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Rhino R2 78778
1. Burning Down One Side 3:55 (Plant/Blunt/Woodroffe)
2. Moonlight in Samosa 3:58 (Plant/Blunt)
3. Pledge Pin 4:01 (Plant/Blunt)
4. Slow Dancer 7:43 (Plant/Blunt)
5. Worse Than Detroit 5:55 (Plant/Blunt)
6. Fat Lip 5:05 (Plant/Blunt/Woodroffe)
7. Like I've Never Been Gone 5:56 (Plant/Blunt)
8. Mystery Title 5:16 (Plant/Blunt)
9. Far Post 4:42 (Plant/Blunt/Woodroffe)
10. Like I've Never Been Gone (live) 7:31 (Plant/Blunt)

1. Other Arms 4:20 (Plant/Blunt)
2. In The Mood 5:19 (Plant/Blunt/Martinez)
3. Messin' with the Mekon 4:40 (Plant/Blunt/Martinez)
4. Wreckless Love 5:18 (Plant/Blunt)
5. Thru' with the Two Step 5:33 (Plant/Blunt)
6. Horizontal Departure 4:19 (Plant/Blunt/Martinez/Woodroffe)
7. Stranger Here... Than Over There 4:18 (Plant/Blunt/Martinez/Woodroffe)
8. Big Log 5:16 (Plant/Blunt/Woodroffe)

9. In The Mood (live) 7:35 (Plant/Blunt/Martinez)
10. Thru' with the Two Step (live) 7:31 (Plant/Blunt/Martinez)
11. Lively Up Yourself (live) 3:04 (Bob Marley)
12. Turnaround 4:55 (Plant/Blunt/Martinez/Woodroffe)

1. I Get A Thrill 2:37 (Rudy Toombs)
2. Sea Of Love 3:01 (George Khoury/Phil Phillips)
3. I Got A Woman 2:55 (Ray Charles/Renald Richard)
4. Young Boy Blues 3:28 (Doc Pomus/Phil Spector)
5. Rockin' At Midnight 5:55 (Roy Brown)
6. Rockin' At Midnight (live) 4:14 (Roy Brown)

1. Hip To Loo 4:51 (Plant/Blunt/Martinez/Woodroffe/Hayward)
2. Kallalou Kallalou 4:17 (Plant/Woodroffe)
3. Too Loud 4:07 (Plant/Blunt/Martinez/Woodroffe/Hayward)
4. Trouble Your Money 4:14 (Plant/Blunt/Martinez)
5. Pink And Black 3:45 (Plant/Blunt/Martinez/Woodroffe/Hayward)
6. Little By Little 4:43 (Plant/Woodroffe)
7. Doo Doo A Do Do 5:09 (Plant/Blunt/Martinez)
8. Easily Lead 4:35 (Plant/Martinez/Woodroffe)
9. Sixes And Sevens 6:04 (Plant/Blunt/Martinez/Woodroffe/Hayward)
7. Rockin' At Midnight (live) 4:14 (Roy Brown)

1. Heaven Knows 4:02 (Johnstone/Barrett)
2. Dance On My Own 4:31 (Plant/Johnstone/Crash)
3. Tall Cool One 4:37 (Plant/Johnstone)
4. The Way I Feel 5:39 (Plant/Johnstone/Boyle)
5. Helen Of Troy 5:03 (Plant/Johnstone)
6. Billy's Revenge 3:33 (Plant/Johnstone)
7. Ship Of Fools 4:59 (Plant/Johnstone)
8. Why 4:12 (Plant/Crash)
9. White, Clean And Neat 5:28 (Plant/Johnstone)
10. Walking Towards Paradise 4:40 (Jerry Lynn Williams
11. Billy's Revenge (live) 6:00 (Plant/Johnstone)
12. Ship Of Fools (live) 10:35 (Plant/Johnstone)
13. Tall Cool One (live) 5:07 (Plant/Johnstone)

