Led Zeppelin albums enter the Billboards Top 200 -- no other band has ever achieved this
October 10, 1980 - A private funeral is held for John Bonham at Rushock church in Worcestershire
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