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Rounder Records/Zoë Vision Catalog #B000IFRR9Y (U.S.)
Universal Catalog #1712971
Robert Plant: Vocals
Justin Adams: Guitar, Gimbri, Darbouka
Skin Tyson: Guitar
Billy Fuller: Bass
John Baggott: Keyboards
Clive Deamer: Drums

1. No Quarter (Jones/Page/Plant)
2. Shine It All Around (Plant/Baggott/Deamer/Adams/Tyson)
3. Black Dog (Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham)
4. Freedom Fries (Plant/Baggott/Deamer/Adams/Tyson)
5. Four Sticks (Page/Plant)
6. Tin Pan Alley (Plant/Baggott/Deamer/Adams/Tyson)
7. Gallows Pole (Ledbetter, arr Page/Plant)
8. The Enchanter (Plant/Baggott/Deamer/Adams/Tyson)
9. Whole Lotta Love (Page/Plant/Jones/Bonham)

10. Hey Joe (Roberts)
11. Girl from the North Country (Dylan)
12. 29 Palms music video (Blackwell, Boyle, Johnstone, Jones, Plant)
13. Morning Dew music video
14. 29 Palms April 28, 1993 Top Of The Pops performance (Blackwell, Boyle, Johnstone, Jones, Plant)

15. Big Log July 29, 1983 Top Of The Pops performance (Plant, Blunt, Woodroffe)

Length: 81:00

Format: NTSC
Language: English
Region: All Regions
Aspect Ratio: 16:9 - 1.78:1

Director/Producer: Joe Thomas
Associate Producer: Christine Davies
Line Producer: Nicolette Ferri
Film Editing: Skip Masters
Art Direction: Michael Glascott
Makeup Artist: Cindy Surman
Production Manager: Ron Yergovich
Associate Director: Cynthia Malek
Assistant Director: Skip Masters
Graphic Designer: Nicole Scigouski
Camera Operator: Roy Alan
Lighting Director: Dave Ambrosio
Lighting Director: Jim Gedwellas
Camera Operator: Clark Gray
Camera Operator: Ken Heinemann
Video Operator: Steve Miller
Camera Operator: Ray Moffat
Camera Operator: Mike Prendergast
Camera Operator: Tom Siegel
Jib Camera Operator: Mark Sofil
Camera Operator: Jim Tianis
Camera Operator: Carlos Tronshaw
Camera Operator: Mark Zurawiec
Wardrobe: Linda Fuelling
Consulting Engineer: Don Adydan
Production Assistant: Peggy Brandt
Production Assistant: Carolyn Broughton
Administrative Coordinator: Lauren Cohen
Production Assistant: Stacey Egan
Production Coordinator: Tim Ferrin
Production Assistant: Eddie Griffen
Production Assistant: Susie Guttenberger
Station Relations: Fran Harth
Production Assistant: Beth Humbert
Production Assistant: Robin Humbert
Legal: Joel A. Katz from Greenberg Traurig, LLP.
Engineer in Charge: Dave Moyer
Artist Relations: Susan Nadler
Floor Director: Marvin J. Pienta
Production Assistant: Sandy Raeside
Artist Relations: Evelyn Shriver
Production Assistant: Rose Sifuentes
Production Assistant: Stephen Siwinski
Legal: Andrew J. Velcoff from Greenberg Traurig, LLP.
Production Assistant: Mike Wanka
Production Assistant: Sarah Warner
Technical Director: Derrick Young
Talent Wrangler: Mary Zaug
Craft Service: Spencer M. Rohan

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