1. Hurting Kind (I've Got My Eyes On You) 4:04 (Johnstone/Barrett)
2. Big Love 4:24 (Plant/Johnstone/Crash)
3. S S S & Q 4:38 (Plant/Johnstone)
4. I Cried 4:59 (Plant/Johnstone/Boyle)
5. She Said 5:10 (Plant/Johnstone)
6. Nirvana 4:36 (Plant/Johnstone)
7. Tie Dye On The Highway 5:15 (Plant/Johnstone)
8. Your Ma Said You Cried In Your Sleep Last Night 4:36 (Plant/Crash)
9. Anniversary 5:02 (Plant/Johnstone)
10. Liars Dance 2:40 (Jerry Lynn Williams
11. Watching You 4:19 (Plant/Johnstone/Blackwell)
12. Oompa (Watery Bint) 5:48
12. One Love 3:15
13. Don't Look Back 3:02

1. Calling To You 5:48 (Plant/Blackwell)
2. Down To The Sea 4:00 (Plant/Jones)
3. Come Into My Life 6:32 (Plant/Blackwell/Boyle/MacMichael)
4. I Believe 4:33 (Plant/Johnstone)
5. 29 Palms 4:51 (Plant/Jones/Boyle/Johnstone)
6. Memory Song (Hello Hello) 5:23 (Plant/Johnstone/Jones/Blackwell/Woods)
7. If I Were A Carpenter 3:45 (Tim Hardin)
8. Colours Of A Shade 4:43 (Plant/Johnstone/Blackwell/Allcock)
9. Promised Land 4:58 (Plant/Johnstone)
10. The Greatest Gift 6:53 (Plant/Blackwell/Jones/MacMichael/Johnstone)
11. Great Spirit 5:27 (Plant/Johnstone/MacMichael)
12. Network News 6:42 (Plant/Blackwell)
13. Colours Of A Shade 4:43 (Plant/Johnstone/Blackwell/Allcock)
14. Great Spirit (acoustic mix) 4:45 (Plant/Johnstone/MacMichael)
15. Rollercoaster (demo) 3:54 (Plant/Boyle/Jones/Blackwell/Johnstone)
16. 8:05 1:49 (Miller/Stevenson)
17. Dark Moon (acoustic) 4:57 (Plant/Ptacek)

1. Funny In My Mind (I Believe I'm Fixin' To Die) 4:45 (Adams/Baggot/Deamer/Jones/Plant/Thompson/Bukka White)
2. Morning Dew 4:26 (Bonnie Dobson, /Tim Rose)
3. One More Cup Of Coffee 4:03 (Bob Dylan)
4. Last Time I Saw Her 4:41 (Adams/Baggot/Deamer/Jones/Plant/Thompson)
5. Song To The Siren 5:53 (Larry Beckett/Tim Buckley)
6. Win My Train Fare Home (If I Ever Get Lucky) 5:23 (Adams/Baggot/Deamer/Jones/Plant/Thompson)
7. Darkness, Darkness 3:45 (Jesse Colin Young)
8. Red Dress 5:23 (Adams/Baggot/Deamer/Jones/Plant/Thompson)
9. Hey Joe 7:12 (Plant/Johnstone)
10. Skip's Song 4:27 (Plant/Blackwell/Jones/MacMichael/Johnstone)

11. Dirt In A Hole 4:46 (Adams/Baggot/Deamer/Jones/Plant/Thompson)
12. Last Time I Saw Her (Remix) 3:24 (Adams/Baggot/Deamer/Jones/Plant/Thompson)

