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So, you're 64-year-old rock-and-roll god, front-man of Led Zeppelin, Robert Plant, and you want to make a 10-part documentary about your vacation to Mali. How best do you promote it? Just like everyone else, social media. By why, oh why would anyone want to do that? Buried in a 5-year-old article on our own website, we found a potential answer to that question.

First, the news: Plant blitzed the social media scene with the addition of Twitter, Instagram, and Google Plus accounts, and an upgrade to his personal website, according to a report yesterday.

In February, Plant hinted he wasn't against the idea of a Led Zeppelin reunion tour next year, which should be welcome news to anyone who happens to find themselves in the massive economic pull of the iconic rock band's gravitational sphere.

A 2008 article in Upstart Business Journal, archived from our days as Condé Nast Portfolio, reported that one of Zeppelin's best known songs, Stairway to Heaven, had generated $12 million in publishing royalties, was worth $550 million for the master recording, and of particular interest to Plant's social media blitz, had the potential to generate an additional $10 million in future revenue.

And that's just the one song. But, of course, you're Robert Plant, you're a world-class artist. You don't do it for the money, right?

From: Upstart Business Journal


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