1. Another Tribe 3:17
2. Shine It All Around 4:03
3. Freedom Fries 2:53
4. Tin Pan Valley 3:47
5. All The King's Horses 4:20
6. The Enchanter5:27
7. Takamba 4:06
8. Dancing In Heaven 4:26
9. Somebody Knocking 3:47
10. Let The Four Winds Blow 4:52
11. Mighty Rearranger 4:25
12. Brother Ray (inc. hidden track Shine It All Around [Girls Remix]) 8:43
13. Red, White and Blue 3:11
14. All The Money In The World 3:12
15. Shine It All Around (Girls Remix) 7:31
16. Tin Pan Valley (Girls Remix) 6:21
17. The Enchanter (UNKLE Reconstruction) 6:50

1. Nine Lives Documentary
2. Burning Down One Side
3. Big Log
4. In the Mood
5. Rockin' at Midnight
6. Sea of Love
7. Little by Little
8. Pink and Black
9. Heaven Knows
10. Tall Cool One
11. Hurting Kind (I've Got My Eyes on You)
12. Nirvana
13. Tie Dye on the Highway
14. 29 Palms
15. Calling to You
16. If I Were a Carpenter
17. I Believe
18. Morning Dew
19. Darkness, Darkness
20. Shine It All Around
21. Bonus Material

A&R – Dave Bates (Tracks: CD7-1 to CD7-11)
Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Steel Guitar [Lap Steel] – Skin Tyson (Tracks: CD9-1 to CD9-17)
Alto Saxophone, Baritone Saxophone – Crispin Cioe (Tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-6)
Art Direction [CD5], Design [Book], Art Direction [Book] – Richard Evans
Art Direction [CD6] – The Leisure Process
Artwork [CD8] – Andie Airfix, Joe Spix
Artwork [Original Concept, CD8, Sleeve Concept, CD4] – Robert Plant
Backing Vocals – Chrissie Faith (Tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-6), Ginny Clee (Tracks: CD8-1 to CD8-12), John David (Tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-8, CD2-12), Kirsty MacColl (Tracks: CD5-1 to CD5-10), Marie Pierre (Tracks: CD5-1 to CD5-10), May Clee Cadman (Tracks: CD8-1 to CD8-12), Millie Whiteside (Tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-6), Raj Das (Tracks: CD8-1 to CD8-12), Ray Martinez (Tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-8, CD2-12), Toni Halliday (Tracks: CD5-1 to CD5-10), Ula Hedwig (Tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-6)
Bass – Charlie Jones (Tracks: CD6-1 to CD6-14, CD8-1 to CD8-12), Justin Adams (Tracks: CD9-1 to CD9-17), Skin Tyson (Tracks: CD9-1 to CD9-17), Paul Martinez (Tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-9, CD2-1 to CD2-8, CD2-12, CD3-6), Phil Scragg (Tracks: CD5-1 to CD5-10)
Bendir – Clive Deamer (Tracks: CD9-1 to CD9-17), Justin Adams (Tracks: CD9-1 to CD9-17)
CGI Artist [Electronic Illustrations, CD6] – Julia Stone (3)
Co-producer – Mark Stent (Tracks: CD6-1 to CD6-14)
Coordinator [Project, DVD] – Nicola Powell
Design [CD1] – Michael Hoppen, Robert Plant
Design [CD5] – Richard Evans
Design [CD6] – The Leisure Process
Design [CD8] – Andie Airfix, Joe Spix
Design [Sleeve, CD2] – App, Std
Design [Sleeve, CD4] – Icon
Design [Sleeve, CD7] – Cally
Design [Sleeve, CD9], Design [Cover Art, Box] – Grahame Baker Smith

Drums – Barriemore Barlow (Tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-8, CD2-12), Chris Blackwell (Tracks: CD5-1 to CD5-10, CD6-1 to CD6-14), Clive Deamer (Tracks: CD8-1 to CD9-17), Phil Collins (Tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-9, CD2-1 to CD2-8, CD2-12), Ritchie Hayward (Tracks: CD3-6 to CD4-10)
Electric Bass, Double Bass – Billy Fuller (Tracks: CD9-1 to CD9-17)
Electric Guitar, Lute [Tehardant], Steel Guitar [Lap Steel] – Justin Adams (Tracks: CD9-1 to CD9-17)
Electronics, Synthesizer [Moog Bass] – John Baggott (Tracks: CD9-1 to CD9-17)
Engineer – Benji Lefevre (Tracks: CD4-1 to CD4-10), Dave Barrett (Tracks: CD5-1 to CD5-10), Jonathan Dee (Tracks: CD5-1 to CD5-10), Mark Stent (Tracks: CD6-1 to CD6-14), Martin Russell (Tracks: CD5-1 to CD5-10), Michael Gregovich (Tracks: CD5-1 to CD5-10, CD7-1 to CD7-11), Pat Moran (Tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-9, CD2-1 to CD2-8, CD2-12), Phill Brown (Tracks: CD8-1 to CD8-12), Rob Bozas (Tracks: CD5-1 to CD5-10), Tim Burrell (Tracks: CD5-1 to CD5-10), Tim Palmer (Tracks: CD4-1 to CD4-10)
Engineer [Assisted By] – Dan Austin (Tracks: CD8-1 to CD8-12), Graham Domily (Tracks: CD8-1 to CD8-12), Jeremy Wheatley (Tracks: CD6-1 to CD6-14), Michael Butterworth (Tracks: CD6-1 to CD6-14), Raj Das (Tracks: CD8-1 to CD8-12)
Engineer [Second] – Danton Supple (Tracks: CD7-1 to CD7-11), Henry Bunns (Tracks: CD7-1 to CD7-11), Jacque Turner (Tracks: CD7-1 to CD7-11), John Cornfield (Tracks: CD7-1 to CD7-11), Mark O'Donoghue (Tracks: CD7-1 to CD7-11), Pete Lewis (Tracks: CD7-1 to CD7-11), Ross Cullum (Tracks: CD7-1 to CD7-11)
Film Editor [DVD Editor] – Benny Trickett (Tracks: DVD-1 to DVD-21)
Film Producer [DVD Producer] – Aubrey Powell (Tracks: DVD-1 to DVD-21)
Guitar – Doug Boyle (Tracks: CD5-1 to CD5-10), Jeff Beck (Tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-5), Jimmy Page (Tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-5), Justin Adams (Tracks: CD8-1 to CD8-12), Porl Thompson (Tracks: CD8-1 to CD8-12), Robbie Blunt (Tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-9, CD2-1 to CD2-8, CD2-12, CD3-6 to CD4-10)
Guitar [Master Guitars] – Doug Boyle (Tracks: CD6-1 to CD6-14)
Guitar [Some Guitars] – Chris Blackwell (Tracks: CD6-1 to CD6-14), Phil Johnstone (Tracks: CD6-1 to CD6-14)
Guitar [Synthesized] – Robbie Blunt (Tracks: CD4-1 to CD4-10)
Harmonica – Robert Plant (Tracks: CD9-1 to CD9-17)
Illustration [CD9 & Box] – Grahame Baker Smith
Keyboards – Jezz Woodroffe (Tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-9, CD2-1 to CD2-8, CD2-12, CD3-6 to CD4-10), John Baggott (Tracks: CD8-1 to CD9-17), Phil Johnstone (Tracks: CD5-1 to CD5-10, CD6-1 to CD6-14)
Liner Notes – Ed Vulliamy
Management – Bill Curbishley
Mastered By – Denis Blackham (Tracks: CD8-1 to CD8-12)
Mixed By – Benji Lefevre (Tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-8, CD2-12), Michael Gregovich (Tracks: CD7-8, CD7-9, CD7-11), Pat Moran (Tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-9, CD2-1 to CD2-8, CD2-12), Robert Plant (Tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-9, CD2-1 to CD2-8, CD2-12), Steve Evans (Tracks: CD9-1 to CD9-17), Tim Palmer (Tracks: CD7-1 to CD7-7, CD7-10)
Mixed By [Assisted By] – Benji Lefevre (Tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-9), Jezz (Tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-9), Robbie (Tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-9)
Other [Steering & Guidance] – Andrea Thompson (Tracks: CD8-1 to CD8-12), Roy Williams (Tracks: CD8-1 to CD8-12)
Other [Unconsidered Trifles] – Billy The Bootlegger
Painting [Cover Painting, CD4] – Tim Davies
Percussion – Chris Blackwell(Tracks: CD5-1 to CD5-10), Clive Deamer (Tracks: CD8-1 to CD8-12)
Photography By [Book] – Al Pereira, Anna Luken, Bertrand Alary, Brian Aris, Chris Aubrey, Ebet Roberts, Ercole Baldini, Fernando Aceves, Frank Melfi, Fred Devann, George Bodnar, Getty Images, Grahame Baker Smith, Göran Lindsjöö, Kevin Westenberg, Mick Hutson, Mike Randolph, Mishka Westell, Ralph P. Fitzgerald, Richard Evans, Robert Ellis, Ross Halfin, Sabouret, Statia Molewski
Photography By [CD1] – Michael Hoppen
Photography By [CD4] – Icon
Photography By [CD5] – Starr, Davies
Photography By [CD8] – Maria Mochinacz
Photography By [Cover, CD6] – Ralph Fitzgerald
Photography By [DVD Cover Photograph] – Piper Ferguson
Photography By [Kids Photos, CD7] – Andy Earl
Photography By [Robert Plant Photo, CD7] – Julian Broad
Piano – Paul Shaffer (Tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-5)
Producer – Benji Lefevre (Tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-8, CD2-12, CD4-1 to CD4-10), Chris Hughes (Tracks: CD7-1 to CD7-11), Fabulous Brill Brothers, The (Tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-5), Nugetre (Tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-5), Pat Moran (Tracks: CD2-1 to CD2-8, CD2-12), Phil Johnstone (Tracks: CD5-1 to CD5-10, CD6-1 to CD6-14), Phill Brown (Tracks: CD8-1 to CD8-12), Robert Plant (Tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-9, CD2-1 to CD2-8, CD2-12, CD4-1 to CD5-10, CD6-1 to CD7-11, CD8-1 to CD8-12), Tim Palmer (Tracks: CD4-1 to CD5-10)
Recorded By – Clive Deamer (Tracks: CD9-1 to CD9-17), John Baggott (Tracks: CD9-1 to CD9-17), Skin (Tracks: CD9-1 to CD9-17), Steve Evans (Tracks: CD9-1 to CD9-17), Teo Miller (Tracks: CD9-1 to CD9-17), Tim Oliver (Tracks: CD9-1 to CD9-17)
Remastered By – Bill Inglot, Dan Hersch
Remastered By [Remastered And Renovated By] – Raj Das (Tracks: CD1-9, CD1-10, CD2-9 to CD2-12, CD3-6, CD4-10, CD5-11 to CD5-13, CD6-12 to CD6-14, CD7-12 to CD7-16, CD8-11, CD8-12, CD7-13 to CD7-17)
Research [Biographical Research And Trawling] – Dave Hodgetts
Research [Facts And Referencing] – Dave Lewis
Rhythm Guitar – Nile Rodgers (Tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-5)
Sintir [Gimbri], Goblet Drum [Darbuka] – Justin Adams (Tracks: CD8-1 to CD8-12)
Supervised By – Nicola Powell
Synthesizer – Jezz Woodroffe (Tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-9, CD2-1 to CD2-8, CD2-12)
Tenor Saxophone – Arno Hecht (Tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-6)
Trombone – Bob Funk (Tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-6)
Trumpet – Paul Litteral (Tracks: CD3-1 to CD3-6)
Vocals – Robert Plant (Tracks: CD1-1 to CD1-9, CD3-1 to CD6-14, CD8-1 to CD9-18)
Vocals [Additional] – Toni Halliday (Tracks: CD4-1 to CD4-10)
Vocals [Girl] – Caroline Harding (Tracks: CD6-1 to CD6-14), Laila Cohen (Tracks: CD6-1 to CD6-14)

Tracks CD1-1 to CD1-9, CD2-1 to CD2-8, CD2-12 recorded at Rockfield Studios, Monmouth, Gwent.
Track CD1-10, CD2-9 to CD2-11 recorded at The Summit, Houston, Texas, on September 20, 1983.
Track CD2-12 is an unissued studio track.
Track CD3-6 bootleg recorded at Birmingham NEC on September 8, 1985.
Tracks CD5-1 to CD5-10 recorded at Swanyard Studios and Marcus Studios, London, England.
Tracks CD5-11 & CD5-13 bootleg recorded at Universal Amphitheater, Universal City, California, November 1, 1990.
Track CD5-12 bootleg recorded at the Paradiso Club, Amsterdam, Holland, December 20, 1993.
Tracks CD5-11 to CD5-13 are previously unreleased.
Tracks CD6-1 to CD6-14 recorded at Olympic Studios, London, England.
Tracks CD7-1 to CD7-11 recorded at RAK Studios. Additional recording at Sawmill Studio, Cornwall and Monwow Valley Studio, Monmouth. Mixed at Westside Studios.
Tracks CD8-1 to CD8-12 recorded at RAK Recording Studios, Moles Studios and The Church.
Tracks CD9-1 to CD9-17 mixed and manoeuvred at Riverside Studios, Batheaston, Bath, England. Additional mixes at RAK Studios, London. Recorded at The Lodge, Bathford; Ellenbury, Bath; Dôl Ghoch, Cwm Einion; Attic Studios, Kingswood; Livingstone Studio, London; Riverside, Bathampton; The Windtunnel.
Track CD9-13 was previously only available in Japan and France.
Remastered at DigiPrep. Bonus tracks remastered and renovated at RAK Recording Studios.
Track CD8-6 contains elements of "If I Ever Get Lucky" (Arthur 'Big Boy' Crudup), "Milk Cow's Calf Blues" (Robert Johnson), "Crawlin' King Snake" (John Lee Hooker) and "That's Alright Mama" (Arthur "Big Boy" Crudup).
The DVD is Region 1 only.
This Compilation © 2006 Rhino Entertainment Company, a Warner Music Group Company. © 2006 Robert Plant.
Manufactured and marketed by Rhino Entertainment Company in the U.S. and Warner Music International for the rest of the world.
Printed in U.S.A.

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This Month in
Led Zeppelin History

October xx, 1968 - Led Zeppelin is recorded
October 19, 1968 - Final performance as the New Yardbirds
October 31, 1969 - Led Zeppelin II is released in the US
October 17, 1969 - Bonham is thrilled to play Carnegie Hall where Buddy Rich and Gene Krupa have performed
October 23, 1970 - Led Zeppelin III is released in the US
October xx, 1970 - The press lash out at the band over the Led Zeppelin III acoustic content
October xx, 1971 - Page and Plant venture around Thailand and India after the Japan tour
October 18, 1972 - Zeppelin rehearse at the Rainbow Theater for a UK tour
October xx, 1973 - Each member performs an individual film sequence for their concept film
October 31, 1974 - Swan Song hosts a party for the launch of its UK division
October xx, 1975 - Led Zeppelin decide not to tour and concentrate on recording new material
October 20, 1976 - The Song Remains The Same premieres at New York’s Cinema One
October xx, 1977 - Jimmy starts assembling a Led Zeppelin live album from recordings as far back as 1969
October xx, 1978 - Jones and Bonham record with Paul McCartney at Abbey Road Studios
October xx, 1978 - Rehearsals for In Through The Out Door in London
October xx, 1979 - All nine Led Zeppelin albums enter the Billboards Top 200 -- no other band has ever achieved this
October 10, 1980 - A private funeral is held for John Bonham at Rushock church in Worcestershire
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